Another Solo trip-Bangkok

Honestly, I knew I was lying when I said that this solo trip was a reward to pamper myself before crew training start next month. The reason was just simply to escape from the torture house, all day all night, I had sucidal thoughts, it was really bad. They kept on mentually hurling me with mean and hurting words.

The only way I could shun from this was to escape even if it was just a short 3days trip, I feel really peaceful and happy even though travelling to Bangkok alone is pretty risky for the blur queen like me, but still I had to stay away from the torture house.

At least I can keep my inner peace and be myself till training starts.

My email has been already flooded with crew training programmes, schedules and lots of documents to read, uniform to be collected and altered by the 3rd Nov before training starts and yet I’m putting them aside for awhile till I’m back. (I took a sneak peak at the training programme and it totally stress me out, training classes are all tightly squeeze and packed 3rd-4th Nov is orientation days, training starts on the 7th and graduation will be 15th Dec, which means I’ll get to fly in Christmas and be away in New Year as well, I don’t know whether to be thrilled or sad because I have yet to experience the loneliness from being away from your base.)

Enough said, I’m actually at the airport right now typing my thoughts after staying up the whole night walking around and eating and then having short naps here and there. It’s almost time to board my plane! It’s been a few years since I flew with Scoot and guess what I got a window seat! Which means I will be able to see sunrise later…EXCITED!

Really really really got to go, please pray hard that I will be safe and sound and return in one piece and not get lost anywhere. PEACE 😀



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