Bellabox (July Edition)

As you girls would have known, the cosmetic samples packed in a box and delivered right to your doorstep have been pretty popular recently, and Bellabox had aroused my curiousity…so, I’ve decided to take up a 3months subscription, with the first month June edition of Bellabox at $9.95 while on normal days, it will be at $19.95.

The thing about Bellabox is that these subscription boxes are delivered by Ta-q-Bin where they deliver right to your doorstep which can be convenient for some and non-convenient for some as these delivery timings are usually irregular despite the fact that you have chosen your preferred delivery time frame. Still, I managed to receive my Bellabox eventually.


There’s this month, July’s Bellabox! 


Unboxing Bellabox!

This is the best part of receiving Bellabox because you won’t know what you would be receiving this month as each Bellabox version is different and you could receive items that are slightly different from what is as advertised. This could be something bad if the items that are advertised caught your eye and they aren’t included in the Bellabox, you’ve received. This was what happened when I received this month’s…


“La Petite Parisienne”– The theme for this month’s box.


Here’s what I received for this month!

I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to receive the lipstick and the eye pencil that was advertised!


A total of 8 samples which my box include mainly of masks and L’oreal Sulphate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner. Since they are in sample size the shampoo and conditioner would come in handy to be packed in my luggage at the end of my this month for travelling!


Nina Ricci perfume in sample size, what a tiny weeny sample of 5ml of perfume!

I have yet to try these samples as I’m kind of lazy to do reviews but I shall start soon before the next month Bellabox comes in and I would end up with too many reviews to be done…still, I guess I would cancel the subscription at the end of August because I’m kind of disappointed that the items in my Bellabox are slightly different from what the beauty bloggers receive as they seemed to be receiving better items than me. This did not just happen to me but to several people I have known as well. Oh wells x

Maybelline HyperCurl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara Review!

I have always loved  Maybelline Mascara for its affordability and it’s dry formula! So here I have today is the Maybelline HyperCurl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara in blackest black!

I know the name of this mascara is so so so so so LONG! Still from the name you would know that it is suppose to be:

  • Waterproof!
  • Gives you volume!
  • And curls!
  • Very black lashes!


The mascara in it’s wrapper!

I got this from Guardian drugstore in Malaysia, my city, Kota Tinggi!


Really nice and pretty gorgeous container that SHINES!


Just opened the mascara! Look at the brush!

It’s curved!!!


Close up of the brush!

Do you know that curved brushes are better than straight ones because they are more convenient and easier for application? It also helps in evening out of your eyelashes during application! This means PLUS POINTS FOR THE LASHES!


My eye BEFORE application!


My eye AFTER application!


Bottom down shot of my eyes and lashes! 

Can you spot the difference between my eyes?

So, asian eyes have been known for having sparse eyelashes as compared to caucasian’s eyes where they are blesses with thick eyelashes…SO ENVIOUS!

Still, I’ve decided to get a volumizing mascara so that my eyelashes will not look pathetically sparse and short! And the results have shown! The left eye from the above picture is without applying Maybelline HyperCurl and the right is after application! Great difference right?!

I’m so loving the new mascara despite it causing my eyelashes to clump slightly…Anyway I love it!

What do you girls think?

Due to the recent fixation of new brackets on my front teeth, my lips starts to feel dry and chappy because of the abrasion of my lips and the metal tip.

And, it also just so happens that I lost my Lip Ice Grape, where I left my lip balm in my work uniform! Oh God!

So, I’ve decided that it’s time to get myself a new lip balm, and still, I prefer Lip Ice among the other brands…

ImageLip Ice Sheer Colour in Strawberry!



 Information on the back…


My lip balm!!!


  • Really sweet and strong smell of strawberry! I LOVE IT!
  • Very moisturising on my dry lips
  • Last pretty long, it does wear off when you eat, obviously! 🙂
  • Nice container that looks like those lipstick containers! GORGEOUS!


  • I don’t really like the colour on my lips, it looks very reddish instead of much pink.


Perhaps, I might get another lip balm that doesn’t contain any colour or tint…

Daiso’s Blusher in Beige

Daiso's Blusher in Beige

The blusher claims that the colour is in beige, but obviously, one look at it, it’s somewhat pink.

The blusher is excellent for a $2 cosmetic, for it’s easy to apply and it’s visible and highlights your cheek making you more rosy and brilliant.

The downside of this is that the brush does not really picks up the powder well, so you might have to either get a new brush or use your own.

I really like this, so I would give it a 3.8/5 because it does not have any irritations on my highly sensitive eczema skin.

Daiso’s Duo Eyeliner

Daiso's Duo Eyeliner

This duo eyeliner comes in black and white or other variations like brown and white, etc…

The retractable eyeliner may be suitable for beginners who are still practising and perfecting their drawing eye lines skill but it’s not really suitable for wearing it out because the white eye line stick is hard to use and barely have any visible effects after application and you have to go over the line a few times for it to show.

And the same goes for the black eye line stick, both are rather hard, not smooth for application.

Basically, I would not really recommend you to purchase this.

Daiso’s Concealer

Daiso's Concealer

There’s actually 2 tones of concealer for you to choose from.

It does really basic and simple coverage, not very good though, if you really want to cover freckles or other dark spots, you would need to apply a whole lot of it onto that particular spot and your face would not look that smooth after that because it sort of highlights your other bumps on your face.

On Overall, I would maybe give it a 2.5/5 for this concealer, for it does not does wonders.

Liese Bubble Hair Color-Sweet Pink

For CNY this year, I’ve decided to dye my hair using Liese Bubble Hair Color, Sweet Pink. Formally, I’ve tried Liese Chestnut Brown and Platinum Beige.

I still keep the boxes though. Hahaha!

Today, I’m trying this sweet pink colour! I hope it’ll turn out well and my hair will be reddy or pinky:)

So, here are the contents that you can find inside the box …

And here’s the mixture of the dye…

This is the colour of my hair before the dye. Originally, it has the colour of Platinum Beige but I suppose the colour has faded quite a lot, leaving me with just brown hair …

I’m wearing my free cape from Liese! I got this cape when I bought Chestnut Brown and I really love the cape as it prevents my clothes from getting stained:)

I wore the gloves…and I’m ready to start dye-ing my hair!

I changed the cap to the nozzle …

Bubbles, bubbles and lots of pink bubbles!

Ok, I look hideous in this photo! But check out the foamy foamy dye on my hair! It’s pink! ♥

Tadaaa! This is my hair colour after washing the dye off! It doesn’t look really pink or red though but I got a much lighter brown shade for my hair. Maybe the colour might look a little different under sunlight?

My hair looks pretty dry and crisp after the dye as usual, and the colour were much lighter near my roots than the ends. It was a little uneven though, I wonder why, but this usually happens to Liese hair-dyes…

Anyway, I’m going to try the new Hoyu BeautyLabo the next time I dye my hair again! Or maybe not, I might want to go to a salon and highlight my hair purple!

But, I’m still satisfied and contented with the hair colour now! Woohoo!~