Staycation: Peninsula Excelsior Hotel

It was October and it’s gonna be Siru’s 21st and so we decided go on a staycation so that we could have some girl’s time and a place to surprise her! With a budget of $200, we went ahead and book this affordable Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, which was located in City Hall (3mins walk from MRT) and walkable to distance to Clarke Quay or Timbre. 😀


Checked in around 3plus as I was late and managed to get the Excelsior Tower which was slightly nicer furnished that the Peninsula Tower.


Then, putting down all the stuffs and my bag, I took the bus to Somerset area to pick up the matcha 1/2 kg cake that I ordered before heading back to the hotel to get the decos done. Thankfully, I manage to get Felicia’s help when she came around 4plus and we got subway and ate while we decorated the room.


Ok, I gotta confess that I brought like 8 balloons and I burst 5 of them while blowing the balloons. This is such an embarrassment. HAHA, but anyway, the decor still turn out well! WOOHOO~~

It’s was just a very simple celebration for her with a not-so-fancy cake, La Terre White Zinfandel and Barcardi Strawberry Daiquiri and some domino pizzas for the 4 of us.


HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY my dearest SIRU! ❤

I hope you’ll start adulthood with a bang, and may your wishes come true and 祝你早日找到你的如意郎君,让你不用再羡慕别人的爱情道路了。:P

(Please don’t kill me if you ever read this, because I truly meant it from the bottom of my heart 😀 )


Cheers to adulthood! The youngest among us, Siru, finally turned 21! 😀

Birthday Cake Review: I got this matcha cake from Tripleone Somerset, it was just a small little baking shop that does only online orders. I can’t remember the name but the cake is good, I have to admit. The baker was generous on its matcha powder and there were little azuki beans in the cream if you could spot which was nice but I wasn’t a fan of azuki beans. HAHA. But the girls love it anyway! ❤

After which, we decided to head down for a night swim or rather should I say chill? Because Siru and I couldn’t swim and Felicia did not bring any swimsuit haha.

Thanks Felicia for taking the photos for us. But oh wells, I’ve been teaching the girls for a synchronized pose but it failed badly. 😦

The night lighting at the pool was pretty bad as well to take a really nice photo so we didn’t stay in the pool for long. We went back to the room to get dressed and headed out to Clarke Quay to get some drinks and ended up at Crew Room, Felicia and mine former workplace.

Later at night, Siru was complaining she was tired and sleepy so she went back to the hotel alone after we send Felicia off to the cab because she had a curfew. Yunteng and I went for a walk along the river and spend some time catching up as I hadn’t had time to meet because I was so caught up with work at Bikini Bar.



After heading back to the hotel, I went straight to the bathtub and prepared some super nice bubbly bath!


I know I’m an absolute sucker for bathtubs and bubble baths because I spend like nearly an hour in the tub! Because, nothing beats better than a hot tub filled with thick bubbles and some sweet wine to go along! (Ok, minus the alcohol part because I drank quite a fair bit already…)

The bathroom was a cluttered mess but still thanks Yunteng for the photos because I’m always a happy girl when there’s bubble baths! ❤



Before we checked out, I went back to the pool to get some day time shots. I love how the pool has this glass panels for those who could swim and dive, you could really get some cool underwater photos which I couldn’t.

Till next time.. 😛



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