I can be a coward at times…

Maybe I have become less brave in love.

Maybe I have become less courageous.

Maybe I’m just trying to protect myself from getting hurt once more.

When options come, and I’m stressed, I’ll end up choosing to give up on everything because I’m afraid to make the wrong option again.

I’m apologetic for giving up on you and choosing him, and ended up he chose someone else. I’ve hurt you.

But when I was drunk, you’re always there for me, send me home or trying to keep me awake by texting me.

You’ve never mouth a single word or scolded me at all, for what I did. It just simply make me feel a million times worst.

I know there is no turning point now.

I’m just afraid I’ll make the exact same mistake like the past, making the wrong choice and hurting the nice guy.

I’ll rather hurt myself and give up.

I wonder when will have the courage to trust and risk my heart again…


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