SNY Checked, 1st Solo, in due time

6 weeks of training passed really quickly and in no time, I started my first training flight to Guangzhou. I was really nervous but thankfully the crews were really nice to us and guided me along patiently.

All I could remember was that on the 2nd day of my training, I really wanted to give up as I wasn’t able to get used to going back to study and donning on full makeup and most importantly waking up super early because I lived far away from training school. I guess that’s where your batchmates comes in. I became very close with this batchie who was an intern from my diploma and she, herself was a reminder to me why I joined cabin crew. I remembered I had braces and I couldn’t apply for cabin crew for internship which was one of the regrets I had and of course, she constantly reminded me and encourage me each and everyday and day after another, time flew. The next thing I knew, we were on our last training class and SNY (supernumerary flight aka training flight) was just the next day. I was assigned a Guangzhou turn and a Nanjing layover.

I was really blessed to be able to get China flights for training because I’m more of a chinese person so it was easier for me to be talking to the passengers and most importantly, I was able to learnt chinese aircraft terminalogy from my mentors which I never had the opportunity to learn in school.

The next day was my Nanjing layover and the flight was delayed for an hour due to busy air traffic in China. We reached our crew hotel an hour late and well, the weather in Nanjing was freezing cold. I think it was 8 degree Celsius. I was really really excited because it was my first time in Nanjing and the senior crews brought me out for dinner and we braved through the chilling wind and jumped around like little kangaroos to keep ourselves warm. It was really funny and I still remember the scene vividly.

Anyway, I cleared my SNY and I was a little not that confident because I was really nervous about forgetting stuffs, especially with numbers and I had to always constantly go through those important figures before flight to refresh my old granny memory.

My first solo to Melbourne is at midnight today and I’m really nervous. I haven’t been to Australia before and I hope I don’t end up looking like a lost sheep hehe.

I guess this is probably the last time I’m going to post about my crew life until I pass my 6 months probation and for those who dream of being a cabin crew, like I’ve mentioned before in my previous cabin crew interview post, if that’s your dream, keep trying for the interview till you make it. The training journey may be tough and arduous, and there will be ups and downs, there will be times you feel like giving up or doubting yourself, especially the initial phase because you haven’t been studying for a long while, it takes a really long time for your brain to process information and remembering it, but one important thing is that, don’t give up. Make friends with your batchies, like me, I may not be an extrovert, but at least have one or two close batchmates, they will keep you company and give you the encouragement you need and most importantly, your pillar of support to help each other complete the training journey.

Well, dream big and be that 大不死的小强!

Have a lovely saturday.

Signing off 😀