Staycation: Porcelain Hotel

Dec 23th: I was off on a thursday as usual which happens to be Christmas eve. I really wanted to be off on Christmas itself so I’ll give myself a more valid excuse to reward myself for braving through 2015 without grandma and finally, with a stable job for the time being. Eventually, I figured out on staycation for myself at a cozy boutique hotel, which I only booked on the day itself.

I packed my bag and stuffed my laptop in and headed to work as usual and during lunch, I used this app called “HotelQuickly” to book my desired hotel. This app allows you to book 3-5stars hotel at a super duper low price because it allows hotel to clear out their rooms than to leave the rooms vacant and earn absolutely nothing, meanwhile, we get super good deals out of it! WIN-WIN!


Apparently, checking in wasn’t so smooth as I expected it would be, as the app seems to have made an error in the check-out time. It was stated 2pm as check out time for the app but when I was checking in, they told me it was 12pm. After a series of calls and confirmations, I finally manage to get it all resolved. PHEW. Not a very pleasant booking for the first time.


There was this huge chinese porcelain decor that greeted me when I entered the lift. I was totally in love with it, somehow it made me felt like I went back to grandma’s era. ❤


Tadaaa, this was my tiny little room for the night! It was sure tiny but I love how cozy it is especially the room was all white! I’m a sucker for white so yeah. Plus the headboard had secret compartments to a drawer, a cupboard with hangers plus even a high stool!


Just a very simple bed with two little pillows (I needed plenty of pillows and requested for 2 later in the night.).


This was my favourite little area in the whole entire room. I love the beautiful basin which is a huge porcelain bowl and the mirror with the porcelain chinese designed plus it was able to light up! Too pretty for a mirror. 😀

This was the bathroom, it’s super small a two in one of a toilet bowl and rain shower area. Nothing much to rave about except that when you are showering, the toilet bowl gets wet.


This was their little card holder. I thought I would be able to be assigned to the blue room with the full glass bathroom which would be super spectacular, but turns out that I got a plainly average designed room. MEH.


SO they had this lovely boxed up amenity kit that consist of toothbrush, comb, shaver and shower cap. I totally adore that box design! ❤


Another selfie for myself, you know that the problem with hanging out alone, having staycation alone is that no one is able to take photos of you except to resort to selfie… that’s super annoying though. Anyway, I really had an awesome night spending some quality alone time and to have an advance Christmas celebration with myself. First time that I’m doing so than to be spending Christmas eve alone, crying and missing grandma. I feel happier and I think she will be glad too.


Anyway, stay happy and I hope you readers too, have an awesome Christmas with your love ones! Cheerioos~

(Gotta think about my new year resolutions soon~)

Staycation: Peninsula Excelsior Hotel

It was October and it’s gonna be Siru’s 21st and so we decided go on a staycation so that we could have some girl’s time and a place to surprise her! With a budget of $200, we went ahead and book this affordable Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, which was located in City Hall (3mins walk from MRT) and walkable to distance to Clarke Quay or Timbre. 😀


Checked in around 3plus as I was late and managed to get the Excelsior Tower which was slightly nicer furnished that the Peninsula Tower.


Then, putting down all the stuffs and my bag, I took the bus to Somerset area to pick up the matcha 1/2 kg cake that I ordered before heading back to the hotel to get the decos done. Thankfully, I manage to get Felicia’s help when she came around 4plus and we got subway and ate while we decorated the room.


Ok, I gotta confess that I brought like 8 balloons and I burst 5 of them while blowing the balloons. This is such an embarrassment. HAHA, but anyway, the decor still turn out well! WOOHOO~~

It’s was just a very simple celebration for her with a not-so-fancy cake, La Terre White Zinfandel and Barcardi Strawberry Daiquiri and some domino pizzas for the 4 of us.


HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY my dearest SIRU! ❤

I hope you’ll start adulthood with a bang, and may your wishes come true and 祝你早日找到你的如意郎君,让你不用再羡慕别人的爱情道路了。:P

(Please don’t kill me if you ever read this, because I truly meant it from the bottom of my heart 😀 )


Cheers to adulthood! The youngest among us, Siru, finally turned 21! 😀

Birthday Cake Review: I got this matcha cake from Tripleone Somerset, it was just a small little baking shop that does only online orders. I can’t remember the name but the cake is good, I have to admit. The baker was generous on its matcha powder and there were little azuki beans in the cream if you could spot which was nice but I wasn’t a fan of azuki beans. HAHA. But the girls love it anyway! ❤

After which, we decided to head down for a night swim or rather should I say chill? Because Siru and I couldn’t swim and Felicia did not bring any swimsuit haha.

Thanks Felicia for taking the photos for us. But oh wells, I’ve been teaching the girls for a synchronized pose but it failed badly. 😦

The night lighting at the pool was pretty bad as well to take a really nice photo so we didn’t stay in the pool for long. We went back to the room to get dressed and headed out to Clarke Quay to get some drinks and ended up at Crew Room, Felicia and mine former workplace.

Later at night, Siru was complaining she was tired and sleepy so she went back to the hotel alone after we send Felicia off to the cab because she had a curfew. Yunteng and I went for a walk along the river and spend some time catching up as I hadn’t had time to meet because I was so caught up with work at Bikini Bar.



After heading back to the hotel, I went straight to the bathtub and prepared some super nice bubbly bath!


I know I’m an absolute sucker for bathtubs and bubble baths because I spend like nearly an hour in the tub! Because, nothing beats better than a hot tub filled with thick bubbles and some sweet wine to go along! (Ok, minus the alcohol part because I drank quite a fair bit already…)

The bathroom was a cluttered mess but still thanks Yunteng for the photos because I’m always a happy girl when there’s bubble baths! ❤



Before we checked out, I went back to the pool to get some day time shots. I love how the pool has this glass panels for those who could swim and dive, you could really get some cool underwater photos which I couldn’t.

Till next time.. 😛


Yun Teng’s 21st

[I know I haven’t been updating my blog for a nearly a month, mainly because I was busy with work at Bikini Bar and Buymeadrink app and also looking for new job. Also, I had a fall on the escalator and recently I injured my foot while doing a headstand without any mat against the wall (usually I use the pole for support…). Ok, maybe I did blog on my other private blog so I decided that I didn’t had extra time to update this one. Now, I’m backkk! I shall update all the overdue posts asap. Sorry >.< ]

Perhaps I haven’t introduce you guys to Yunteng, she’s also one of my secondary school classmates whom was really really close to me because she was the one that always disturb me in secondary school and oddly, her annoying actions actually drew us nearer to becoming good friends, mainly because she lives like 2 bustops away from me, so we’ll walk home together after school, ahhh…good old memories!

So, on 19th September, which was like during the F1 period (annoying road blocks…grr) she held a really fancy 21st birthday party at Kbox, with buffet spread for everyone and a 2 tier birthday cake from Pine’s Garden, you know that popular neighborhood cake shop which manage to gain fame and popularity with its Lychee Matini Cake and Blackforest Cake. Oh wells. Also, she even booked a suite in Furama Riverfront which was initially meant for the 21st celebration, but after a series of events, she changed to Kbox.

That particularly day, I was working morning shift and after which I requested to end early at 5pm and then made a dash to my staff locker to get change and made a dash to Marina Square, to get her a present. (In order to save time, I did not put make-up at all, so you should really make a mental preparation for my ghostly photos…)


Her gorgeous 21st birthday day with Peach Melba on the top layer and my favourite Lychee Martini at the bottom tier. YUMZ!!!


Lots of fattening cream, but damn, they were GOOD!






The group photos which consisted like her sec school besties, poly besties and her friends from work.


We were literally bored…so we took selfies to keep ourselves occupied, while waiting for Yunteng to take photos with us.


Yeah! We finally manage to spam some quick selfies before the birthday girl goes off to take photos with the rest!


With my secondary school classmates, been really a long while since we met.



“Happy Birthday BFF, a princess for the day shall not use your hands to eat, let your humble servant for the day, feed you. Say AHHH~”

(Please don’t kill me if you read this, I totally miss being dramatic and improvising theatre lines.)



With her colorful 21st balloons, feels like I’m 21st again! Hehehe



All in! So there’s Yunteng’s family, and everyone else including her boyfriend hurhur!


This was my ootd for the night. My bag was overloaded with my Bikini Bar attire and makeup stuffs.



Back at the hotel, with Siru’s unglam photo for a headstart. HAHA


This was the bathtub, it was really gorgeous, totally wished that I could be the one soaking in bubble bath! It has like full length glass connecting to the bedroom and that blind to provide privacy… (the blind was spoiled. Oops)


And also an open concept basin area with big lightbulbs at the mirror, feels so hollywood dressing table area isn’t it?


Ok, so this was my real outfit actually and it was really unintentional to be flexing my left arm, Ignore those muscles please. #poledancerarms


Playing with her birthday balloons, hehe!


So from like executive room to courtyard suite, this one was taken from the courtyard suite, bad lighting but I still love those wooden frames and that pool of lotus leaves, or whatever floating greens are those… ❤


I took this photo with Siru’s iphone 6 while she was busy transferring photos to Yunteng’s laptop.




Totally in love with these photos. ❤

I know I’m too short nor pretty enough to be a model, but this totally made my model photoshoot dreams come true. Thanks Siru!


Taken with a timer, I totally ran like 10 times climbing up the chair and table to get like a proper shot.


Shall end of this post with the both us!

Hope you really had an awesome 21st, and it was absolutely fun! ❤

RWS Equarius Hotel + Siloso Beach

The last week of June was e-learning week which equates to self-proclaim extended school holidays for me. 27 June was the last friday before school term starts again, and Glenda had booked Equarius Hotel a month before to celebrate Sherman’s 21st but with some twists and turns, the 21st birthday celebration was cancelled and it supposedly became the girls staycation. (SUPPOSEDLY, because things happened again, and she met her Mister and it eventually became a honeymoon staycation for the pair of lovebirds. The 3 of us, Karen, Glad and me decided to head home at night to let the lovebirds have their alone time, in such a romantic and beautiful hotel, I wish I could meet my Mister and experience the same thing like what Glenda experienced. Enough of dreaming, back to the topic~)


French braid my hair and headed to Harbourfront to meet Karen who will be checking in and spending the entire afternoon with me.

And that’s the room tour of the Equarius Hotel with forest facing room as the waterpark facing rooms were all full.

The bathroom was mega huge and luxurious. How I wish I had a bathroom that is bigger than my bedroom and I’ll probably never step out of the bathroom ever again! 😀


The bedroom!
03 (2)Enjoying my bandito pocket from KFC while sitting on the comfy L-shape sofa that has like 6 pillows or was it 8?


Heading to the pool now!05

The dark blue swimming pool that is shared with the pool villa and each pool villa has it own personal jacuzzi! Luxurious much!06

I wish I was as rich to be able to book a one night pool villa!


On the bridge that cut across the swimming pool!08

They provide you with pool towels too, so you don’t have bring the hotel towels down! 🙂09

Happy girl is ready to head to the pool but had to wait for Karen to finish her phone call!

10Like a happy girl on holidays!11I didn’t know what I was doing…12

Candid vs Pose-y!13

I just couldn’t help playing with the water, but didn’t want to get my dress wet…


Finally got the dress off and in the water, and the water chilly! 

There was plenty of flies flying on the surface of the pool and it was pretty irritating that we had to end up diving into the bottom of the pool to prevent the attack of the flies. I guess they planted to much bushes or chosen the wrong plant species that is so popular towards flies! The pool was quite deserted too and we didn’t stayed for long before we headed off to Siloso Beach!


Sneaking a photo while Karen was not noticing…

16We chilled at the beach for quite awhile talking and catching up with one another about our life and how it has been before the sun started to set and we headed back to hotel for a shower, while Glad and Glenda and her Mister arrived shortly…


Cupcakes the Glenda brought from home which was baked by her sister. Look yummy but I didn’t ate any because it was chocolate and I just disliked how chocolate always stuck in my braces that made me look like I had rotten teeth and that why I always stay clear of dark coloured food.

dsc_1855_副本Before we left, I headed back to the swimming pool to take a snapshot and it was amazingly beautiful with underwater led lights that made the pool shimmer!

I guess that sums up my friday at Sentosa and we had a good exercise while missing the shuttle bustop to ending up having to sprint to the Sentosa Xpress Station to sprinting to the train station and then changing purple line to red line at Dhoby Ghaut with Karen.

It was fun, running in slipped with a backpack! FIRST TIME~


After which I reached home, friend W decides to drive by my place to meet me. Friend W had just finished its fishing session with his friend and drove him back to Woodlands and decide to pop by Ang Mo Kio. Then, I went down to my void deck with my little cat, MiMi to meet him and it felt really weird to be meeting a friend at 3am especially when he isn’t my date or anything. Just oddly weird.

But he passed me this little sunflower card that he made, while he was bored in camp. Super cute, and excellent effort for cutting the sunflower, the stalk and leaf out and pasting them on a whilte background. Somemore, he didn’t just made one but a pile!

Friend W could totally sell his crafts and earn from it. I’m kidding anyway, I had a good chat with him and headed to bed only at 4plus am and I had to wake up early the next day for the 13 hours of work.


My 20th Birthday x M Hotel Singapore Staycation !

May 18 has been a day that I have been looking forward to since I made a new group of friends this year and that they have been the most bubbly, cheerful and caring girls I have ever been with as a clique. However, because of grandma’s departure, 6 days before my birthday on the 12th, I had a total emotional breakdown, nothing in the world makes me happy and that every little thing in my life reminds me of her, I literally cried everyday and at least twice.


The chinese-style funeral standard outfit that I had to wear.

White/Blue Pants : Grandchildren

White/Black Pants: Children

White/Green Pants: Great-Grandchildren

May 16th was the day grandma’s body was sent to the crematorium for cremation, that same day, was the day the girls booked the hotel room for me and we were supposed to be happily celebrating away, but I was not in any celebratory mood. Just that afternoon, I wonder how many times have I cried and that few days, I just binged and cried till my eyes were poofy and swollen. I know it’s that bad and the girls, being very caring, insisted that I should go for the surprise that they planned for me as it was their only way to cheer me up despite me wanting to give my 20th birthday celebration a miss.


After the funeral, I had to pack up grandma’s room and assist them in cleaning up.

My younger sis made me took this photo though!

Around evening time, I packed my bag and headed to Tanjong Pagar to meet the girls. The hotel was located at some unknown location and it took me a long time to the extend the girls came over to pick me up.


Glenda took a selfie while waiting for Karen and her guy friend, Casper.


They blindfolded me and Glad led the way to the room!

The feeling of being blindfolded it’s quite scary, pitch darkness, yet you could hear voices and giggles, curious about the surroundings but as well as fear of what might happen such as banging on the wall or tripping over someone and falling down.



Everything that suits my taste, non-chocolate cake (that won’t stain my braces) and simply decorated pastel background with the pretty balloons! The lilac balloons are my fav! COZ IT’s PURPLE!


I’m so thankful for the girls for trying their best to cheer me up and keeping me occupied awhile to prevent me from feeling sad and grieving over grandma’s death!


Spending effort to plan out this surprise for me! ❤


These polaroids were mine to keep! 🙂


My birthday cake! 😀


This was the next surprise that came in!

While we were getting changed and having our dinner, I picked up a call from the room phone and it appeared that it was Sharen! He called from his camp and asked his ex-colleague to direct the line to my room! What a pleasant surprise to hear his voice! He asked me how was the room and everything as he helped us to get late check-out and higher floor and then ask if I received anything from the in-room dining. I did not received anything at the moment when he called but after he hanged up, the door bell rang and the staff brought this brownie for me! Sharen had asked his night duty manager to deliver a birthday cake for me! I was totally surprised and totally did not expected it!



My ootd for the night! 🙂


Selfies in the lift, that had a huge full-length mirror!


We forgot to take something from the room and went back to take, and selfie time again!


You probably could guess where we are going this time from the outfit that we are wearing…

YES! We are going to Zoukkk!

It’s also Phuture Bulletproof’s 1st Anniversary, totally hyped!


While waiting for Casper to buy the mixers since he brought a bottle of Bacardi, another selfie in the convenient stall!


That’s Casper right beside Karen, he is her colleague.


The 4 of us in Zouk!


Warning: DO NOT JUDGE!

We didn’t really kissed but just posed for the fun of it!


Okay, this time I did kissed Karen on the cheek, birthday girl, FREE KISSES on the cheek!

No, I’m kidding, exclusive for the 3 girls only and Siru, if she ever wants it!


For the first time, none of the girls are drunk and we could take tonnes of photo in Zouk! It was AWESOME!


The next morning, I woke up early, feeling sad and after sneaking to the toilet to sob, I felt super duper hungry and decided to head out of the hotel to get my favourite ramen, Keisuke Tonkatsu King Ramen at Orchid Hotel while the girls were sleeping away!


Then, I took away some food for the girls and after lunch, we headed to the hotel’s pool for some suntanning and dipping in the pool and jacuzzi!

Dip, because the pool was simply too tiny for a swim.


Selfies at the pool!


Casper came by and helped us to take a photo! I hid behind because I hadn’t been exercising and that my tummy had appeared.

Most importantly, the tanlines I had, because they told me to take of my shorts and that I always wore this bikini pants for suntanning so now that I’m wearing a triangle bottom, the tanlines looks way too ugly and hilarious xD


All my pretty girls! 😉


Lucky us, a very good looking man walked past us while we were taking selfie and due to some unknown miscommunication, he thought we asked him to join us for a selfie!

But sure, he was good-looking!


There’s all my pretty girls! And it pretty sums up the whole of my birthday and staycation at M Hotel Singapore.


Collated all my birthday gifts from all of my friends from my 20th Birthday!


Lastly, I shall end this post with my favourite polaroid amongst all!

Kudos to the smart me for initiating this pose and it turns out beautiful!

The birthday surprise have been pleasantly great and all my entire life, this is the first time ever was my birthday that well-planned by someone and that I did not had to planned my birthday for myself. Thank you so much and this is the best birthday I ever had. I know I wasn’t very cooperating in taking most photos since I was feeling quite down but I tried my best to be happy and smile so that the photos would turn out great.


I was “forced” by Glenda to take this photo as I was super reluctant to take for I felt fat. (I put on some pounds and haven’t been exercising since grandma was hospitalized…)

The awkwardness, but I shall end this post here.

Happy 20th Birthday to me!