Do looks really matter?

Maybe it does, in this era.

In dating apps, looks is what determine if the guy/girl swipe right to you and even be talking to you. If you are not of certain looks then he/she prefers, you probably won’t stand a chance.

Then again, people always says you gonna look beyond, beyond what the surface, how many of you actually do that?

Man look at girls for their pretty face, nice booty, nice curves, perfect boobs or maybe someone skinny.

Girl look at guys for their muscular build, good-looking face or maybe a Korean oppa wannabe.

Which of you is not guilty of this?

I have been thinking, when I was young I wrote a list of the kind of guy I will like…

  1. Does not smoke
  2. Love cats
  3. Goes to gym and is able to princess carry /piggyback me effortlessly
  4. At least 170cm
  5. Loves drinking

And list was super extensive, but I don’t remember the rest anymore…

The point is, now that I’m in my late 20s, there’s really so much you can want out of the other half , to meet your expectations or the “dream man”, but in reality there’s so much more than that actually.

I just had been thinking what kind of fairytale do I want actually?

Probably one that’s like Beauty and the Beast, would be good.

The beast isn’t the most handsome man like Prince Charming but deep down he had a heart of gold, caring and an excellent personality who took care of her, made her feel happy, feel loved and eventually over a long period of time spent together, slowly falling for him deeper and growing more attached to him for his inner beauty.

Personality and character matters a lot here because someone with an awful personality will affect me 24/7 and I do not wish to have another gastric episode ever ever ever again because of a man (after taking so much courage to walk out of it and getting over it).

I need to love myself more this time, take better control of what I want and let time does it job and never ever let myself feel stressed again. It is really important to develop a good and healthy relationship should I start one again, having quality communication is really important, and developing new memories and experiences.

Never let anyone rush me things that I am not ready for , I will and shall find back my old fashioned romance that I have been looking forward for, falling in love with a best friend who shares aplenty of similarities, a playmate who will be able to tolerate the kid in me and play along as well, a hopeless romantic who will create equal amount of romantic acts for me in return of what I give him, and no more one-sided givings.And of course someone able to work hard together in life, to achieve a better quality living after all, 爱情是不能当面包吃的,我们还是得必须努力挣钱才能拥有更好的生活。



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