Cooked: Porridge


Dec 8th: Today’s the 2nd day that I’m on mc. Had a bad sleep which resulted in a neck strain and to a shocking discovery that I have 2 lumps on my neck. Went to the doctor’s and got prescribed with some antibiotics that caused me to have bad skin allergy and they are super itchy. OMG. No scars please. Anyway, I don’t think the 2 neck lumps are caused by infections for enlarged lymph nodes. Hopefully, they won’t be tumor though, as I’m going to have a scan in late Feb.

I went grocery shopping after the doctor’s, and decided to cook some porridge to warm me up since it was a cold and rainy day. I miss grandma’s cooking. That familiar smell. Makes me miss her even badly. Anyway, it’s not a fantastic fanfare but just something simple that she would probably cook for me as well. I made some congee and added some white sweet corn to it. (I love corns!) Some xiaobaicai stir fry with oyster sauce and chopped garlic, minced meat with shimeji and bought off the shelves DO-DO ready-to-eat ngoh hiang which I heated up. But no matter how hard I try, my cooking will never taste the same as hers. SIGH.


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