Staycation: Porcelain Hotel

Dec 23th: I was off on a thursday as usual which happens to be Christmas eve. I really wanted to be off on Christmas itself so I’ll give myself a more valid excuse to reward myself for braving through 2015 without grandma and finally, with a stable job for the time being. Eventually, I figured out on staycation for myself at a cozy boutique hotel, which I only booked on the day itself.

I packed my bag and stuffed my laptop in and headed to work as usual and during lunch, I used this app called “HotelQuickly” to book my desired hotel. This app allows you to book 3-5stars hotel at a super duper low price because it allows hotel to clear out their rooms than to leave the rooms vacant and earn absolutely nothing, meanwhile, we get super good deals out of it! WIN-WIN!


Apparently, checking in wasn’t so smooth as I expected it would be, as the app seems to have made an error in the check-out time. It was stated 2pm as check out time for the app but when I was checking in, they told me it was 12pm. After a series of calls and confirmations, I finally manage to get it all resolved. PHEW. Not a very pleasant booking for the first time.


There was this huge chinese porcelain decor that greeted me when I entered the lift. I was totally in love with it, somehow it made me felt like I went back to grandma’s era. ❤


Tadaaa, this was my tiny little room for the night! It was sure tiny but I love how cozy it is especially the room was all white! I’m a sucker for white so yeah. Plus the headboard had secret compartments to a drawer, a cupboard with hangers plus even a high stool!


Just a very simple bed with two little pillows (I needed plenty of pillows and requested for 2 later in the night.).


This was my favourite little area in the whole entire room. I love the beautiful basin which is a huge porcelain bowl and the mirror with the porcelain chinese designed plus it was able to light up! Too pretty for a mirror. 😀

This was the bathroom, it’s super small a two in one of a toilet bowl and rain shower area. Nothing much to rave about except that when you are showering, the toilet bowl gets wet.


This was their little card holder. I thought I would be able to be assigned to the blue room with the full glass bathroom which would be super spectacular, but turns out that I got a plainly average designed room. MEH.


SO they had this lovely boxed up amenity kit that consist of toothbrush, comb, shaver and shower cap. I totally adore that box design! ❤


Another selfie for myself, you know that the problem with hanging out alone, having staycation alone is that no one is able to take photos of you except to resort to selfie… that’s super annoying though. Anyway, I really had an awesome night spending some quality alone time and to have an advance Christmas celebration with myself. First time that I’m doing so than to be spending Christmas eve alone, crying and missing grandma. I feel happier and I think she will be glad too.


Anyway, stay happy and I hope you readers too, have an awesome Christmas with your love ones! Cheerioos~

(Gotta think about my new year resolutions soon~)


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