Another May 18th

Happy Birthday to me. YEAH, AWESOME, FANTASTIC.

Meh. It doesn’t have this celebratory atmosphere once you pass the mark of 21st, birthday would then be like just another ordinary day where you wake up brush your teeth and start your daily activities.

It’s a wednesday this year and initially it was planned to have some awesome drinking time at night but somehow I wasn’t in the mood to do so again. I promised grandma to visit her tomb every of my birthday and so I did.

I woke up early and took a bus to the temple, it started pouring pretty heavily, seems like a gloomy start of the day. Once I reach her tomb, I simply started crying real badly. Although there wasn’t anyone in the columbarium but me, it doesn’t matter. My sobbing sounds filled up the empty silence of the area. Oh wells. 😦

On my way home, I felt really depressed and emotional because grandma’s death anniversary happens to be 5 days ahead of my birthday…there’s just this long moment of silence. Until Siru texted me to ask me out for dinner. They decided to go for Kbbq at SOTA and insisted that I had to go along although I wasn’t willing to.

It took me really long to reach there because I was not willing to step out of the house and kept procrastinating. BUT ultimately, I still made my way there and had delicious Kbbq that made me smell horrible afterwards.


(Took this photo off the facebook of I’m Kim Kbbq and their food is pretty good I have to admit especially when it’s free-flow!)


Siru also surprised me with a tiny mango cake, I was indeed truly surprised because she has never did such an act for the whole entire of your friendship history! I was really really really touched!


Yeah to me for growing older!

Ps, I know I look like I just woke up from bed, didn’t bother dolling up myself because I was truly sad.






Guess what they got me? A WATCH! I’ve been wanting a slim watch for ages and finally I got my hands to YEAHHH and THANKS ALOT girls!!! I know it cost a bomb but I’m really really thankful. ❤


I’m really blessed to have you two in my life at this current stage and for the effort and time to select and buy me such a really pretty and pricey birthday gift which I would truly treasure it ALOT, and to spend time with me on my birthday, I’m at a loss for words totally. ALL I WANT TO SAY, is thankyou from the very bottom of my heart. ❤

(Really looking forward to the birthday trip to Phuket on the 29th!)

French Soufflé from Miam Miam

Behold your senses and keep your mouth closed before they start to drool, presenting you Soufflé!!!


It was a catching up session with Siru the other day and we had our usual lunch at Keisuke Ramen in Orchid Hotel, Tanjong Pagar and after which we decided to have Brother Bird for the delicious mochi donut with soft serve in Bugis, and so we took a train down… and walked some distance in the hot and humid weather. And to our disappointment they were closeddd! DAMN…

So we ended up having to choose between Miam Miam and Llao Llao, and since both of us hadn’t tried Miam Miam, we decided to step into the place. The interior was open concept and beautiful decorated to dark wood furnishing, black metal frames, cosy cushioned seats and lights, feels alittle french-inspired.

We took quite awhile to decide what to have between the deliciously looking french toast and the gorgeous elegant soufflé and yes, we both ended up ordering 2 soufflés, one in vanilla the orginal flavor ($9.80++) and the other in matcha ($11.80++).

The wait was about 30mins and so we ordered each ourselves a iced matcha (top up $1.50++) and a good hearty chat about usual, work, studies and future.


My Verdict: The soufflés were indeed rich and creamy but at the same time light and fluffy, I love the crispy top layer of the shell. It’s my first time trying such a dessert but honestly, I probably wouldn’t return for the second time. I don’t really find myself paying for such an exquisite yet petite dessert unless they are well, cakes. Well, you could always give it a try but keep your expectations low, and I’m probably someone fails to appreciate it.

Pass ~

I need some rainbows in my life…

12th Day of 2016: Not in the best mood, grumpy and moody, I guess menses gonna come soon or am I alcohol deprived again. Whichever reason it may be, I can’t help thinking and pondering when will my life ever get better. I need those words of encouragement, someone to praise me, someone to motivate me, someone to push me, to do what I want and to applaud me for doing things right. I’ve changed but the results… it’s still the same. WHY?

Ended work today, and rush off quickly from workplace, took the bus and was stoning while looking outside from the bus window…and decided to drop by this cafe near my place. It had been opened for quite awhile now, but couldn’t find a reason or company to go with, finally I had the chance. It’s called Rainbow Cottage Cafe, they sell lovely rainbow cakes and cheesecake and handmade ice-cream with interesting flavors. I got myself a slice of rainbow cheesecake (S$7.50) and a iced green tea latte (S$6.00). They were served in interesting glass mug and that wooden pizza plank.


The rainbow cheesecake is basically just cheesecake added with gel coloring. They look pretty, but taste like ordinary cheesecake. This cheesecake was rich in flavor but light and the crust was made of Lotus cookies (I’m sure you guys know that delicious cookie:) ) instead of the usual graham crust.



The iced green tea latte took quite awhile to arrive. Honestly, the green tea was not strong enough. Needless to mention anymore, STARBUCKS still WINS!


Menu prices are pretty affordable than many other popular cafes and item prices are nett price which is really pocket-friendly. I guess I’ll visit again to try out those ice-cream. The flavors looked pretty interesting to me.

I can’t believe I went to a cafe alone again.

I guess there will be more to come.

I should be stop grumbling. xo


Mambo + Bikini Bar

Ok, gotta rewind a little, back to September, after that hectic F1 period and braving the hazy conditions with Indonesia’s illegal forest fires causing the air to be packed with pollutants, I managed to have a day out suntanning in Sentosa with Yunteng at my new favourite chill out spots, Mambo Beach Club and then bringing her to my workplace, Bikini Bar.

Previously I’ve been heading to Mambo alone on my own, during my off days to chill with my book. Sometimes it gets pretty boring to find no one to talk to. But then again it’s pretty relaxing as well. A day just for myself doing nothing and chilling, looking at people and emptying my thoughts.




Days when there’s just me, my book and the beach.



And I even revisited this place, The most Southern Point of Singapore at Palawan Beach.


So here’s the drinks menu if anyone is interested.

The reason why I visited bars in Sentosa for drinks is because I get 15% discount due to my Island Partner Card (staff benefit for working in Sentosa hurhur, and I get free unlimited monorail entries.)



We ordered the Mambo Sunset which is Mambo’s version of Tequila Sunset, which consist of vodka, blue curacao syrup, grenadine syrup and pineapple juice. This drink is so instagram-worthy because it’s nicely layered and looks like a rainbow cocktail which will make your day as cheery like the colors!


I stirred my glass of cocktail and the colour changed…


Tadaa, it became an eery and dull cocktail haha!


Rainbow cocktails really brighten up the hazy afternoon!


And a flying kiss from me…KIDDING xD


Yunteng didn’t had lunch before she came, so she ordered beer batter seabass with salad and chips. Premium fish meat that they use for the fish & chip, they were GOOD!


Ok, so this is what happens when you have a friend who have to take photo of the food before eating, and there’s ME the one who can’t wait and have to pop a strand of crispy fries into my mouth! Haha 😀


Subsequently, I was hungry and ordered this huge bowl of truffle fries and my favourite deep fried baby squid.

I have been addicted to squid lately and everywhere I go I need to have squid in my meal.


And I ordered a Passion Fruit Caipirinha for myself.


And a Sex on the Beach thereafter! This one was strong and I felt alittle happy tipsy after finishing this. OOPS!



After our meal, I went to suntan with a huge tummy, and we sat on the tanning chairs, chatting…



In the jacuzzi under the hot sun, it feels so warm and comfy!


After the jacuzzi, we headed to the main pool! Yunteng didn’t bring her swimwear, what a waste!


A mandatory poolside bar photo!


And that’s me with my unkempt soaked hair.

IMG_7279 IMG_7290IMG_7287

The cabana is pretty relaxing actually, comfy cushioned seats to laid there and read a book!


And she took this while I was trying to take a rest…


After Mambo, we were at Bikini Bar!


I ordered a Peach Margarita for myself and she had a Strawberry Margarita.


But my favourite is still Lychee Margarita!


And Bikini Bar’s calamari ring is still the best! Crispy and chewy, I totally love those hint of lemon zest amidst the batter! YUM


To end our night, we went for the skyline luge attraction to end our day on a high note!

GUESS WHAT? Perks of working in Sentosa, and having Luge manager as the bar’s regular, complimentary luge tickets!


Our first time on board the luge together!


With our helmets on! HAHA


I didn’t managed to take photos with Yunteng on the skyline ride because it was way too dark, so I shall make do with the one I took by myself when I went for the ride alone previously in the early evening.



It was a really awesome afternoon that day, and although I may have spend a little too much on drinks, but I guess it’s ok once in a long while to be doing so.

Shall end the post now, I’ll continue working harder to finish paying off my poly loan debt.


JB Day Trip with Karen!

It’s been like July since I stepped out of the country and finally, I’ve got the chance to do so! Since CNY was coming, Karen and I decided to head to Johor Bahru to do some serious CNY shopping! Though it was just a causeway away, I couldn’t help myself from keeping the excitement for it has been a really long while since I last retail shopped and it is my very first trip out of Singapore with Karen! WOOHOO~

In the late afternoon, we headed off from our place to Kranji MRT Station to board the Bus170 but turns out that the queue was super long and we decided to pay $1 to take CW1 instead to Woodlands Custom. Traffic was smooth flowing and we arrived in Johor in no time! We headed to City Square Mall first to fill our tummy before doing the racks sweeping!

I brought Karen to my usual restaurant, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, which is located in the Inner City near to Sakae Sushi.


I ordered this strawberry milkshake, it costed me RM5.90 which was around SGD2.20? It was super good though, not too sweet and creamy smooth strawberry with plenty of strawberry pulps at the bottom and topped with a swirl of yummy whipped cream! (Damn those calories, I’ll get rid of them later. Dig in first!)


Karen was craving something hot and soupy so she ordered this chicken mee sua soup but turns out it was beehoon, stil it tastes really good!


I ordered this, chunks of chee cheong fun slices in minced pork egg omelette for RM9.80! I know it looks and sound weird and unappetizing but trust me, it taste a million times better than it looks!


Being an avid Baskin Robbins fan, I tugged Karen along to accompany me to have a big scoop of Caramel Toffee ice-cream! Ice-cream cravings satisfied, we headed off to start our CNY shopping!

In City Square Mall, there are plenty of shoe shops that I would usually visit like Summit, Fabiano Ricco, Mixit and a nameless shop tuck in the middle of Inner City which I frequent most often. I managed to get a pair of classic Mary Jane strap wedges from Inner City and eye-candied several pairs of sandals which in the end I did not get.

One of the major disappointment was that the popular Malaysia departmental store- Padini had shift to next door shopping mall Komtar and it shrunked in size with less product offering than previously in City Square. I was super disappointed as I didn’t managed to get anything.  Then again the former space in City Square was took over by H&M!!! *squeal in excitement*

Although there may be less products available in Malaysia outlet than the one in Somerset or Ion Orchard, the prices were way cheaper than Singapore’s. NO, WAY WAY WAY CHEAPER!


This one that I tried on, was written RM49.90 on the pricetag which is around SGD18.75! Can you believe it, a pretty tube swirl dress for only that price? I bet it would cost a lot more in Singapore’s H&M. But I didn’t get it in the end because of some stupid drama with the sale assistants at the fitting room. (the service there was disastrous by the way)

IMG_1787 IMG_1790

I tried on the wrong sizes for these 2 dresses anyway, but still each cost Rm59.90 which is SGD22.50! (Singapore’s H&M is retailing at SGD24.90) I really love the rose one, I might head down to Johor again later this week to get it, if I have the time.


These are the loots that I gotten from Johor, excluding my Massimo Sweet Corn Bread and Gardenia Tiramisu Twiggies which are my must-haves!

From F.O.S,

1. Lime Green & White Sandals RM22.50 // SGD8.45 (Price after 10% discount)

2. Bow Buckle Belt RM4.50 // SGD1.70 (Price after 10% discount)

Malaysia’s Factory Outlet Store where you can get quality clothes at a fraction of the price! I love shopping at this major huge retail outlet where you can get tshirts from as low as RM10/piece which is around SGD3.75! You should totally go and sweep their t-shirts rack for they are 100% cotton and super comfortable and pretty. Shorts are also selling at Rm70 for 2 which is around SGD13.20 per shorts! PLUS, they are giving away 10% off your total bill as long as you have your passport to prove that you are a TOURIST!

From Chameleon,

1. Fake Eyelashes Rm2.90 per box // SGD1.10

2. Nail Foils Rm3.90 per pack // SGD1.50

Chameleon is the copycat accessories outlet of Sinma which is well-known to Singaporeans. Chameleon sells a huge range of hair accessories to fashion jewelleries like earrings and even statement necklaces. I love heading to this shop since young to get those pretty hair accessories to glam up my hair but now that I’m older, I’ll usually head there to get all the random stuffs like lashes.

From E-Max,

1. Black Glossy Mary Jane Wedges Rm62.90 // SGD23.70 (Price after 10% discount)

One of the locally own shoe shop tuck in the middle of Inner City Level 2. They have the more pretty and trendier shoes as compare to Malaysia popular shoe brands like Summit and Fabiano Ricco. Though some of the shoes quality may not be as good as Fabiano Ricco, I still love getting shoes from there if you know how pick the right one. Plus, they are having lots shoes on sale right now!

From a random convenient store,

1. Pejoy Green Tea Stuffed Pocky Rm2.50 // SGD0.90

2. JoyFruits Chewing Gum Rm2.80 // SGD1.05

Right before I head to the customs, I would usually make a final trip to the convenient store aka Mama shop in Malaysia to get my Massimo Sweet Corn Bread or Gardenia Waffles or Twiggies and as well as random finds that I may get. Like this time I managed to get the Green Tea stuffed Pocky for only 90cents! Cheap thrill for a matcha lover! And of course, I smuggled in the chewing gum. OOPS~

From Watsons,

1. Playboy Play It Lovely Fragrances RM38.61 // SGD14.52

2. Enchanteur Paris Princesse Rm15.50 // SGD5.83

Watsons is always a must go for all Singaporeans when heading to Malaysia because the products are so much cheaper than in Singapore and they carry more popular brands and some brands which aren’t available in Singapore’s Watsons or Guardian. As usual, I would stock up my cheap perfume which I wear to work from Watsons. For example the Enchanteur Paris perfume is a Malaysia manufactured perfume which can only be found in Watsons or departmental stores in Malaysia, so there’s a lower possibility to bump into someone of a same smell in Singapore. Kidding~


Lastly, before we headed back to Singapore, Karen was craving for KFC which was super sinful but I failed in dissuading her and thus, got all these! Those cheesy wedges topped with loads of nacho cheese and mayo was a to-die-for! (That’s probably 1500 calories… Sigh)

Anyway, I had loads of fun on a shopping trip with Karen, and I can’t wait for the next one!

(Still so happy that I managed to find all the cheap thrills and SAVED alot!)

The Chupitos Bar Review

Few friday nights ago, I was out for dinner as usual at my favourite ramen place, Keisuke Tonkotsu Four Seaons, the outlet at Bugis, with my usuals, winter ramen with ajitsuke tamago.

After which, we headed out to this place at Clarke Quay, Chupitos Bar, located near… I don’t know where (I know I am such a big sotong-head…I shall dig out the address…) ok, here’s the address: #01-05, Clarke Quay, 3B River Valley Road, The Chupitos Bar.

When the waitress handed out the menu to me, I was amazed by the list of and choices of shots available. There were like a huge range of variety! Some were extremely cool, like Captain America, Cotton Candy and of course there are those, specially catered to those naughty ones out there like Blowjob and Boobjob where they will serve in something very interesting (*wink*).


Look at the menu! That’s just part of it!


Crouching Tiger! I can’t remember the taste xD


My memory is getting from bad to worst, I can’t recall the name of this pair of shots, my bad!


Left: Scooby Snack! Attempting to be Scooby doo for the night, HAHA~ It kind of taste yummy but weird at the same time.

Right: Tequila Slammer, I think. The one that tasted so bad and the alcohol taste was absolutely strong!

Of course, I did tried their SIGNATURE- Paddle Pop Shots! (Pardon me, I was too excited over that shot that I didn’t snap any photos!) Taste wise, it was absolutely delicious, exactly the remake of paddle-pop ice-cream with a slight hint of alcohol taste but I doubt you could taste it anyway. It was sweet and milky and one shot is definitely not enough if you love paddle-pop ice-cream!

You should definitely, head there to try out their shots, or at least, try the paddle-pop shots, you’ll probably fall in love with it like how I am right now. Hahaha!

Lola’s Cafe + Singapore Museum

This post is way overdue and should have been posted in May but I just didn’t had the time to transfer the photos from my phone to my laptop, pardon me!

Now, let’s turn back time to the day after my 20th birthday.

Siru decided to meet me to pass me by birthday present that she got for me in Hongkong which includes my favourite nail polishes (Yes! I’m a fanatic nail polish collector!) She made a reservation at Lola’s Cafe as I wanted to go there real badly since it was highly raved on many websites and Instagram, tempted by the food, I just wanted to get a taste of it myself personally.


02Something random that I snap while waiting for our food 🙂


Ms Chen’s blur face! GOTCHA x

(She’ll probably kill me for posting this, but it’s candid anyway, like what she always say… 🙂


I just love the background of the photo because of the reflections of the lights that looks like tiny stars.


*drumroll please* 

Here’s our food!


My order: Mushroom Melt ($10 nett)

Simply loved the chunky mushrooms and cheese on the toast and fresh crisp salad! Loved it! ❤


Ms Chen’s order: Farmer’s Bratwurst Roll ($8 nett)

Really wished they could be more generous with the sauce for the frank though.


And she decides to snap lots of photo of her food despite me starting to eat my food already which afterwards she complain why her food was cold! ROFL~


There’s the lemon tart for dessert. I didn’t really like lemons so I didn’t really ate that…

Overall, I think that Lola’s Cafe is worth a visit and probably I will swing by there if I am free since the cafe food are in nett prices, it’s more worth it that visiting cafes with service charge and gst exclusive and then you have the sucky service, what’s the point of paying service charge right?


Guess where we headed to next?

Singapore Museum!!!

I’m not the kind of girl who really enjoyed visiting museum because they are really boring and dull in particular to the exhibit but since there was nothing else better to do after lunch, we decided to head there because the architecture of the Singapore Museum was beautifully British designed that reminds me of the colonial period in Singapore. Furthermore, lots of wedding couples would come by to take their photoshoots.

Just that day, we chanced upon 3 chinese couples and 1 muslim couple!


Before we went to the museum, we went to pick up Mr Froggy from Siru’s SMU locker…


Took some selfies with Siru’s phone!13 14

Now, you shall be prepared for a long stretched of photos that Siru took for me at the Museum! She didn’t brought her DSLR to help me take those photoshoots but with her phone, some of these photos came out prettily well. Or at least I was in love with the results!





This was taken outdoors and we ended up sweating like mad for the weather was a killer that day!
16 17 18 20

I took this for Ms Chen and taught her how to pose, she’s such a fast learner! 


The irony of this post, I tried to imitate those brides with their bouquet of roses but instead, I had a plushy in my hands! 😉


Totally forgot to introduce my outfit of the day!

Romper from blogshop (can’t remember the weird name):  $28/-

Sandals from Rubi: 2pairs for $30/-


Smiling awkwardly because it was a backyard of a bar and the waiters are there preparing for the opening.


“I wish you could always be there for me” x24

“All my life, I have been waiting… waiting for the prince to appear in his shiny armour…” kidding~

This is just candid because Siru insisted that there’s dust on the low column and made me check my white chiffon romper!


I’ve always loved spiral staircase and this one is one of the preserved staircase and feature of this museum, really love how old this staircase is, the intriguing design of the steel stairs despite Siru claiming that this staircase was haunted. :/

27“Smiles never fail to make one look pretty…” 😀
Mr Froggy, could you try standing by yourself?”29“Like a little girl”


I shall end this with a super duper blur photo of me with Mr Froggy! I really had a good time with Ms Chen and the photos that she took for me looked really pretty although I wouldn’t consider it to be a photoshoot session but it was just fun cracking our brains to do poses and working with the beautiful backgrounds.

What do you think of the photos?

I know some are really over-exposed, over-coloured, blablabla… 😦


Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant Review

June 1st was a joyous occasion as my 3rd uncle strike lottery and was treating us to a Japanese A La Carte Buffet at this restaurant in Bukit Timah, called Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant.

This restaurant was set amidst a stretched of shophouses hidden amongst the countless bungalows and terraces in Bukit Timah, it wasn’t that accessible for commoners like us who doesn’t own a car as there are very few buses that reaches that area and that even if you alight at the nearest bustop, it would take you some time to reach that hidden “gold mine” (the stretch of good restaurants). Still, if you are someone who is slightly more adventurous, you might want to try out this place!

Enough of the talk about the restaurant so I shall present to you the photos!

dsc_1724_副本THE HIGHLY RAVED CHANWAMUSHI! The ginormous egg roes!

I loved it so much!

c360_2014-06-01-12-22-17-846_副本This was served next, Mixed Platter of Sashimi!

Fresh and juicy, I love it mmmm!

dsc_1726_副本A wide spread of Japanese food! YUMMY!

Since it’s an a la carte buffet, they will serve you the first round of their signature dishes and then after which you could order those that you fancy from the menu.

dsc_1728_副本Everyone is just too busy eating!

img-20140601-wa0012_副本Emptied the plates, and then ordering again!


Everyone having a good time I guess.


Smoked Duck was good, Aburi Sushi was amazing and so was the chicken wings!

dsc_1725_副本The prawns were extremely huge and tasty!

c360_2014-06-01-13-11-13-764_副本This is still my favourite! Salmon belly ❤

c360_2014-06-01-14-13-10-695_副本To end off the buffet, you’ll get a complimentary mini scoop of matcha ice cream!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset img-20140601-wa0011_副本The huge group of us, without our beloved Grandma. #imissher


Do we even look alike?


Her hobby is to act cute!

img-20140601-wa0007_副本 img-20140601-wa0008_副本She has a terrible pimple outbreak on her forehead and thankfully I was lucky and didn’t had much pimple outbreak as hers and I was hardworking in applying pimple cream, unlike her!


Back to Shin Yuu restaurant, I think the service need some great improvement though, particularly in the staff, I really didn’t understand if the staff really did take down the order and ocassionally, they would miss out your order and you would realized that after waiting like half an hour for your food. I know it is a buffet, but since it’s a la carte, service should also be heavily emphasized on though. Oh well, the food was pretty good and if you are patient, you should really drop by and give it a try!

Cafe Hopping in Holland Village!

Yesterday, it was rather an impromptu decision to go with my bff for dinner since someone was quite busy that he has no time for me, which left my weekends plan empty. Thankfully, Siru was free to be able to meet me and I managed to convinced her to go cafe-hopping with me! Of course, I managed to get my cravings satisfied and took lots of pretty photos! I guess I can always count on her!

The first cafe we went for dinner was at D’ Good Cafe in Holland Village, it’s located extremely near to the MRT station and I managed to find it without any difficulty. Since it was a weekend, the cafe was slightly crowded and that the popular swing seats were hard to get, we wanted to sat there and we waited for quite some time but eventually got to hungry and decide to settle down in a corner. We ordered Eggs Benedict ($13.50) and Mushroom Quiche ($13.00) and Matcha Cream Frappe ($6.50). The cafe was self-serviced so we had to collect our food by ourselves and there was no GST or Service Charge! All food prices were in nett which means it’s quite affordable!


ImageThe food was good especially the Eggs Benedict! I kind of regret ordering the Mushroom Quiche because it was too dry and I wasn’t really a fan of chips and I ended up eyeing on Siru’s food because they looked and taste so much more nicer than mine! The matcha cream frappe was delicious too! You should definitely give it a try!



ImageThe food is finally here, let’s get started shall we? -thegluttenme

ImageWhat’s cuter than a straw with moustache!

ImageWe shamelessly took selfies at the rooftop of the cafe! 



ImageI think a best friend is someone who is willing to take selfies with you and makes you laugh…

ImageI Love this photo! ❤

The next cafe that we went was called Craft Bakery and Cafe, it was located opposite Häagen-Dazs. The decor of the cafe was very minimalist and simple, unlike D’Good Cafe there wasn’t really any spots for us to take more photos. We order the Original Molten Lava Cake ($9.50++) that came with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The food prices weren’t in nett so there was additional 10% service charge.


ImageThe lava cake is chocolatey rich, warm, moist and soft. If you are a fan of chocolate, you would probably love it. The vanilla ice-cream wasn’t that great as the quality of the ice-cream was probably like those sold in supermarket, maybe they used Kings, Nestle or Walls vanilla ice-cream. If it was some homemade vanilla gelato, this plate of dessert would totally be heavenly.

ImageHere’s the menu for those who would be interested.

ImageImage*pretending to be obsessed with the dessert*


I had a great saturday night out at Holland Village with Siru and that we even had some heart-to-heart talk under the tree. I guess the funniest part would be kill, shag, marry questions that I post for Siru, seeing her reaction, it was just funny!

Food Review: JustAcia!

I have been going to JustAcia to fill my tummy whenever I was at Dhoby Ghaut.

What I can say is that the food, isn’t really good, but still, it’s edible and decent enough.

Usually, it’s not the food that tempts me from going there, but rather, it’s the free flow of soft drinks, soft serve and self scoop ice-cream that tempts me!

ImageThe way they serve your food to you looks very Japanese.

And it comes with a soup and kimchi as well as a green mug for your drinks and a tiny metal bowl for ice-cream.


Deep Fried Dory Fish with melted Cheese on Rice Set- $8.80 (exclude GST)

The food looks pretty good, but taste average, the food is actually reheated in the microwave if you were to peep through their open concept kitchen.


Steamed Dumpling Set- $5.90 (exclude GST)

The dumplings were nothing fanciful at all, tastes like those frozen ones where you get from the supermarket, the sauce was bland and had barely any taste.

Nonetheless, I would recommend you to go there for their yummy free flow of ice cream and it’s really a nice place to chill-out and meet your friends, have a group chat or something. They won’t chase you away and you can spend your time there for as long as you want! 😀

Haji Karim Coffee House!

I have been doing several takeaways from Haji Karim Coffee House lately due to my midnight hunger pangs, I just needed some food and being lazy and with limited food options at night, I decided to try out the food there since it’s a 24 hours eating place.

Turns out that the food there is not bad and the price range is roughly about $3.50 onwards for the food and for pratas, it’s slightly pricier probably due to it being 24 hours. 

I wouldn’t recommend you to go there for the pratas though, the pratas are relatively chewy but not crispy because they reheat the cooked pratas which makes it lose it’s crispiness. The curry dip is also too salty which I really don’t like it.

However, I do have to recommend you for the nasi goreng, mee goreng, maggi goreng and the many other dishes!

ImageHere’s the menu that I stole from Google but you can try to take a look from the menu. As a chinese, I don’t quite really understand what all those means but, just try your luck ordering something there. And if you don’t take spicy, just tell them no chilli and they will whip up something nice for you.

ImageThis was what they whipped up for me during my very first order there!

I told them mee goreng, but it turns out to be mee goreng (something) I don’t know what it is because the way it’s cooked looked like mee goreng seafood but there’s no seafood except chicken which tastes so so GOOD la!

ImageOn several occasions, I tried to tell the Indian uncles about wanting that same mee goreng that I ordered on my first time but turns out that I keep getting this Mee Goreng, most likely it’s the original or Indian style for there is really a strong hint of indian spice in it.

I’m quite sad because I wasn’t able to know what was the mee goreng that I ordered on my first attempt and it’s just really sad for it taste so good!

As for this reddish mee goreng, it’s very fragrant and nice but I’m not in favour of the indian spice smell and as well as it’s slightly oily though.

ImageAnd recently, I just ordered this Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis which was recommended by many people in the food reviews.

I have to say that I’m really impressed by the taste, it wasn’t too salty but smelled good and taste awesome too! For a non-fancy looking fried rice, it was really fantastic!

The ikan bilis were crunchy and they were pretty generous with it and there’s the usual onions, greens and cabbage.

I really do recommend you guys to try out their food if you have midnight hunger pangs like me!

But just keep your expectations low in case you’ll get disappointed, but with limited choice of food available at the stroke of 12, the food at Haji Karim is considered pretty decent!

So here’s the address of Haji Karim Coffee House: Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, S560529.

It’s at the corner of the block and the shop front is facing the main road and is right beside the carpark which makes it really convenient to spot and park your car too! 😀

The Best of Times!


Yes! I finally had a meetup with my bff! She’s Siru! The ultimate and officially bff that I have! She’s not the best bff that you would expect, but I guess we kind of are able to “click” and hit off well in a way despite the lack of closeness due to us pursuing different routes of education. Of course, she likes fashion stuffs which I really do and we do have some common topics on and off which I can’t share with you here. Hehehehe! 

ImageI got myself dressed in my new dress from MDScollections! I really love the back of the dress which I couldn’t show you without the help of someone taking photo for me! But still, it does features a nice white crochet top part and the bottom is chiffon and pastel pink! So pretty!

And, I wore my ankle strap nude flats that I bought from Vern’s in Malaysia! It’s a really light-coloured and pastel-looking day with this girly vibe! Feels good to be young! 😉


So, we decided to settle our lunch at this small corner in AMK HUB called Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert. It’s a really small place but rather nice place to chill out and meet your friends!


So here’s the promotion menu! And I ordered one wanton noodle soup and added on a Pomelo Sago and a supposedly carrot cake (Siru ordered wrongly and turns out to be a yam cake. YUCK! I really hate yam cake!)


Here’s the wanton noodle soup! You could opt for dry or soup!

And here’s my verdict: It’s nothing really fanciful or amazing and neither do I feel “wow” about eating it. It’s really light and rather bland and nothing special, for the price of $6.50, I guess it wasn’t really worth it for that bowl of noodles. (THUMBS DOWN!)


Here’s the add-on $1.50 of Pomelo Sago and yam cake!

My verdict?

Well, appearance-wise, it sure looks good but the taste was terrible. I’m not a really a yam cake person so not comments about it.

But the Pomelo Sago was BLEAH! It was really watery and bland with barely much mango smell and taste and the Pomelo? It was more of bitter than fragrance! And Sago? There was none! I guess you would say that I’m really very fickle with food, but dessert wise, like mango sago related stuffs, I’m extremely picky about it because my grandpa owns a dessert shop and he taught me what’s kind of mango sago or dessert is best and how to taste and identify them.

So, a bowl of Pomelo Sago at this shop? Save your money for a $1.50 Ice-cream sundae at Macs!


So, after our meal we went to Bugis Street because I wanted to get a bag and some clothes and she accompanied me so!

Well, I ended up buying a laser cut clutch in black and not a handbag and I bought this black bandage skirt to pair with the coral top I got from MDScollections! Now, I have the perfect outfit!

I’m a happy girl! Best of all, the bandage skirt fits me well and was really versatile with any tops! Wahooo!!! I could buy more bandage skirt in future!


Oh! Did I mentioned that I got my very first LBD?

Ok, little black dress  (LBD) is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe because it’s so versatile! AND…I finally got ONEEE!

(Ok, I took these photos after reaching home and trying on those loots hoping they would fit because shopping at Bugis Street doesn’t allows you to try the clothes as they are sold cheap.)


And ending off the day with a photo of Siru and me!!!

I didn’t put a single drop or specks of makeup on my face! BUT!!!

Because I feel like myself, make-up-less and most importantly comfortable with her, for she doesn’t looks down on me nor find me ugly with so many eczema scars and freckles on my face (due to SUNTAN! Grrr~) and that matter a lot to me! I can feel confident and at ease with her without worrying about looking ugly at all time!

I really love this bff so much! She’s so nice :))

Baby Seng’s 19th!

It was Baby Seng aka Si Hui’s 19th birthday and we had actually planned up a surprise for her with a surprise present,card,wishes and a birthday cake!

So, on a thursday, we had to meet up to go out to Tampines to shop for her birthday pressie.

And we had a hard time looking for the perfect gift for her, until Emrys suggested on a BIKINI!

I was heads on for it, but Weiyi wasn’t and it was a hard time convincing her that bikini would be the best gift for her before we went in to Sheer Romance!

There was alot of bikinis hung there, and they were in floral prints! I was so tempted to get one set for myself…but NOOO! No extra expenditure PLEASE!

Then, we bought the set of bikini for her and went to Daiso to get a pretty PINK box for her!

And bought a box of ribbon to make a birthday card for her!


The pretty box of budget blue ribbons!


I sew the ribbon sash into a flower!


And I hand-sewn a pearl to it! Looks so pretty right?^^ 


Pretty right? I made it all by myself!


The inside of the card to write the wishes!

And we celebrated her birthday at Nex, Ajisen Gourmet!!!


Scallop Sushi!


Fried Ebi!


My gyozas!


Faking a excuse of needing to go the toilet, we sneaked to buy a small birthday cake for her!


Trying to light up the candles!


ImageThe chocolateyyyy cake!


Posing for a photo!


Check out her shocking expression!

She was totally caught off-guard by the surprise thinking that we did not remember her birthday at all…HAHA!!!


Looking at her birthday present!


The bikini in a box! PRETTY RIGHT?


Here’s a photo of the four of us!


It’s a sunday, and I had my dinner with them at The Soup Restuarant located in the basement 2 near Fairprice Xtra in AMK Hub.

The food at The Soup Restaurant was pretty good and tasty, like their famous Samsui Chicken that we ordered and as well as others, and personally, I think their fried rice are also good too!

And luckily we came early today, else we’ll be queueing up (long queue out there!) and waiting…Of course, early birds gets the better seats! (Pssst. Those seats with curtains are so much more comfy as you get back rest rather than sitting on stools! So, come early!)


They’ll serve you a small plate of steamed soft peanuts, sweet and nice! 🙂

I finish quite an amount, and there’s little left! Oops! 😉


Porcelain table setting, very chinese style…


Red cut chilli, not for me though! 😛



 First Dish that was serve to us: Samsui Chicken with ginger dip and lettuce for wraps.

(I love the tender chicken and the ginger dip sure goes really well with the chicken! Plus, the ginger doesn’t have that strong pungent ginger taste, it taste sweet!)


 Up next was the soup-of-the-day, Spare Ribs boiled with carrots and corn soup, aka the ABC soup.


 Then came the Seafood Tofu, with thousand island sauce for dipping.


Up next, 8 Treasures which is a vegetarian dish, contains lots of vegetarian food items like mushroom, gingko nuts, and some others that I’ve not sure about the name…


Lastly, came this Cherry Tomatoes Pork with Sweet n Sour Sauce…

(My meimei gobble down this entire dish, finishing all the meat that’s in this dish! Now, you’ll know the underlying reason for her being so fat!)


So, there’s actually another dish called Stir Fried Onion Pork Slices, that one was pretty yummy, tasted really like those japanese bento dish, plus the meat was soft and tender, as it’s the “san-cen-rou” that they used. But, I didn’t snap a photo of that because my father started digging in before I could even snap a decent photo…Oh wellls!

I guess that’s it for today…See you in my next post…


Sun, Sand, Sea!

We decided to head to Sentosa during this end semester break!

And although the sun that day wasn’t really that sunny and hot at all, more of cloudy and about to rain weather, my suntanning plan actually had to foil because there was no sun…*SIGHS*

But, still we had so much fun there!ImageI was waiting for the train…



Waiting for Sentosa Express…but seriously, it’s my first time boarding the monorail from Vivocity!


We played beach volleyball, but only for a while…


Emrys’s flip flops, aztec prints sure looks pretty enough!


ImageImageOur spooky pre-halloween photo! BOO!

ImageImageJumpshoots, my fav! 😀



ImageA very unglam one! YIKES!

ImageFinally a nice one!

ImageLike I wasn’t ready… OOPSIE DAISIE!

ImageMy gorgeous hair wet with seawater and dusted with sand:P

But WeiYi captured it well!


BRACE FACE RULES! I’m so random xD


And we went to the Southern most point of Southeast Asia 😀

ImageWe ended the trip with a dinner at Jia Xiang Mian!

ImageIt’s actually Kor-Loh mee, in malaysia’s terms!


ImageAnd I shall end off with my favourite photo!

Hopefully I’ll get to go Sentosa again! Till next time…

Can’t wait!~

Post-Exam Outing with the girls!♥

Today, the 4 of us decided to go out on an outing, which start from a lunch at Table Manners at the New Changi City Point and then followed by shopping at Bugis Street!

ImageOut of the blue, I’ve decided to put on my eye-liner today! I drew the cat-eye style! 🙂

ImageThe interesting setting of the table~

ImageThis is what I’ve ordered: 2 Carbohydrate & 1 Protein which includes Caesar Salad, Spicy Aglio Olio and Pan Seared Fish Fillet with Pesto Sauce.

Overall, I think other than most of the food contains green vegetables and herbs that was disastrous with my braces, the food was tasty and decent, especially the Spicy Aglio Olio, it’s aromatic and yummy.ImageThis is what my friend ordered, Spicy Aglio Olio, Caesar Salad, Beer Battered Fish Fillet.

ImageThis is what another friend of mine ordered, Truffle Fries, Buttered Mash Potato and Grilled Chicken Breast with Chicken Gravy.

ImageAfter which, we also added another $2.50 for the dessert of the day. It looks like macaroon, but it doesn’t taste like it. It was super sweet, and had a strong coconut flavour.


After our lunch at Table Manners, we headed off to Bugis Street where we shopped and as usual the aunties and those people “punching” my bag, and pushing me around, like they were going to 杀猪! 

During the shopping itself, we met Pearlyn shopping with her mum at Bugis, haunting for clothes as well, and after which, we met Kaiyun who was also at Bugis area after her job training. We also had Koi as our shopping tea break! AWESOMEee~

And then, after all the shopping was done, we headed to Bugis Junction to take some snapshots for memory before leaving off for home…

ImageOur crazy shot of the 5 of us!




A really pretty shot of us! 

ImageWe wore the same top out today, and received lots of unwanted attractions along the way! xD

ImageAnd now, I’ve come to the end of today’s outing!

Really thanks to Kaiyun’s awesome camera that allowed us to camwhore, and took really nice pictures! 😀


Till next time  ….