Maybe it’s because of what all I’ve been through, seen so much and that realize money is a very important factor in this modern society, at this very age of 21 or even more, if one is unable to actually be able to fully support and finance their own lifestyle and living, I tend to find them to be incapable. I don’t know why am I judging people this way or looking down upon them but maybe because of what my surroundings and circumstances had done to me, I’ve become more judgmental than previously.

21 is the age of freedom, a symbolization of your adulthood and that in countries outside Asia, most people would have moved out and have their own apartment and their new life. However, because Singapore’s high cost of living, it is totally impossible to do so…BUT, a person should at least stop receiving and taking money and allowance from their parents anymore. They should be financially independent.

God gave us humans a pair of hands and a pair legs, with functional brain and body, thus we shouldn’t be reliant and be so dependent. If you are able to fend for yourself, then most likely even if you are in the worst situation, you will be able to make it through safely.

I don’t find it cool how these young people nowadays are actually spending money so casually especially when these money does not belongs to them but rather, their parents hard earned money. If you are able to earn and spend your own money, I’ll adore and applaud for you, but if it isn’t, you are simply just a disgrace. Yes, I may be crude, I may be down-to-earth, I may be direct, but I’m speaking the truth…



4 thoughts on “Capability

  1. gosh,harsh! ok, if that’s how you feel, 😦 i’ll go get a job right now…starbucks, here i come!
    Well, sounds a bit like my niece.But she does work hard now that she’s grown up. very responsible really, but still happy to spend other people’s money,too. Borrowed a lot from yan to buy a condo that she really doesn’t need. already has that hdb flat. oh, right…the same one i told you about. I think it’s rented now,though. when are you going to move out on your own? Get an apartment with one of your friends? Is it impossible?
    some people with well-off families seem to be able to live off their parents forever. I guess that’s the new asia, is it? sigh…wish i could…would be nice to have a family to rely on, wouldn’t it?

    • Enter your comment here…oh, and as for your instagram photo “why am i so fat” Oh, come on girl! geez, you’re adorably cute! you know you are. try not to be so insecure. And you have a very nice body,too(blush,sorry lah, but it’s true). curvy and seductively built, not bone skinny like the asian fashion but not even close to fat. Sorry, don’t want to offend you, but you are very good looking. maybe not in a “glamour” way but in a cute, makes-one’s-heart-skip-a-beat, kind of way that evokes feelings of tenderness, intimate conversations, giggles and protectiveness. For a lot of guys, you ARE perfect.
      If i was still 30…sigh… oh well, long ago. Don’t you meet any kind expat guys? Do you even notice when guys are attracted to you?

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