Late Night Thoughts

Ever since circuit breaker started way back in April, so much thoughts have been flooding my mind…

‘Flying was no longer the same anymore.

Everyone wears surgical gowns, gloves, and masks to flights and it made everyone look identical. Services are barely there and most of the time, it was just enforcing the distancing and mask rule. Where was the “full of orders”, “running up and down the aisle”, and time passed quickly period?

No more layovers, turnarounds become even longer, with longer hours, and layover stations become turnarounds, no more shopping in overseas, no more eating supper with colleagues, it’s just end work and everyone heads home.

I really wish flying would resume soon, there is so many beautiful places in the world that are still waiting to be uncovered.

Relationships are fragile, and to be handle with care.

While there are many weddings still going on, people around me getting engaged, many broke up because of this circuit breaker period. It was like a test of time for many couples and many around me failed. It was hard and tough to maintain a relationship without being able to meet your love one physically and to be right there beside them and much to say hanging out together.

Relationship just seemed like a piece of glass, if one party doesn’t wants to put in effort anymore, the piece of glass eventually will shatter because the other party won’t be able to support the weight of the glass alone. It’s just a two way thing and this made relationship looks so vulnerable and yet scary.

You just won’t know when is it your turn that your relationship might just shatter, it could happen anytime, maybe the next hour or even the next minute. It’s scary.

Is really having good body and good looks the way to win in life (as a girl) ?

Maybe it’s just Instagram portrayal of how things look and how viewers judge and conclude based on what’s presented. But I always felt that having good body (being skinny) and good looks brings you straight to to winning line in life especially in Asian context.

Most Asian guys prefer skinnier looking girls and viewed them as sexy, hot, pretty.

And then showing too much skin for a curvy girls is considered to be trashy, slutty and cheap while for a skinny girl, it’s the opposite.

How’s this fair?

Bias opinions against curvy girls has been long around for years, and as I got older, I realise how much this affect the relationship and type of guy a curvy girl might ended up with, due to the limited choices left.

How sad isn’t it?