Cooked: Porridge


Dec 8th: Today’s the 2nd day that I’m on mc. Had a bad sleep which resulted in a neck strain and to a shocking discovery that I have 2 lumps on my neck. Went to the doctor’s and got prescribed with some antibiotics that caused me to have bad skin allergy and they are super itchy. OMG. No scars please. Anyway, I don’t think the 2 neck lumps are caused by infections for enlarged lymph nodes. Hopefully, they won’t be tumor though, as I’m going to have a scan in late Feb.

I went grocery shopping after the doctor’s, and decided to cook some porridge to warm me up since it was a cold and rainy day. I miss grandma’s cooking. That familiar smell. Makes me miss her even badly. Anyway, it’s not a fantastic fanfare but just something simple that she would probably cook for me as well. I made some congee and added some white sweet corn to it. (I love corns!) Some xiaobaicai stir fry with oyster sauce and chopped garlic, minced meat with shimeji and bought off the shelves DO-DO ready-to-eat ngoh hiang which I heated up. But no matter how hard I try, my cooking will never taste the same as hers. SIGH.

Recipe: Greek-style Roast Fish



1 piece of dory fish fillet (or any white meat fish fillet)

1 russell potato (or any potato that you prefer)

1 whole riped tomato

1/4 of white onion

1 tea spoon of olive oil (Alt: One 20g blotch of butter)

1 clove of garlic (finely chopped)

1/2 lemon (wedged)

A pinch of crushed black pepper

A sprinkle of parsley flakes

Step 1:

Clean the potato skin thoroughly and then cut the potato into fine wedges. At the same time, cut the white onion into small sizes about 1cm big. Transfer the potato wedges, onions and garlic into the baking tin/bowl. Add olive oil in and mix well before placing into oven (200degree.c) for about 15-20 mins, do give the potato and onions a mix every 10-15mins to ensure thorough cooking. (Use a fork or toothpick to ensure that the potato is well-cooked, increase your baking time if necessary.)

Step 2:

Slice the dory fish fillet into big pieces and cut the whole tomato into 8 wedges. Place the fish fillets and tomatoes into the baking tin/bowl. Continue to cook for another 15mins at the same temperature. Check to make sure your fish is cooked with a fork or toothpick before removing the baking tin/bowl from the oven.

Step 3:

Nicely transfer and arrange the food onto a dinner plate or bowl, sprinkle some crushed black pepper and garnished it with some parsley flakes, and VOILA, there you have your Greek-style Roast Fish!

image image image

This meal is SODIUM-FREE and GLUTEN-FREE. The natural flavourings from the citrus and refreshing lemon wedges help to mask the fish smell and the white onion which contains more sugar than purple onions, helps to sweeten the taste of this dish. This recipe is easy and great for anyone, who is looking for a healthy and 100% natural ingredients with no artificial seasoning and sauces.

Glenda’s Fabulous 19th!

June 20th was supposedly to be my younger sister’s birthday until I met Glenda, whose birth date falls on the same day as my younger sister which gave me a perfectly good excuse to excuse myself from celebrating her birthday…

Since, it’s the first time I’m celebrating Glenda’s birthday, I decided to ATTEMPT to bake a cake!

Disclaimer: I have never baked a cake for the whole of my life, and it’s my first time trying to do so, yes I may be able to whipped up yummy looking food and dishes but baking, it’s just a total disaster.


The cake batter after mixing it, and the hardest part was having soft butter, why couldn’t I just heat up the butter?!


After mixing in the colourings for the gluey mix, I don’t know why red looks so pink so I ended up spamming tonnes of colouring trying to make the batter red, and ended up having to warn them not to eat the red layer.


See! Red came out red and I regretted spamming in so much of the red. Stupid me. And because the yellow layer was too thin, I accidentally broke it and guess how I managed to salvage it?


Spam layers of cream over it like how glue works, and guess what?

Thankfully, Glenda didn’t notice it, I hope!!


Whipped cream! I could totally imagine the heap of fats that you are going to consume…


So this was the original version of the cake… you will probably figure it out why it’s “original”…


Taadaa the cream drooped!!!

I had totally no idea why it fell and on the exterior of the cream was like water, EW! It looked so ugly that I had to redo the cream, the next day…


Pretty cupcakes that I made the next day!


Just a pile of fats on a overly red cake.


While I was baking, I managed to find time to make this fabric board “birthday card”!

And I made a big mess in the living room and kitchen that I took part of my sleeping time to clear up the mess.


So much effort on the board and the FINAL PRODUCT looks SO pretty!

(Self-compliment because I totally needed it!)


And I made cards for Karen and Glad to write their wishes on!

I can’t believe myself coming up with such pretty stuffs with just papers, glue, scissors and an empty floral fabric board.



Guess where her guy brought her for dinner? Rochester Park and Dempsey.

So romantic. I wishes somewhat would do the same too, on my birthday…

(Better wake up and stop my dreaming…*a slap on face, phish*)


The food just looked too yummy!

And while Glenda was enjoying her dinner basking in the romantic atmosphere and her companion, we were just slacking in the room…


AND, did these!


I shall present you the END PRODUCT of the cake!!


I had to scrap off all the melted and horribly looking cream and redo it with buttercream icing! And I ended up pouring too much icing sugar, it turns out to be to sweet!

But well, at least it didn’t go out of shape! MUAHAHAAH xD


Too lazy to even decorate it anymore so I just sprinkle so rainbow sprinkles and hearts and topped it with a gummy.


Happy Glenda with the birthday cake that she couldn’t believe I baked it! YIPPEEE~~


It looks pretty when it’s cut. ❤ ❤


To the happiest girl, Glenda 😀


And we’re off to … party again!


Here’s a shot of Glenda and her Mister. Ahh, happy boy and her birthday girl!

(I wish I can meet my mister soon~bleahhh)


Kisses for you! Muacks~


What a fun night we had!

With their classmate, Ming Ai! She’s also from Malaysia, Kulai, just a little short drive away from Kota Tinggi, how COOL!


And for the first time ever, I got my brows drawn by pretty Glad!


Sweet & Sour Fish in Cantonese Style!

I was craving for some decent home-cooked food with simple dishes and a bowl of plain rice, and since tuesday I ended school early, I headed down to Fairprice Xtra to buy some groceries for dinner…

Sometimes, I think that heading to fairprice xtra, carrying that green plastic basket, and looking like a classic student, looks abit weird. Like those aunties would be looking at me as if why would a student be shopping for fish, veggy, and all those stuffs that most youngsters won’t want to touch.

Anyway, I enjoy shopping for groceries, especially when I’m listening to music from my earphones and then heading to those various familiar sections of the supermarket to look for the items I want and then putting them into my basket…IT’S FUN!

So, I’ve actually cooked sweet and sour fish in cantonese style because I’ve always been a fan of fish!



Looks really appetizing and tasty right? 

From coating the fish, frying the fish to cooking the sauce, I did it all by myself!

Anyway, it’s easy-peasy! 

Cooking is much easier than baking!

And, did I mentioned that it tasted good too?

Especially with a bowl of plain white rice…LOVELY~


Baking Session In Progress

A boring thursday, had nothing else to do, no outings, nor work, and so, I’ve decided to bake!

And, I’ve decided to try out this: Betty Crocker Supermoist White Cake Mix!


But, it didn’t turn out to be great or fantastic, because the mix was so hard to mix in after adding water, egg and oil, it just happen to not turn out right for the million times I’ve tried.

And most of it, my cupcakes turn out to be super sticky and clumpy. It just didn’t work that well as compared to another brand I’ve used previously…

ImageHere’s the failed Instagram photo of the cupcake using Betty Crocker Supermoist White Cake Mix!

I really dislike their cake mix though…

ImageSince, I’ve decided not to continue on with making cupcakes, I’ve decided to alter the box recipe a little, by adding in lots more of cake mix to turn it into a cookie dough! Not only that, I added in some chocolate rice and sliced dried cranberry bits in it…

ImageI know it kind of looks digusting, I actually coated the cookie dough with sieved icing sugar, as I wanted to tried making sugar coated cookies! So,here’s BATCH 1!

ImageCaution: It’s hot!

So, the cookies came out tasting really crunchy and tasty, but as for the appearance wise, it looks like it’s spammed with white mould!

ImageHere’s the BATCH NO.2! I used bunny shaped cookie cutter to cut the dough and this time, I’ve decided to not have any sugar coating for it!




Don’t the bunnies look cute after they are out from the oven?



So, I suppose the leftover cake mix were still use-able as for cookie recipes. And, who wants some crunchy, yummy Bunny Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies?