Hello, Feb.

Bye January, you’ve been the worst month ever in the history of my 21 years on Earth.

I lost my job.

I was terminated for the worst reason ever.

I was being accused by my boss.

I’m a workaholic and I can’t tolerate this ridiculous thing that’s ever happened in my employment history.

I had to go to MOM to get my pay and my rights back.

Awful shit.

I had a major fall off the pole.


Because I didn’t ate and felt weak and lost grip.

What a fool, I know.

I went A&E and xray shows I chipped my elbow bone.

In a cast and then now in an elbow brace.

25days worth of mc.

I couldn’t believe it.


The worst is that I have to stop pole for a good 3 months.

This is really AWFULLL !!!

(Ps. I feel super bad right now, I’m like eating and sleeping and doing nothing. I still have 10 more days to burn…)


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