Yun Teng’s 21st

[I know I haven’t been updating my blog for a nearly a month, mainly because I was busy with work at Bikini Bar and Buymeadrink app and also looking for new job. Also, I had a fall on the escalator and recently I injured my foot while doing a headstand without any mat against the wall (usually I use the pole for support…). Ok, maybe I did blog on my other private blog so I decided that I didn’t had extra time to update this one. Now, I’m backkk! I shall update all the overdue posts asap. Sorry >.< ]

Perhaps I haven’t introduce you guys to Yunteng, she’s also one of my secondary school classmates whom was really really close to me because she was the one that always disturb me in secondary school and oddly, her annoying actions actually drew us nearer to becoming good friends, mainly because she lives like 2 bustops away from me, so we’ll walk home together after school, ahhh…good old memories!

So, on 19th September, which was like during the F1 period (annoying road blocks…grr) she held a really fancy 21st birthday party at Kbox, with buffet spread for everyone and a 2 tier birthday cake from Pine’s Garden, you know that popular neighborhood cake shop which manage to gain fame and popularity with its Lychee Matini Cake and Blackforest Cake. Oh wells. Also, she even booked a suite in Furama Riverfront which was initially meant for the 21st celebration, but after a series of events, she changed to Kbox.

That particularly day, I was working morning shift and after which I requested to end early at 5pm and then made a dash to my staff locker to get change and made a dash to Marina Square, to get her a present. (In order to save time, I did not put make-up at all, so you should really make a mental preparation for my ghostly photos…)


Her gorgeous 21st birthday day with Peach Melba on the top layer and my favourite Lychee Martini at the bottom tier. YUMZ!!!


Lots of fattening cream, but damn, they were GOOD!






The group photos which consisted like her sec school besties, poly besties and her friends from work.


We were literally bored…so we took selfies to keep ourselves occupied, while waiting for Yunteng to take photos with us.


Yeah! We finally manage to spam some quick selfies before the birthday girl goes off to take photos with the rest!


With my secondary school classmates, been really a long while since we met.



“Happy Birthday BFF, a princess for the day shall not use your hands to eat, let your humble servant for the day, feed you. Say AHHH~”

(Please don’t kill me if you read this, I totally miss being dramatic and improvising theatre lines.)



With her colorful 21st balloons, feels like I’m 21st again! Hehehe



All in! So there’s Yunteng’s family, and everyone else including her boyfriend hurhur!


This was my ootd for the night. My bag was overloaded with my Bikini Bar attire and makeup stuffs.



Back at the hotel, with Siru’s unglam photo for a headstart. HAHA


This was the bathtub, it was really gorgeous, totally wished that I could be the one soaking in bubble bath! It has like full length glass connecting to the bedroom and that blind to provide privacy… (the blind was spoiled. Oops)


And also an open concept basin area with big lightbulbs at the mirror, feels so hollywood dressing table area isn’t it?


Ok, so this was my real outfit actually and it was really unintentional to be flexing my left arm, Ignore those muscles please. #poledancerarms


Playing with her birthday balloons, hehe!


So from like executive room to courtyard suite, this one was taken from the courtyard suite, bad lighting but I still love those wooden frames and that pool of lotus leaves, or whatever floating greens are those… ❤


I took this photo with Siru’s iphone 6 while she was busy transferring photos to Yunteng’s laptop.




Totally in love with these photos. ❤

I know I’m too short nor pretty enough to be a model, but this totally made my model photoshoot dreams come true. Thanks Siru!


Taken with a timer, I totally ran like 10 times climbing up the chair and table to get like a proper shot.


Shall end of this post with the both us!

Hope you really had an awesome 21st, and it was absolutely fun! ❤


One thought on “Yun Teng’s 21st

  1. I’m glad that you are well and having a good time. I,too, sometimes miss hotel work. Good thing for me that I can still visit the old place occcaisionally. I like your “drama queen” sense of humour. not drama queen really…what is it? like an “on-stage” personality? i do it all the time. Treat real life situations as if it was a scene in a film and i am performing. must be a phrase for that… Yes, even a little theater experience can affect us for life! 🙂

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