Felicia’s Birthday

This is probably the first time I’m celebrating Felicia’s birthday together although I have probably known her for nearly 2 years, where the last one she celebrated with her bf. This year, we celebrated on the 1st of April (2days before her actual) which happens to be April Fools Day and thank god the girls didn’t had any tricks and mischief up on their sleeves, else I will be really pissed. :/

The plan was to have just a simple dinner together and probably some drinks thereafter and because Felicia didn’t like sweet stuff, we didn’t get her a cake. So, I decided to get her a small bouquet of blue roses which I ordered and had to picked it up after physio that day, and traveled from like TTSH all the way to Seng Kang which was quite far a distance before heading to Holland V. (I know I’m un-employed, so I can’t really afford any huge bouquet, just something small to mark my sincerity as I knew she always mentioned how as a girl, she has never received flowers from any guys, so I shall be the first to do so then.) 🙂


(Blue is her favourite color…)

Anyway, before that night, I spend my entire evening and night making a card for her which I saw on one of the facebook videos that someone shared. It just happened to be so timely and I just learnt and picked it up in no time!

It’s not really very pretty in terms of the colors combo as I did it last minute and didn’t plan the colors but it’s a really good effort for my first attempt on such a card!

We had burgers at FatBoys since Felicia suggested it as it would suit everyone’s taste because Yunteng had kinda alot of food that she avoid so Fatboys would probably be a good option.


After dinner, we had some drinks at a random ktv pub in Holland V called King’s. The girls didn’t really stayed for long because Yunteng had to head home early to send her parents off and Siru had project to be done the next day, well as for me, I didn’t wanted to be the lightbulb for Felicia and Linc so I left with Siru.

(Sorry Felicia, for leaving early although I promised to drink together on your birthday!)

(Ps, I know the photo quality sucks because the lighting was terrible.)


Happy Birthday Felicia! ❤

Thanks for being a good friend, someone who is spontaneous, fun and full of laughter. 😀


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