7-11: Butter Chicken Briyani Review

Do you guys realize that SG’s 7-Eleven has finally up its game with its pre-packed food on the shelves?

It used to sell pre-packed food but nobody actually pretty much take a good look about it because it was either NOT NICE or too expensive… BUT NOW, everyone seems to be raving over their Butter Chicken Briyani and because it sounded so good, I decided to give it a shot too!


(FIRST up, sorry guys, great apologies for the disgusting look on the photo, I accidentally kind of spill the gravy while carrying it on the way home as I did not had microwave at home so I heated up in the 7-Eleven and hence there was some holes between the plastic cover which I did not realize. 😦 )

Appearance wise, the rice definitely look fluffy and soft, definitely exceeded my expectations of hard and dry rice which are pretty much how pre-packed rice would be like. Unlike what’s is photographed on the cover, it does not have any onions, just butter briyani on one side and the other, the long grain rice.


The gravy was good in consistency, pretty thick as I was expecting it to be really runny. Hahaha. There’s plenty of chicken chunks in it, they were cooked till really soft and tender, probably like how simmered chicken meat taste like. The meat still holds well together, without falling apart with a bite but I wish it could have been more chewy though. Of course, the gravy and the rice just goes simply so well together and I even cut some cucumber cubes to go along with it.

My Verdict?

Yes, you should totally give it a try!! Skip those unhealthy instant noodles, this is totally worth the hype for just $3.90 probably a 10cent cheaper than your regular zi-char takeaway. 😀


REVIEW: Maggi 5 Minute Cup

I’m actually a pretty big fan of instant food, not that I’m unable to cook some proper meal but the preparation and washing up are really hectic and tiring. Especially when I’m only cooking for myself, thinking about all the effort I have to put in to whip up something healthy, it just makes me feel a little lazy.

Recently, during my grocery shopping trip in Fairprice Xtra, I noticed there’s a new instant food product on the shelves in the instant noodles section. They are the Maggi 5 Minute Cup which come in 3 flavours- Broccoli Fettuccine, Mushroom Cream Fettuccine and Tomato Sauce Spaghetti. Interestingly, this is probably the first time I’m seeing pasta in the form of cup noodles and being a pasta lover, I couldn’t resist myself from grabbing 2 of them to give it a try. Instant pasta, it’ll definitely save me a lot of time compared to whipping up a plate of proper pasta meal and yet at the same time, I can satisfy my pasta craving. AWESOME!

I wasn’t a fan of broccoli fettuccine so I gave it a miss and grab these two instead. Honestly, the cups are pretty tiny, which can’t really fill you up as a proper meal unless you consume 2 cups but they make pretty good instant breakfast, snack or supper or when you want something less filling.

The lid of the pasta cup was made of aluminium instead of the usual plastic looking cover which makes it really easy to tear when opening the cup. Oops, I tore the one on the right by accident. Anyway, the pasta and the powder mix are all done up nicely in the cup, so you don’t have to fumble with opening the plastic flavoring sachet like most instant noodles are packed. All you need is to boil some real hot water, pour it in and wait for a good 5 mins before your pasta is done!

IMG_8811 This one is the tomato sauce spaghetti, I added some crabstick to my pasta if you could spot some red bits. The spaghetti strands are unlike the normal spaghetti, they are hollow like a tiny tube and after 5mins of the “cooking” time, some strand of the spaghetti were still uncooked despite using hot boiling water. I had to recook the spaghetti using a small pot. Some extra effort was spent, oh wells. Anyway, the taste was similar to Maggi Ketchup with a little hint of herb flavor, else it was just mainly too salty and sweet. I’ll probably give it a miss if I were you.

The mushroom fettuccine, I love it. There were really tiny bits of mushroom in it and the sauce was creamy and thick. It was super delicious for an instant cup pasta, and the flavour wasn’t as overwhelming and chocking like the tomato sauce spaghetti one. The fettuccine cooks pretty well maybe because it’s smaller, as compared to the spaghetti. I would totally recommend you guys to try this and maybe give the broccoli one a shot as well. It was really good.

I’m hoping that Maggi would come up with more interesting instant cup pastas so that there’s more options for us to choose from! 😀

PS… ONE MONTH LATER,  I finally tried the Broccoli Fettuccine and damn, I was so wrong about it.

It’s as good as the mushroom fettuccine and you could see plenty of broccoli bits in it and I love how creamy it is. It’s probably had the almost identical recipe as the mushroom fettuccine probably minus that mushroom flavour and bits. Ok, so I really have to take back my words, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY TRY THIS ONE TOO!!!

Honestly, sometimes I wish they came in bigger size too because it’s around $1.95SGD for one tiny cup and I’m so not full or near satisfied after finishing one cup though… 😦

I’ve been craving to have sliced cream cakes for quite some time already, especially chocolate ones! 

Since, I’ve gotten braces, I’ve been trying to avoid food that stains teeth like milo, dark soya sauce and chocolates.

But sometimes, I just couldn’t control my urge anymore, like today, I bought 2 slices of cake and finished them in just a day! OMG!

I know it’s fattening right? But who cares anyway…


A slice of chocolate cake! YUMMMZ~


Blackforest Cake! 

Whipped Fresh cream, chocolate sponge, blueberry jam and chocolate shavings, OH MYYY!~


Which one is your favourite?

It’s Tea Time!

I’ve been craving for some nice hot cup of tea with some milk, so I’ve decided to make myself a cup!Image

 Hot water with Dilmah English Breakfast Tea, my favourite!

And what’s afternoon tea without some biscuits to go along?

There’s my favourite Lotus Biscuits!


 English Breakfast Tea with Hot milk and sugar! 


Baking Session In Progress

A boring thursday, had nothing else to do, no outings, nor work, and so, I’ve decided to bake!

And, I’ve decided to try out this: Betty Crocker Supermoist White Cake Mix!


But, it didn’t turn out to be great or fantastic, because the mix was so hard to mix in after adding water, egg and oil, it just happen to not turn out right for the million times I’ve tried.

And most of it, my cupcakes turn out to be super sticky and clumpy. It just didn’t work that well as compared to another brand I’ve used previously…

ImageHere’s the failed Instagram photo of the cupcake using Betty Crocker Supermoist White Cake Mix!

I really dislike their cake mix though…

ImageSince, I’ve decided not to continue on with making cupcakes, I’ve decided to alter the box recipe a little, by adding in lots more of cake mix to turn it into a cookie dough! Not only that, I added in some chocolate rice and sliced dried cranberry bits in it…

ImageI know it kind of looks digusting, I actually coated the cookie dough with sieved icing sugar, as I wanted to tried making sugar coated cookies! So,here’s BATCH 1!

ImageCaution: It’s hot!

So, the cookies came out tasting really crunchy and tasty, but as for the appearance wise, it looks like it’s spammed with white mould!

ImageHere’s the BATCH NO.2! I used bunny shaped cookie cutter to cut the dough and this time, I’ve decided to not have any sugar coating for it!




Don’t the bunnies look cute after they are out from the oven?



So, I suppose the leftover cake mix were still use-able as for cookie recipes. And, who wants some crunchy, yummy Bunny Chocolate & Cranberry Cookies?