It’s sad when someone you know becomes someone you knew…

It mattered to me so much and because I was completely at a lost, I ended up resorting to google, typing… what to do when your friends leave you for her boyfriend.

Guess what, it was a really common topic and lots of suggestions and articles and even quotes came up. So, I clicked on the first few and read them.

The contents were almost the same between the different websites and then it just dawn onto me that I guess I was just looking for a reason to let go of a friendship which matters to me alot for I am someone who treasure friendship more than anything else but yet the other party is being just a crappy friend.

I’m just exhausted like really, I know how close we were when you didn’t change boyfriend and even though I expected you would spend more time with the new guy, I didn’t expect you to gone from a friend in love to become a crappy friend. I know I will never ever confront you over this but to let things fade into distant because I don’t want to appear to be that needy single when in reality I could barely even be able to meet and spend time like the past with you for just once in a month without your boyfriend intervention (while you spend time with him every single day, as though he is your only friend).

I hated how much I would spend my like late nights and staying up texting you and replying you because you had issues with him. I guess when there’s conflicts only then would you return and treat me as a friend. And because I truly took you as my best friend, I decided to sacrifice my time and focus to listen to your problems. Then again, all the last minute backing out on me and vanishing into thin air, I feel like a fool.

Was it worth it?

I don’t think so.