August’s Letter to Grandma

Dear Grandma,

How time flies. It’s the month of August again. I could still remember 2 years ago when you were admitted into Tan Tock Seng and had your stomach operation to remove that cancerous lump. During your recovery period in August, right on the day of National Day, while everyone was spending their National Day in town watching fireworks or family dinner, I went down to your ward and camp there watching National Day Parade with you in your private ward because you had to be isolated from the other patients as your immune system was extremely weak and was easily prone to any sickness or virus. (That was the time where no one was willing to visit you or for long because they were scared that they might fall sick…but it just didn’t matter to me.) I guess that was probably the last National Day Parade I watched on the tv with you.

I could still remember how much you constantly tell me to go home and spend National Day with my friends and not camp in the hospital, in the ward, sitting on the sofa with you. I refused to listen to you, because I was truly happy spending time with you and never did I expect it was really a right decision to do so. No one could have been as important as you, no one. Not even my birth mother. You are the only person that weighs a ton in my heart and I could give up the whole world, my friends, my everything for you. You are my top priority in life, and that’s why it was rightful that I disobeyed and spend time with you in the ward despite everyone telling me not to spend time in that ward for too long. I didn’t care, but neither did I fall sick after that, those people were just too cowardly and fearful. I really miss spending time with you, it’s probably the second national day that I’m going to spend alone without your presence. (I could still remember during my first national day which was around 3 months after you left, I was grieving and missing you so badly that I didn’t even realize it was the nation’s birthday. My mind and heart was only focused on my loss and your absence. It was really bad and thankfully, I don’t grieve as much as I used to, and am trying hard to get life back on track. That doesn’t mean your importance in my heart is fading away, I’ll still love you and think of you, all the time and every time.)

Happy National Day.

And I miss spending this golden jubilee with you.

Love, Yun.


One thought on “August’s Letter to Grandma

  1. sad, sweet and good. You seem to be …well… feeling better? stronger? more at peace with life, even though it is sometimes a difficult life. I’m glad, if this true. Are you are enjoying life more? I’m sure that makes your grandma happier as she looks down upon you. and i am much less worried about you.

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