I need some rainbows in my life…

12th Day of 2016: Not in the best mood, grumpy and moody, I guess menses gonna come soon or am I alcohol deprived again. Whichever reason it may be, I can’t help thinking and pondering when will my life ever get better. I need those words of encouragement, someone to praise me, someone to motivate me, someone to push me, to do what I want and to applaud me for doing things right. I’ve changed but the results… it’s still the same. WHY?

Ended work today, and rush off quickly from workplace, took the bus and was stoning while looking outside from the bus window…and decided to drop by this cafe near my place. It had been opened for quite awhile now, but couldn’t find a reason or company to go with, finally I had the chance. It’s called Rainbow Cottage Cafe, they sell lovely rainbow cakes and cheesecake and handmade ice-cream with interesting flavors. I got myself a slice of rainbow cheesecake (S$7.50) and a iced green tea latte (S$6.00). They were served in interesting glass mug and that wooden pizza plank.


The rainbow cheesecake is basically just cheesecake added with gel coloring. They look pretty, but taste like ordinary cheesecake. This cheesecake was rich in flavor but light and the crust was made of Lotus cookies (I’m sure you guys know that delicious cookie:) ) instead of the usual graham crust.



The iced green tea latte took quite awhile to arrive. Honestly, the green tea was not strong enough. Needless to mention anymore, STARBUCKS still WINS!


Menu prices are pretty affordable than many other popular cafes and item prices are nett price which is really pocket-friendly. I guess I’ll visit again to try out those ice-cream. The flavors looked pretty interesting to me.

I can’t believe I went to a cafe alone again.

I guess there will be more to come.

I should be stop grumbling. xo



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