Beginner’s Luck

It was a pretty average day in the month of August when I received this message from Jo (My ex-neighbour cum friend), she asked me if I was interested in an extra job for a TVC shooting. The pay was pretty decent and much more than the pay that I earn from all my current part-time jobs, I agreed. I went for the casting the next day feeling extremely nervous and not knowing what to expect. It has been like years since I was on screen with those white glaring lights shining onto you and that huge set of video camera filming all your moves and emotions. I did not do well and wasn’t expecting any calls.

Until a week later, I received this email that I did not get the role that I cast for, but I was needed to be an extra as an background role and of course, I agreed. It was better than nothing.


Just this passed wednesday morning, I went to the shooting location at Singapore Cruise Centre at Harbourfront and guess who I saw! The leading roles for the commercial ad was Nina from NOC and Wei Liang from ABTM  if you could remember. I was totally stunned. Their manager, Ruby or was it Rachel? I think it was Ariel? No, I’m positive about Rachel, oh wait, I’m unsure…anyway I have gold fish memory lately… she introduced herself and she could see that I was extremely nervous and told me to calm down haha. I guess I felt really like a block of stone. Anyway, the shooting was done really quickly, despite countless of takes and scene cuts. It was really fun, and probably a good learning experience, something that I wanted to try since long ago but did not had the opportunity and courage.


(Credits to: Jaya, one of the photographer who took beautiful candid photos and a friend of Jo’s.)

I felt so thankful for Jo’s kind offer and I couldn’t believe that I could get such a good learning experience. I can’t wait for the commercial and the photos to be out! (I’ll share with you guys again.)


One thought on “Beginner’s Luck

  1. hehe, my favourite yunyun…a film star! hehe Very proud of you. Another small triumph! I wish you’d got the part you tried out for. did you ask them why not? maybe ask Jo. It can help for next time to know that. could be just nerves but maybe nothing to do with you at all.
    Not aware that you did or posted any other film work. where is it…and how did you get it? I know you’re a “drama queen” and you said something about a theater group or theater classes in…uh…high school?
    You are quite photogenic [unlike me 😦 ] and your vitality and personality come through well on your youtube vids.

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