What is your love language?

Just on April Fool’s Day, I was having dinner with the girls and as we were chatting, Siru asked Yunteng and us, “What is your love language?” and she told Yunteng, I know yours is definitely physical touch since you love hugging your boyfriend and we all started giggling when she blushed. And then she started denying haha.

I was clueless about what does love language meant and asked Siru to explained and I even looked it up on the net as well. Actually, love language is probably something really interesting and incredibly true get to know yourself better and to let someone know what kind of person you are. There are 5 love languages:

  • Words of Affirmation

Receiving words and encouraging compliments that will make you feel better, like “I really miss you”, “You’re the best girlfriend/boyfriend I ever had”, “You’re the prettiest or most handsome”…

  • Quality Time

Spending time with him/her while giving the FULL  ATTENTION of yours, with no distraction from phone, messages and puts any important tasks at hand aside to keep him/her company.

  • Physical Touch

Like appropriate touches, hugs, pats, brushing of hair and kisses. This one is pretty straightforward, hugs and kisses in fact brings people closer and foster a stronger bond… so some people might prioritize this as their way of expressing and affirming their love.

  • Acts of Service

Actions speaks louder than words, when a promise to help is being completed in reality, this is when a person has actually proved his love through his actions. It can be simple actions really like helping her to get something, or do a task. Like when she’s is having sore throat, you actually buy “herbal cooling tea” or lozenges and delivers it to her.

  • Receiving Gifts

A gift sometimes is a symbol of love, the kind of gift that is chosen expresses how thoughtful and detailed he/she is in observing her preferences, likes and needs. It could be a simple handmade card, a handwritten letter or something that caught her eyes at a retail some day when you two were shopping, receiving gifts would make her thrilled.

And so, I went to complete a quiz (http://www.5lovelanguages.com/) to actually find out which one was my love languages, although I always prized companionship as the most important factor which is somewhat falls as “Quality Time” and “Acts of Service”.

True enough my results were as followed:

Your Scores
11 Quality Time
10 Acts of Service
5 Receiving Gifts
3 Physical Touch
1 Words of Affirmation

The highest score being 12, I believe Quality Time is something I values the most and with one point away marks Acts of Service. I think it’s really true, I used to always believe that actions speak louder than words and that any promises are empty promises because only when they are fulfilled or done, it will be worth its value. Of course, putting time aside behind all the busy schedule and devoting some time to spend with me is probably something that I cherish the most as compared to words of encouragement or praises. Monetary gifts isn’t something I truly need as compared to a handwritten letter or a card made with lots of effort and time spend and hence probably explains a 5/12.

Well, I think I really like this because I get to know what is everyone love languages and how to affirm their love, this would most likely allow me to know how to handle each and everyone differently, especially like Siru, I never knew she was someone who values Receiving Gifts and Quality Time but now that I do, I probably mail her start mailing her letters and cards on random occasions. I guess finding out your love languages and others can somehow help to bring friendship or relationship closer…


So what is your love language? 😉


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