2016’s CNY

This year’s chinese new year was slightly in fact a vast difference from last year’s CNY. This year marks the 2nd year of CNY without grandma and as usual during the eve, I was super devastated and feeling emotional without her presence.

I wasn’t able to work during CNY eve like last year with the doubled pay job as my arm is in elbow brace and can’t carry any heavy items. I spend the eve at home with my laptop and had mac for dinner as usual alone. It was just another lonely cny eve while everyone else is with their family.


My little bae came at 10pm like as if he was god sent. He accompanied me till around 3-4am and I felt really blessed with his company. He was just sitting right outside the gate and staring at me and even fell asleep while waiting. SUPER CUTE! ❤

Monday was CNY Day 1 and Nydia invited me to join her family for house-visiting and dinner. For the first time ever in the whole of my entire life, I experienced house-visiting and going to “relatives” place with a family. It felt really amazing and fun. Then during the evening, she brought me to her aunt’s place, we tossed “yu-sheng” and her uncle cooked “pen-cai” it was deliciousss, especially when it’s filled with lots of luxurious goodies like scallops, abalones, prawns and mushrooms.

Later that night, my cabin crew cousin texted me out of the blue to join them to play “ban-luck” and I went. I lost alittle money but it was fine.


The next day was the highlight of my CNY experiences, Mrs Warren invited me to her place for CNY party. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, Mrs Warren was Scotty’s owner and Scotty ran out of their house and wandered to my place while they were in UK. So, I called and returned Scotty to their owner and that’s how I got to know them. They have 2 little boys now, Cam and Finn. And Kermit passed on because he was terribly sick. Scotty is 14 years old now.


Thank you Scotty, for bringing me to get to know Mrs Warren and Mr Warren. They are really nice former neighbours who treats me really well, advised me and taught me many important life facts that no one told me. They are like my parents, elder siblings and really cool and hippy parents!

Mr Warren is a chef and the food that he cooks is superb! That amazing tender and soft baked chicken was the best chicken I ever had. And Mrs Warren is just a super humorous and funny lady hahaha, I spend from like noon till evening at their place before leaving to Ah Bao’s place (my former workplace’s supervisor) in Bukit Panjang.


Day 3, I went out shopping with Felicia and Orchard for her valentine’s present for her boyfriend and the shops were pretty much like ghost towns and I felt totally like VIPs in there. Awesome! But we ended up not buying anything because she couldn’t decide and the shops closed promptly at 9.30 and 10pm. OOPS.


And I can’t believe v-day is coming again. Damn I’m single again with no one for v-day this year. Oh wells… 😛



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