Unveiling my pole videos!

I know it’s gonna be a really big and bold decision to unveil all my pole videos to you guys. I know I might gain criticism, jokes or being laugh about. It’s ok. It’s my learning journey and I think I’ve improved really a lot from an absolutely weak and frail two left feet to the current girl who can do an invert. I’m proud of my achievement and I think I can do better.

My Meipai Pole Channel

(Just click on the link…)

I’m using Meipai to upload my snippets of my pole videos and practices and the just-for-laugh videos because it’s really easy to upload via the app on my phone and I love how I could edit my videos easily, like adding filters or songs, cutting and trimming.

And if you guys are always wondering why do pole girls wear so little?

We wear little not because we want to look sexy or seductive or to attract those unwanted sexual attention. We need the skin contact for grips and friction so that we won’t fall from the pole. Our waist, our inner thighs, our armpits and many other parts provide grips for various different moves and as we advance along, the tricks gets harder, so does our attire, gets shorter. Haha x


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