Recipe: Greek-style Roast Fish



1 piece of dory fish fillet (or any white meat fish fillet)

1 russell potato (or any potato that you prefer)

1 whole riped tomato

1/4 of white onion

1 tea spoon of olive oil (Alt: One 20g blotch of butter)

1 clove of garlic (finely chopped)

1/2 lemon (wedged)

A pinch of crushed black pepper

A sprinkle of parsley flakes

Step 1:

Clean the potato skin thoroughly and then cut the potato into fine wedges. At the same time, cut the white onion into small sizes about 1cm big. Transfer the potato wedges, onions and garlic into the baking tin/bowl. Add olive oil in and mix well before placing into oven (200degree.c) for about 15-20 mins, do give the potato and onions a mix every 10-15mins to ensure thorough cooking. (Use a fork or toothpick to ensure that the potato is well-cooked, increase your baking time if necessary.)

Step 2:

Slice the dory fish fillet into big pieces and cut the whole tomato into 8 wedges. Place the fish fillets and tomatoes into the baking tin/bowl. Continue to cook for another 15mins at the same temperature. Check to make sure your fish is cooked with a fork or toothpick before removing the baking tin/bowl from the oven.

Step 3:

Nicely transfer and arrange the food onto a dinner plate or bowl, sprinkle some crushed black pepper and garnished it with some parsley flakes, and VOILA, there you have your Greek-style Roast Fish!

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This meal is SODIUM-FREE and GLUTEN-FREE. The natural flavourings from the citrus and refreshing lemon wedges help to mask the fish smell and the white onion which contains more sugar than purple onions, helps to sweeten the taste of this dish. This recipe is easy and great for anyone, who is looking for a healthy and 100% natural ingredients with no artificial seasoning and sauces.