Last Minute Solo Genting Highlands Trip

So, I had took a long block of annual leave during the Chinese New Year period this year in 2020, and went on a Gold Coast trip with boyfriend’s God-mum because she’s been taking care of me in 2019 when I kept going in-out from hospital due to my gastric occurring. She cooked for me during my post-hospitalisation period and fed me well. Of course, boyfriend wasn’t free to travel as he had aplenty of work to be done so he manage to convince God-mum to go along with me since it was a staff travel ticket and only Scoot offered direct flight from Singapore to Gold Coast, so why not right! (I’ll probably write up this Gold Coast trip when I feel like it or maybe not, because I have been very lazy.)

Anyway, after the Gold Coast trip, I felt that I was really bored and to better utilise my annual leave, right after I came back that afternoon from Gold Coast, that night, I booked my last minute Genting Highlands trip for tomorrow night. It was well, very very last minute. And I told boyfriend only the next day when I was close to be heading to take an overnight bus up to Genting Highlands!

It was a decent bus ride, double deck, comfortably reclining seat and a couple of passengers here and there. And the funny part was that all of them, alighted at Kuala Lumpur drop-off point while I was the only fella that was in the coach and I thought I needed to change a bus because double deck coaches are actually banned from going up-hill in Genting Highlands due to their high record of accidents. I kept asking the driver if I needed to alight and change bus, and with his poor command in English, I supposed he was a Malaysian, and a Indian guy, he barely knew how to reply me, “bus go Genting, me Genting”. Which I presume he was going to drive me up to Genting highlands. And the sleepyhead me, continue my sleep on bus with my blanket and neck pillow that I brought for the long coach journey.

Honestly, I have no idea how long it took, before the driver came up and say, “Miss Miss, Genting, Miss!” Then I woke up and realising I was have reached. I guess I was too tired and I dozed off and not realising that I have reached lol.

And you’ll probably be thinking that wow, is it even safe to travel alone on an overnight coach to Genting Highlands? Well, I reached my destination safely, so I guess it isn’t much of an issue.

Well, I reached around 5 plus am close 6am, and thinking that I could check-in early as 6am and pay for that RM20 (SGD6.67) of early check in fee to continue sleeping but sadly, there wasn’t a double bed room available at that point in time and so I made a last minute change of plans, I dragged my luggage to the toilet, had a change of clothes, and pack my important stuffs into the smaller bags and then the rest of my items into my trolley luggage and locked it so as to place for luggage deposit. I proceeded to check in and told them I will come back for my room at 3-4pm instead and then paying for RM10 (SGD3.33) for the nightly tourism tax.

I was getting kind of hungry and I went to the noodle shop at the top floor, I couldn’t remember the name near to the cable cars area. I got myself a plate of typical Malaysian Wanton Noodles and Ice Tea. It was nothing special but a good plate of comfort food.

After which I head to the casino!!!

I sat down playing the machine roulette which bets RM50 per bet and after which some random jackpot machine because I was getting sleepy from analysing those numbers and I lost track of the time I was in there lol.

By then, it was morning already, so I bought a round trip tickets for the cable car and got an entire gondola to myself and started snapping a plenty of selfies in it. I know my face looks extra sun-burnt because I got burnt while suntanning in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. I was super excited because I was heading to the premium outlets to do some shopping! I love premium outlet shopping and also, to get myself some warm fuzzy clothes because I realise the weather was much colder than I last came in December 2019 and I didn’t bring enough clothes to keep myself warm.

And well, you know there was the COVID outbreak, so I kept my mask on at all times except the times that I was alone. Hahaha, better be safe than sorry and I’m actually more fearful of the needles poking into my veins after being in-out from hospital so many times.

My Marrybrown lunch,

I really wish there was more chicken although it was good.

I went shopping at Puma and at some sports outlets, shortlisted some stuffs but I didn’t buy any of that in the end. However, I manage to get myself a knitted long sleeves, 2 pairs of tights from Cotton On at only RM30 (SGD10/pair) and some undies as well.

I took a break at Godiva and got myself a dark chocolate slushie, it was so damn GOOD!!!

And contemplating if I should get myself an early birthday present for myself, this Fossil gorgeous crystal studded watch either in Rose Gold or Black.

In the end, I bought it, got myself the Rose Gold one because it was more shinier than the black one. I don’t usually fall in love with watches and this one really caught my eyes and of course it wasn’t that expensive.

After all the shopping, it was almost close to 3pm, and I decided to make my way back to Genting Highlands to check-in and catch some sleep but before that, I spotted this Taiyaki shop at the Premium Outlet cable car station so I got myself one as a snack again! It was crispy and the apple fillings were very generous, love it!

Finally, I managed to get into my Deluxe Room! The room looks exactly the same since the last I came as a kiddo with my grandma and the room was extremely cold as usual, even with the windows shut and fan off. I didn’t manage to get a room with good view and high floor, kind of disappointing but since it was one night and consider how convenient and accessible Resort Hotel is and how hard it is to book, I’m really pleased with the room. Except, I should have brought all my warm clothings because the room was freezing.

In the end, I went out again hunting for heat-tech since there was Uniqlo near the hotel. I couldn’t take the cold although I love cold weathers, my body doesn’t trapped heat effectively lol.

I found the wooly coat looking to be so cure but I didn’t get it and to my luck, Uniqlo was having a sale and I got myself a very cheap white wooly heat-tech that cost be only SGD10!!! And I simply paid and wore it immediately because I was too cold. BAHAHA!

After which I went back for a nap before heading out at 8pm for dinner.

Dinner was Harry Ramsden fish and chips, I found it nothing special, what’s the rave about it? I didn’t get the excitement because it was pretty average and nothing fantastic.

I got myself Llao Llao as dessert and this was definitely way better than my overrated dinner. It’s rare that they had red dragonfruit topping as Singapore does not have such “premium”fruits in their outlets, and surprisingly it was super delicious and sweet with the accompany white chocolate sauce.

After this, I went window shopping and then headed back to casino again to kill time. And time truly flies when you are in the casino hahaha.

And I bought these snacks from Family Mart! The Family Mart finally opened and they had a lotttt of snacks and food then I loved! These were my supper after casino and headiest back to the hotel to end my night.

My super pretty watch!

The next morning I had wanton mee again, found this Cantonese shop serving a good variety of roasted delights and this was probably one of the best mains I had at Genting Highlands for this short trip.

After checking out, I was still kind of a little early so I decided to kill time and chill at Coffee Bean and got myself another Iced Chocolate. Yumz!

I got to say I really love Transtar Superstar Z buses because they were well affordable , comes with 2 meals, 1 snack and 1 bento and serves you hot drinks 2x. The seats were comfortable, well-reclined, had massager and a small personal tv (didn’t work on the bus that I boarded), wifi to watch shows and because they provide meals the bus journey is shorten much more as they won’t do pit stop for food.
(ps. I brought that Marrybrown nacho chicken from Genting myself, it wasn’t the bento they provided)

The only downside was that I would prefer double-deck coaches because they were more stable from jerking and long journey due to the hydraulic lift function that it comes with.

I reached Tuas around close to 7pm when the sunset, and due to the stringent COVID checks, it took quite a long time, and only reached home close to 9pm. Oh wells.

This one night Genting highlands journey seemed kind of fun and exciting, and I loved how the overnight coach ride up save a lot of time, because there is no traffic at night, so it saves a lot of travelling time and of course, that is only if you are someone who could sleep comfortably in coaches, else I wouldn’t recommend this kind of travelling method, because you’ll reached your holiday destination feeling super exhausted!

I’ll probably do this again though, hopefully when the theme park open and with the boyfriend or friends!