Flashbacks of 21st

I was just trying to free up my phone’s memory space a few days ago, and I realized I have not posted photos about my 21st birthday that happened a year ago, a week before my solo travel to Hong Kong even though I have already shared my HKventures with you guys.

Actually, I did this intentionally because I refused to accept that I was celebrating my 21st without Ah Ma, you know how much she meant the whole world to me and that her, passing away 5days before my birthday is a torture to me because when I know my birthday is coming, it meant that it’s another year gone without her in my life.

And of course, that day when I did my 21st birthday, it was just a tiny weeny birthday celebration that despite everyone tried to be happy and coax me into smiling, I was on the verge of tears every single moment. You know how empty I felt when Ah Ma should have been standing beside me during cake-cutting, photo-taking and smiling at me, telling me that I’ve grown up?

Eventually at the end of the whole celebration, Glad and Karen stayed over with me, and I broke down crying in the tub, sobbing really badly because I missed Ah Ma alot. Glad came to the tub and comforted me while Karen was sleeping soundly. I couldn’t pick myself up and although it was a joyous occasion, it felt like a torment for me trying to be happy when I couldn’t at all. But since everyone held a party for their 21st inviting their friends and family to share the joy, I feel complied to do so, but just a small one.

Here’s the series of events that happened that day:

  • Karen droved and we went to picked up the cake and got some groceries done.
  • Met Glad at Marina Mandarin as Glad have already checked in. (We changed room thrice because the room was not to our liking.)
  • Headed to the pool for a swim
  • Siru and Yunteng came and helped with the deco. Then so did Glenda.
  • Subsequently the rest came and we cut cake
  • Followed by drinking session
  • And the post drinking session at Fern & Kiwi at Clarke Quay
  • END…

We were mimicking Glenda’s favourite pose back then because she was late.


We didn’t really stayed in the pool for long, it was just a quick tanning and some girls’ talk.

Back then when Glad and I were still very closed, here’s us with absolutely no makeup.

Glad even did my makeup for me and Felicia drawed my eyeline, I was a total make-up fail back then. 😦

With Felicia 🙂

Pam came with her boyfriend and she’s probably the only poly friend that still kept in contact with me after Ah Ma passed on where I totally shut myself in my own world.

Yunteng, she’s probably one of the longest friend that I still kept in contact after years.


A beautiful shot of the cake with an instax of Pam and me.

(If you actually notice bumps and pockets of air in the fondant, that was because of the poor handling that us inexperienced fondant cake handlers did, by putting the cake in the fridge. HAHA 😛 )

The backdrop didn’t turn out well because I cut it too finely and turns out to be pretty ghostly then elegant, oh wells 😀

It was just a really simple simple 21st, unlike everyone else fancy table setup, but still I was actually pretty thankful that it happened, even if I had to force a smile for photos.

This pose probably look super awkward, but the girls were standing so far apart from me but I had no choice but to cling on to their arms for a group photo.

I still love this the most because after my birthday, Glenda left for Aussie for her studies and since then the clique went on separate ways and we hardly met together anymore. 😦

And some of the girls gave me kisses ❤


And I shall end this post here, with a happy pic with Glad. 😀


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