2021 isn’t gonna be fantastic too

COVID had seriously struck the world and this 2021 will just gonna be another recovery year for everyone, those who worked in important sectors like healthcare and supermarkets, good for you. Big bonuses, better pays, while the rest are just trying to make ends meet.

I suppose travelling will never resume completely at least till passed 2022, even the vaccines are not fully reliable yet, the lack of data and information, it’s simply like a trial and error, if this brand doesn’t work, you still have the other. Like how I got rejected for taking the Pfizer vaccine because I had allergy to augmentin ( a brand of antibiotics) . And I do hope that the other vaccines will be put to trials and accumulate enough datas for people with allergies . I am do kind of worried how being not vaccinated would affect my rice bowl. I still love flying, I really do, and if I had to be giving up on it if I wasn’t vaccinated, that would be probably my greatest nightmare.

Then again, I’m wrecking my brain how to earn more money, so that I can save enough to get a house on my own soon. I tried doing manicure services for others, but business is tough. There’s just to many options for others to choose, I need to try venturing into other options. I need ideas. I tried to do some small investments, I think they are doing fairly ok, but I want to gain more capital, so that I increase my amount of investments so that grow and roll more money.

I don’t want to be left behind. Everyone is getting better in life, and pursuing their goals and happiness, I need to buckle up too. Throwing away toxic friends and staying away from them was the first step that I have done, because the circle of friends will affect your lifestyle. Now, I’m trying really hard to be firm on my life principles— to not let anyone get in the way of what I want and affect me and to be more positive and also confident.

Then again, the most important thing is still health, I’m really thankful that I’ve only been into hospital once in 2020 and I’m aiming for a ZERO this 2021. No more iv plugs please. I’m also still in the midst of reaching my goal weight of 51kg, currently at 52kg and previously 57-58kg to the point my uniform felt super tight, literally a warning sign for me lose weight. I’m still trying hard to get better at pole, making more attempts to workout in the gym, going for late night walks as cardio and avoiding instant noodles too!

‘Thankfully, I met a fur kid and named him Molemole because of his small build and how he could stand on 2 legs! Such a cute cat! He is smart and responds to me when I call him MoleMole! I actually seen him in 2019 back then he was fierce and distrusting of humans and would always growl at me and asking me to back off. Only lately had he decided to give trust in me and letting me pet him, keeping me company and making laugh. A fur kid literally make life so much better and keeping me company and away from negative thoughts and a huge comfort to my soul. I still harbour this wish that I could get a home soon, so I could give him a forever home, I better work harder to achieve my goal.

Work hard babe!