Last Minute Solo Genting Highlands Trip

So, I had took a long block of annual leave during the Chinese New Year period this year in 2020, and went on a Gold Coast trip with boyfriend’s God-mum because she’s been taking care of me in 2019 when I kept going in-out from hospital due to my gastric occurring. She cooked for me during my post-hospitalisation period and fed me well. Of course, boyfriend wasn’t free to travel as he had aplenty of work to be done so he manage to convince God-mum to go along with me since it was a staff travel ticket and only Scoot offered direct flight from Singapore to Gold Coast, so why not right! (I’ll probably write up this Gold Coast trip when I feel like it or maybe not, because I have been very lazy.)

Anyway, after the Gold Coast trip, I felt that I was really bored and to better utilise my annual leave, right after I came back that afternoon from Gold Coast, that night, I booked my last minute Genting Highlands trip for tomorrow night. It was well, very very last minute. And I told boyfriend only the next day when I was close to be heading to take an overnight bus up to Genting Highlands!

It was a decent bus ride, double deck, comfortably reclining seat and a couple of passengers here and there. And the funny part was that all of them, alighted at Kuala Lumpur drop-off point while I was the only fella that was in the coach and I thought I needed to change a bus because double deck coaches are actually banned from going up-hill in Genting Highlands due to their high record of accidents. I kept asking the driver if I needed to alight and change bus, and with his poor command in English, I supposed he was a Malaysian, and a Indian guy, he barely knew how to reply me, “bus go Genting, me Genting”. Which I presume he was going to drive me up to Genting highlands. And the sleepyhead me, continue my sleep on bus with my blanket and neck pillow that I brought for the long coach journey.

Honestly, I have no idea how long it took, before the driver came up and say, “Miss Miss, Genting, Miss!” Then I woke up and realising I was have reached. I guess I was too tired and I dozed off and not realising that I have reached lol.

And you’ll probably be thinking that wow, is it even safe to travel alone on an overnight coach to Genting Highlands? Well, I reached my destination safely, so I guess it isn’t much of an issue.

Well, I reached around 5 plus am close 6am, and thinking that I could check-in early as 6am and pay for that RM20 (SGD6.67) of early check in fee to continue sleeping but sadly, there wasn’t a double bed room available at that point in time and so I made a last minute change of plans, I dragged my luggage to the toilet, had a change of clothes, and pack my important stuffs into the smaller bags and then the rest of my items into my trolley luggage and locked it so as to place for luggage deposit. I proceeded to check in and told them I will come back for my room at 3-4pm instead and then paying for RM10 (SGD3.33) for the nightly tourism tax.

I was getting kind of hungry and I went to the noodle shop at the top floor, I couldn’t remember the name near to the cable cars area. I got myself a plate of typical Malaysian Wanton Noodles and Ice Tea. It was nothing special but a good plate of comfort food.

After which I head to the casino!!!

I sat down playing the machine roulette which bets RM50 per bet and after which some random jackpot machine because I was getting sleepy from analysing those numbers and I lost track of the time I was in there lol.

By then, it was morning already, so I bought a round trip tickets for the cable car and got an entire gondola to myself and started snapping a plenty of selfies in it. I know my face looks extra sun-burnt because I got burnt while suntanning in Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. I was super excited because I was heading to the premium outlets to do some shopping! I love premium outlet shopping and also, to get myself some warm fuzzy clothes because I realise the weather was much colder than I last came in December 2019 and I didn’t bring enough clothes to keep myself warm.

And well, you know there was the COVID outbreak, so I kept my mask on at all times except the times that I was alone. Hahaha, better be safe than sorry and I’m actually more fearful of the needles poking into my veins after being in-out from hospital so many times.

My Marrybrown lunch,

I really wish there was more chicken although it was good.

I went shopping at Puma and at some sports outlets, shortlisted some stuffs but I didn’t buy any of that in the end. However, I manage to get myself a knitted long sleeves, 2 pairs of tights from Cotton On at only RM30 (SGD10/pair) and some undies as well.

I took a break at Godiva and got myself a dark chocolate slushie, it was so damn GOOD!!!

And contemplating if I should get myself an early birthday present for myself, this Fossil gorgeous crystal studded watch either in Rose Gold or Black.

In the end, I bought it, got myself the Rose Gold one because it was more shinier than the black one. I don’t usually fall in love with watches and this one really caught my eyes and of course it wasn’t that expensive.

After all the shopping, it was almost close to 3pm, and I decided to make my way back to Genting Highlands to check-in and catch some sleep but before that, I spotted this Taiyaki shop at the Premium Outlet cable car station so I got myself one as a snack again! It was crispy and the apple fillings were very generous, love it!

Finally, I managed to get into my Deluxe Room! The room looks exactly the same since the last I came as a kiddo with my grandma and the room was extremely cold as usual, even with the windows shut and fan off. I didn’t manage to get a room with good view and high floor, kind of disappointing but since it was one night and consider how convenient and accessible Resort Hotel is and how hard it is to book, I’m really pleased with the room. Except, I should have brought all my warm clothings because the room was freezing.

In the end, I went out again hunting for heat-tech since there was Uniqlo near the hotel. I couldn’t take the cold although I love cold weathers, my body doesn’t trapped heat effectively lol.

I found the wooly coat looking to be so cure but I didn’t get it and to my luck, Uniqlo was having a sale and I got myself a very cheap white wooly heat-tech that cost be only SGD10!!! And I simply paid and wore it immediately because I was too cold. BAHAHA!

After which I went back for a nap before heading out at 8pm for dinner.

Dinner was Harry Ramsden fish and chips, I found it nothing special, what’s the rave about it? I didn’t get the excitement because it was pretty average and nothing fantastic.

I got myself Llao Llao as dessert and this was definitely way better than my overrated dinner. It’s rare that they had red dragonfruit topping as Singapore does not have such “premium”fruits in their outlets, and surprisingly it was super delicious and sweet with the accompany white chocolate sauce.

After this, I went window shopping and then headed back to casino again to kill time. And time truly flies when you are in the casino hahaha.

And I bought these snacks from Family Mart! The Family Mart finally opened and they had a lotttt of snacks and food then I loved! These were my supper after casino and headiest back to the hotel to end my night.

My super pretty watch!

The next morning I had wanton mee again, found this Cantonese shop serving a good variety of roasted delights and this was probably one of the best mains I had at Genting Highlands for this short trip.

After checking out, I was still kind of a little early so I decided to kill time and chill at Coffee Bean and got myself another Iced Chocolate. Yumz!

I got to say I really love Transtar Superstar Z buses because they were well affordable , comes with 2 meals, 1 snack and 1 bento and serves you hot drinks 2x. The seats were comfortable, well-reclined, had massager and a small personal tv (didn’t work on the bus that I boarded), wifi to watch shows and because they provide meals the bus journey is shorten much more as they won’t do pit stop for food.
(ps. I brought that Marrybrown nacho chicken from Genting myself, it wasn’t the bento they provided)

The only downside was that I would prefer double-deck coaches because they were more stable from jerking and long journey due to the hydraulic lift function that it comes with.

I reached Tuas around close to 7pm when the sunset, and due to the stringent COVID checks, it took quite a long time, and only reached home close to 9pm. Oh wells.

This one night Genting highlands journey seemed kind of fun and exciting, and I loved how the overnight coach ride up save a lot of time, because there is no traffic at night, so it saves a lot of travelling time and of course, that is only if you are someone who could sleep comfortably in coaches, else I wouldn’t recommend this kind of travelling method, because you’ll reached your holiday destination feeling super exhausted!

I’ll probably do this again though, hopefully when the theme park open and with the boyfriend or friends!






阿姨说,“哈哈你们父子真不像,但小帅哥,我的确有美女介绍给你。她还二十来岁,刚毕业还是个公司的会计。她就是我的女儿,她现在还在家里今天周末不用上班,我打个电话叫她过来葡萄园,待会你们可以交个朋友。” 一说完阿姨便拿起了手机拨打电话。



我的葡萄收成体验日就到此结束 🙂



TPE on Annual Leave

I was supposedly to return on the noon of 1st January and had plenty of time before my impromptu flight to TPE that same day’s midnight but because Jeddah had a massive delay due to customs slow procedures and first availability of aircraft we were delayed over and over again and even worst, the bad weather extended the flight time and we ended up landing at almost to 6pm in the evening. It was so rushed for me as I had to go home and unpacked my stuff and repack them and head back to the airport.

I hadn’t slept for the entire night and what’s worst was we exceeded our flight duty time of 13hours and could in fact stepped down but everyone wanted to go home, so we persevere and flew on a completely FULL flight with no available seats for crew rest so I ended up dozing off on the plane once stepped on board and slept through the flight till I landed in TPE.


Thanks to this set of lovely crews who made Jeddah possible. ❤

After landing in TPE, the first thing I went was the 7-eleven at the airport to grab my japanese rice ball and chun cui he before taking the coach down to Taipei! I was way to early for check in so I left my luggage at the hotel and went out walking around XimenDing for breakfast before heading to underground mall at Taipei Main Station for shopping.


It was pretty early and most shops had yet to open. I was really blessed to be back here. So much memories of the good and the bad.

I went cosmetics shopping too at Watsons. They had so much stuffs and especially the eyeshadows. LOVE IT!

Guess what I bought at the underground mall? Furry pyjamas and umbrella haha! Don’t ask me why I buy umbrella from Taiwan because they have the prettiest umbrellas as compared to sg’s. Hehe


See the racks full of drinks and those cun chui he bottles are calling my name! Pls buy me haha


I had these for supper on my first night in Taipei, you should totally try the Taiwan fruit beers they are really tasty and of course that gooey Mister Cheese potato!!!!!!! They are heavenly if shared haha, too much for me but I finished the entire portion. I’m on my way to become ah buiii …

Free breakfast buffet at the hotel lobby, I took a bowl of my favourite Lu Rou Fan. Who eats fat meat for breakfast? Me!

It was pretty chilly in Taiwan so I was donned on with layers of clothes and because I missed pole so badly, I decided to attend a walk-in pole class at Young Aerial Dance Studio which was within walking distance from the mrt. They taught me plenty of tricks and one of them was the brass monkey. The teacher was nice and I paid quite an affordable price (NTD399) for walk-in. I really love it, I would go there again if I had the chance to fly to Taipei again hopefully as one of my layover stays.

I bought these for supper for my day 2 night, Seaweed Mayo big sotong! It was super delicious, you guys should try it!


This was my last day’s breakfast in the hotel. Nothing fantastic but it fills your tummy.


Arashi ramen before I call it the last meal of my Taipei getaway!


Ok, so apparently I was late for my flight again. This time it was because the bus that was suppose to go to the airport the terminal had shifted and plus there is now only one bus company that provide coach service from Taipei Main Station to airport and the queue was insanely long. I had to queue and the bus had terrible jams on the way and I reached 10 minutes after the boarding had closed. And thank god because I had crew pass, I could use the priority boarding and the staff gave face because I was a crew. Else I would be in deep shit as I had a long chennai turn the next day and the next flight was in the morning.


The insanely amount of stuff I bought from like bath salts that I could use during my china layovers and masks and oh, I should totally recommend you guys this cosmetic brand called Miss Hana! I love their lippies as they last very very long and they are available only at 86 Shop, there is 2 of such shops in XiMenDing, not sure about the other locations, perhaps you might need to google.

It was a pretty fruitful stay in Taipei I have to admit even though it was really short, but it was much needed after all the flying and having to serve passengers, I needed to be a passengers and be served too! Ok, and travelling solo has gotten me way addicted than before. I love the huge queen/king bed and a whole hotel room to myself, no more having to bunk in with the crews or having to share a room. I could blast my own music, dance to the music to myself and of course, no one will laugh at me for being such a clown.

I truly can’t wait for the next solo trip. xoxo

Solo Travels: Bangkok

It was a really last minute impromptu decision to go on a getaway in late october and even though everyone was telling me not to go alone, I decided to ignore their nasty opinions on the notion of “dangerous”, “scary” and all sorts of other comments like getting robbed, or kidnapped and when ahead as planned because I asked, and everyone wasn’t free and I decided to go solo again since it was really enjoyable on my last solo trip as I had the luxury of time and decision to plan my own schedule.

Initially I was indecisive between going to KL or BKK and eventually, I chose BKK because

  1. Price (cost of going to KL and BKK was almost the same, so why not go further.)
  2. SCOOT happen to have a sale (2 way tickets nett was SGD91.41!)

Eventually I book my tickets with Scoot but on NOKScoot website instead of Scoot website to avoid the hefty credit card fees of $27 on Scoot website and instead I paid only $8 on NOKScoot website, HEHE, I’m the perfect budget traveller!

26Oct: TZ298, SIN(06:30)-DMK(08:25)

28Oct: TZ291, DMK(15:50)-SIN(19:15)

It was my first time to be on Scoot all Boeing 787 planes and I was really excited as the last time I took Scoot was a few years back when Scoot first started with Boeing 777 planes that were obtained from its parent company, SIA.

Before my trip, I had researched alot to ensure that my trip would be safe and that I would not miss my flight like before anymore and because Thailand’s king passed away 2 days after I booked my flight, I had to ensure that I follow some of their culture to make sure that I do not offend them since they were in their 30days mourning period.

As well as, it was my first time getting to Don Mueang Airport instead of the new Survarnabhumi Airport which had airport rail that I could access to the city. There were barely any information on getting out of Don Mueang Airport and I don’t really trust their taxis especially when I’m alone. (I shall share with you the transport information more later in the parts of my Day 1).

As for my hotel, I had done all my researched based on their distance from the BTS and of course, I needed a bathtub HAHA. I had shortlisted a few hotels like:

  • The Heritage Silom
  • I Residence Silom
  • Salil Soi 11 (I saw this hotel in my last trip to Bangkok and it looks promising and new.)
  • Admiral Premier
  • Bangkok City Hotel
  • Luxx at Silom
  • Citichic by Icheck Inn

In the end, I chose I Residence Silom over The Heritage Silom although both were similar and were right beside each other because of the price, IResidence Silom was slightly cheaper than The Heritage Silom. I booked it at $109.44 nett for 2 nights, which included complimentary breakfast for 2. The hotel was 0.1km walk from BTS Chong Nongsi and had a nice rooftop pool. (Ok, I kinda regret it, as it was a quite an old hotel that was badly maintained…but still, I miss Aloft Sukhumvit!)


Day 1: I packed my backpack at night after I ended work at 5pm and left home around 10.30pm and took bus 45 to Serangoon MRT before heading to Changi Airport. I reached Changi Airport around 11.30pm and it was very empty and quiet, beside the long queues at the taxi stand of the arrival hall, there was barely anyone at the walkways. I headed to Xin Wang at around 12.15am to get some supper and stayed there till 1.45am before heading to Terminal 2 Departure hall.

This was my supper, I was actually craving for Koi Milktea and Ramen but I guess this is the best that I could get and it cost me almost $18 bucks for supper. YIKES!

On my way from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2, look at how empty the link bridge is and there’s me in the lift with only eyebrows drawn, looking nervous, excited and yet sleepy.


I headed to the end of Terminal 2 where Scoot/Tiger Check in Row is and apparently, it was still open and I manage to check in, in advance before the check-in counter opens! So apparently in Changi Airport we are able to check in ahead of the usual 3 hours. That was cool! And the blur me didn’t even know this until this day, damn I could have my supper in the transit terminal with more delicious options! GRRR.

Anyway, after checking in and clearing immigration, I decided to find a table and chair to sleep and eventually doze off at the area where the computers are until 3.45am where they had a routine check and one of the airport police officer woke me up to ask for my passport and boarding pass. After the commotion, I couldn’t get back to sleep anymore and I went walking around and found myself this little corner with movie screening and quiet corner on the L3 near the transit hotel that was only accessible by this hidden lift in a corner, DAMN, I was looking for this place the whole time! I didn’t spend much time there before my stomach started growling and it was time for breakfast. HAHA


I went to 7-11 to grab some drinks and guess what I saw, Chun Cui He Latte in the fridge! I was thrilled and I grab one bottle and started slurping like a happy little girl and got myself some waffles biscuits to snack on while on board.

I boarded the 787 plane at around 6.10am and I was indeed well fascinated by the window seat as the windows were controlled by some buttons panels which allow me to adjust the shades level, NO MORE USE OF WINDOW SHADES like the A320 Neos hahaha!


Look at how pretty the sunrise was and the ginormous wings of the Boeing 787!


We landed approximately at 7.30am sharp (Bangkok Time) and the flight journey took only 2hours! Love how speedy 787 is as compared to A320s hehe! Anyway before the plane landed, some random thai guy came and sat on my row of random blue and started talking to me and then asked to exchanged numbers and asked where I would be staying…FISHY! I wasn’t really willing to talk and had to pretend to fall asleep, WHY WOULD YOU PICKUP A GIRL ON THE PLANE TSKKK!

Stepping my very first foot into DMK Airport, well it was kinda older than Survarnabhumi airport but not as worst as I was expecting like the Phuket Airport hahaha. And there’s the pretty 787 fella who brought me to Bangkok! YEAHHH, holidays officially starts!

Ok, so clearing the immigration took a really long while as although I landed at 7.30am BKK Time, I managed to clear immigration at 8.40am, the queue was effing slow and long even though I was on the ASEAN line, but at least there was WIFI to keep me occupied HEHE!

Upon exiting the airport, right outside the exits, you’ll see counters for taxis and buses…So there’s two viable options for me, take the airport buses A1/A2 (30baht per trip) or the newly launch Airport Limoexpress (150 baht per trip).

FYI: Airport buses A1/A2, A1 buses runs to MO CHIT while A2 buses ends at BTS Victory Monument. I forgot the first bus, but the buses starts pretty early. Eventually I took the A2 bus to BTS National Stadium. The A2 buses stops at several stops, like around (4-5stops) and as well as Mo Chit BTS, Saphan Kwai BTS, Ari BTS, Sanam Pao BTS and lastly ends at Victory Monument BTS bus interchange.

As for the Airport Limoexpress, you will have to book via the website: , a day ahead of your trip, the earliest bus started only at 0930 (BKK time) from DMK to either Khao San or Silom. Initially, I booked the bus at 0930, however I did not expect Scoot to land way ahead of time and hence I decided not to wait till 0930 since I was out of the airport at 0845.

These were information I found on the website, and it was pretty true. The buses were rather old, similar to those I took before from Johor, Malaysia back to my grandparent’s place in Kota Tinggi. The bus driver will have a ticket assistant whose English is understandable, so it was easy to ask her which stop to alight.

Since it was my first time on the bus, I wanted to sat nearer to front so that I wont miss my stop and ended up there was only the front seat left, so I sat behind the driver. HAHA, and there’s my tiny little bus ticket!

The bus journey was about an hour long.When I reached Victory Monument interchange, I had to climb up to the overhead bridge link to get to the BTS. Everyone was wearing black, and thankfully I wore black too! The BTS took quite awhile to reach and I think I reach BTS Chong Nonsi station at around 1015 if I remembered correctly.

The hotel front desk was hard to locate as it was right in the carpark area and it took me awhile and asking hotel guests before I could find it. HAHA. So I asked for check in and as usual, they need to photocopy your passport and 1000baht deposit. Surprisingly, my room was ready and it was on the 8th floor.


The room was pretty small, from what I booked actually…

Views from my hotel room of the BTS before I requested for a room change down to the a lower floor room because the room type that I book wasn’t available on the higher floor thats why they downgraded me to give me a higher floor? WHAT IS THIS? Anyway, I was then given a 3rd floor room with no view. The view was their entrance of their meeting room building and rooftops of neighbouring units…OH WELLS 😦

I didn’t stay in my room much as there was this creepy feeling to that room or maybe that hotel. Or maybe it’s just me… I don’t know.

Right after I settled down, I headed straight out to Union Mall (Phahon Yothin MRT Station) and doze off in the train hahahah!


I went straight to KFC to search for that delicious tomyum chicken cutlet rice but it wasn’t available anymore so I took the escalator back up to that boat noodles shop that previously Felicia brought me to.


There’s beef tendon balls, thick pork soup noodles, thai beancurd noodles and afterwhich I ordered a thick beef soup noodles and a longan drink. I can’t remember how much I spend anyway haha.

I went shopping and there wasn’t really much to buy as everything was black and black and more black and things were kinda pricier than before. I only bought a 2tops a cardigan (180baht) and some cute little pens at 20-30baht each.

After which at around 4pm, I decided to head back to the hotel. On my way back, I stopped by at Silom Complex, it was like a mini version of the megamalls. It had plenty of food options at the basement and there was KRISPY KREME! img_2186

It was raining heavily and seeing Ippudo, it literally was calling my name to step in. HAHA. Ramen cravings satisfied anyway! YEAHHHs. After ramen, I went to the supermarket nearby to stock up my food and drinks and the supermarket has barely foreigners, mostly locals and they were talking to me in thai hahaha!


Here’s my Strawberry Yoghurt donut I think or was it Strawberry Cheesecake? It cost only 30baht!!!


After heading back to the hotel from Silom Complex, I unload my shopping bag before heading out for dinner at MBK, at BTS National Stadium Station. I wanted to buy some sweet smelling scrub from Beauty Buffet but it was 300ml and I realized I didn’t had any check-in luggage purchased. DAMN. So I went up to the foodcourt to get my dinner, thai basil pork rice. I sat there for a really long while till the food court close haha, I was using the free wifi at the foodcourt because my hotel wifi signal was so bad, my iphone couldn’t connect to the wifi at all.

Until, I was booted out of the food court, I realize I forgot the refund my foodcourt’s food purchase card and I had 80 baht left inside, oh wells, there goes my money…

I ended my night early for Day 1 as I was super super MEGA TIRED.

Day 2: I almost couldn’t wake up in time for breakfast. I woke up at 0915, washed up pretty quickly before rushing down for breakfast as breakfast close at 1000 sharp.

Breakfast was on the 10th floor, the highest floor where the rooftop pool is.The staff at the icafe which they call it for their breakfast is pretty friendly. They had a salad bar which has a variety of food which I did not touch because I saw plenty of housefly flying around haha. They had a toaster with a small selection of bread and rolls to choose from, 2 juice options and milk, coffee/tea options and then porridge, 1 soup option and several hot food choices.

I took the guava juice which was pretty tasty and my favourite cream corn soup, super delicious!!! And the yakisoba which was super tasty and chicken potato stew was good too, the rest just mehhh, not that fantastic.

Yes the reason I wanted a room change was because of the window sofa bed but sadly the low floor one had no view at all and I was very disappointed. But one of the reason that I enjoyed travelling alone is because I get the luxury of the entire queen size bed to myself. I don’t get to enjoy this on normal day since my bed is just a single size one and room square metres of 34! That’s a good big space for one person!

And my morning soak with the fizzing cubes from Sephora!

After which it was a day at Pratunam Market, Platinum Mall and Big C! So I alighted at Ratchathewi BTS Station and walked there and guess what, the new link bridge is up which links you to Platinum Fashion Mall, although parts of it is still in the process so that you can be linked from Big C to platinum but the link bridge is really well designed!

Guess where I was heading to for lunch?

Yes that Soi 19 Petchaburi wanton mee! And a random green milk tea from a road side tall that cheated me with over half cup of ice! GRRR

And then shopping at Pratunam market, honestly it was really really hard to shop alone because it was hard to bargain ALONE! Damn but still I manage to get some clothes at less than 150baht. HEHEHE and I got a really pretty bikini for 380baht sadly.









(Ok, took this in my room, you gotta pardon my messy room)

After Pratunam Market, it was time to shop at Platinum Mall, and honestly there wasn’t any fancy clothes that I like. They look really boring and dull or maybe it was because of the mourning phrase.

I don’t know what’s so fancy about escalators I guess I was too bored. HAHA

I’m up at the food court again for food.

I bought my card and got myself a seat to put my heavy shopping bag before heading to get my foooooooood!


Taddaaa stir fry tomato pork fusilli and my favourite thai green tea!

After dinner, I left Platinum Mall and headed off to my favourite place.


Don’t you love grocery shopping heheheehe! I think spend like a few hours in the supermarket combing for my favourite drumstick biscuits and sadly they didn’t had it until I found it in my hotel 7-eleven.


I was extremely fascinated by their supermarket alcohol varieties! They had so much unique flavored liquors that Singapore doesn’t have! I really wished I could bring them back, DAMN!

My last stop of the day was this shop to customize your name on a leather passport holder with one free charm which cost me 100baht! And of course, I sat outside the shop as there was free wifi again haha!




So this was the amount of snacks that I bought! It was really alot!!!


I didn’t but much clothes but mostly for work.


And I ended up night with 7-eleven food and a bottle of Melon Smirnoff! Delicious!

Day 3: I woke up late again as usual, and headed late for breakfast haha.

Breakfast wasn’t as delicious as yesterday’s. Cream of seafood was tasty, French toast was alright, fried rice were alright and five spice pork noodles were tasteless and cold. Cabbage with bacon was too much and chicken was tough.

This was the dining area, it’s quite small actually, there’s an air-conditioned room with no view so I’ll rather sit outside since it isn’t that humid.

The pretty infinity pool! But I didn’t go for a swim because the weather was pretty chilly.

The view from the swimming pool area.

Before checking out, I wanted to head to the Rainbow Unicorn Cafe that everyone was raving about but turns out that some horrible website stated 10:30 am as their opening hour and turns out that they hadn’t open when at reach at 11:00am as they stated there 12:00pm. DAMN! I couldn’t wait as I had to check out by 12:30 and head to the airport so I left.


And I sat at Mcdonalds with my SGD3 Large Size Matcha frappe and free wifi till 12.20pm before heading my to the hotel to check out.

After checking out, I took the BTS to Mo Chit Station and saw this nail place that provides Gelish Manicure for only 200BAHT???! Damn why hadn’t I notice this place.

Then I took a left turn to that overhead bridge, down the stairs and to the bustop with sign that said Chatuchak-Don Mueang! And waited for about nearly 20minutes before the A2 bus came and board it to head to DMK! Thankfully traffic was smooth flowing and I arrived at the airport super early!

After getting my boarding pass, I went to 7-eleven to purchase my favourite microwave food and sat there eating like a total backpacker even though there are plenty of affordable food at DMK as compared to the overpriced airport food at BKK airport.

And I never realize that every Scoot plane had a name!


And I returned to Singapore safely with a enowned rainbow lighting from the interior cabin. Guess what happened again? There was this Indian man who sat beside me and tried to hitch on me and said he was from Nepal and so on, and upon landing he wanted to exit quickly when the lady sitting at the exit aisle is not yet leaving and that Nepal guy hit me on my head, I nearly lose my cool and wanted to whack him…but I didn’t and left the plane with my blood boiling. HMPH 😦


Yes and I bought a new bottle of peach liquor from duty-free! 😀

The trip could have ended well if that Nepal man did not hit me on my head, which man hits a woman? COME ON…

Anyway end of story, no point grumbling xx



Destination: HKT !

IMG_2482_副本Hi Summer! We finally made it to another beach holiday together and this time our destination is, PHUKET!!!

HIPHIPHOORAY!! It’s a really lovely place since I’ve visited it 2 years ago with my poly classmates and now I’m back with my favourite people! I’ve been anticipating this trip since a long long while ago and finally I’m flying there on the 29th morning!

Although weather forecast weren’t as good as we hope it would be, and the rainy season came slightly earlier than expected, the sun wasn’t shining and the gloomy clouds shrouded the skies, but still I pretty much had a really good time there, thanks to my companies despite the cold chilly pool water.

So, we booked our flight tickets with Jetstar on a normal day with no promotions and the return tickets cost: $140/pax. However, Siru and Felicia chose to add on extra legroom for their flight which adds up to $200/pax for their tickets. Of course, I sat alone on the flight myself because I figured out my legs were pretty short and since it was just a 1h30mins flight, there was no need to get so much space and save that few extra $60 bucks to get some liquor at duty-free when I return. HAHA 😀

Here’s our flight details:

SIN-HKT: 0840-0940 ( We landed 20mins ahead of schedule! Awesome!)

HKT-SIN: 1720-1920 (We landed on time! YEAH)

I pretty much love Jetstar as compared to Tigerair because they are pretty much punctual in terms of their flight schedule and timing. I’ve been on Tigerair the last time I went to Hong Kong and Bangkok, their schedule is always few minutes to hours delay which is well, annoying because it screws up your plans for your itinerary.

Anyway, upon landing we got ourselves a private car at 700baht to Bang Tao. I think it was pretty pricey and could have bargain more but this was the lowest that we could get sadly. So, we hoped on to the mini bus that awaited us and soon we were making our way to the villa. Of course, we didn’t keep our expectations of the villa too high as during the journey to the villa, the surrounding area of Bang Tao was pretty much rural similar to kampong village kind unlike Patong, buzzling with shops, hawkers and lots of people. The area of Bang Tao was simply quiet, peaceful and serene, minimal tourist and plenty of locals.

AND… to our surprise we find ourselves a lovely cluster of villas that was set in between this serenity. HOW AMAZING CAN IT BE!!! Now, let me show you our villa!

Spacious, isn’t it? And the best was probably the private pool we get to ourselves!!! Yes, we can do all sorts of crazy things in the villa, such as skinny dipping! But we ended up not attempting to skinny dip because the pool water was way too cold as there wasn’t any sun to heat up the water, oh wells next time it is!

I booked this villa from, yes and not, I did not make any spelling error while typing. Apparently, I was searching for the best rate using and came up with the best rate of $324.87 for 2 nights as compared to other websites which were offering at least $360 plus for 2 nights for the same villa. So I figured out, might as well just book from this highly dubious website, at most there will be just additional currency conversion charges right? Turns out, there was a $3 currency conversion charge that appeared on my bank statement making the villa cost to be $327.87 for 2 nights. Still a lot of money saved! Chi-ching $! More money to shop for groceries MUAHAHA! 🙂

After reaching our villa and settling down, we took the free bus shuttle provided by the villa to head to the nearby Lotus Tesco at 1pm to have our lunch and as well as to stock up our fridge with lotsa food for the entire trip! Yeah, we bought like 8 plastics bags worth of food! I think we are well-prepared for war. HAHA 😛

There was Pizza Company at the Lotus Tesco so we had that for lunch.


Korean Spicy Wings to share


Thin Crust Tomyum Gong Shrimp Pizza to share with Siru


Tomyum Sausage Aglio Olio Spaghetti that Felicia ordered for herself


Siru and I got this to share. It’s really yummy!


My snacks loots that I hand-carried back to SG, I’m a matcha fan here! 😀


After lunch, the villa’s free shuttle bus came to Tesco Lotus at 4pm to pick us back to the villa. After returning to the villa, Siru and I ventured around the villa, taking plenty of photos for each other while Felicia was camping herself at the tv with her phone in her own world.


The bed was a really super pretty place to take photos! ❤


And so was the day bed at the balcony outside my room! 😀




And the balcony outside Siru and Felicia’s room too!

Oops! Did I mention that I get an entire bedroom to myself? Because having an additional bed in a 1 bedroom villa was more expensive than booking a 2 bedroom villa, so we decided to have 2 bedrooms and because I was having a bad cough, they decided to quarantine me. HAHA, A WHOLE BEDROOM to myself! ❤

After the photo-taking session with Siru, we washed up and planned our night to head to Chao Fa Market which is the Weekend Night Market. It’s the biggest night market in Phuket and being the glutton me, I was looking forward to the FOOD! I miss thai food so badly, especially the last Phuket trip where P. Wirote brought us to lots of places to let us feast on the super delicious local thai food which made me fell in love with it.


I got myself a kebab which is a definitely must-eat!

And of course I ate other food like thai noodles, deep fried squid balls and coconut smoothie (that made my cough even worst).


That’s Siru and me at the night market, Felicia was at a shop doing her gelish manicure for only 180baht, OMG, super cheap!!

After the night market trip that cost around 1200baht for two ways from Bang Tao to Phuket Town and return, we managed to make friends with the friendly driver, who became our go-to driver for the trip whenever we needed a cab. HAHA. We returned to our villa around 11plus pm and I quickly changed into my bikini and dived straight to the pool! The water was effing cold but I endure it and soon, I got used to the cold waters and was enjoying myself while Siru sat at the latch of the pool talking to me.

I’ve got a confession to make, I have a phobia of deep waters especially when the pool water is beyond 1.2m and have the tendency of panicking when my legs can’t touch the floor of the pool or when the water rises to my neck, I’ll PANICCC! Thanks to the float, and the encouragement that Siru gave me when there was this moment, I was drifting to the centre of the pool, and I started struggling and screaming, “Siru save me!” She told me to move my legs like how you move your leg in frog style even though I was already wearing a float. Hilarious I know. But I had really bad drowning phobia. Eventually, I managed to moveee! And I found myself getting nearer to the edge of the pool and get myself back to the edge! BY THEN, I was trembling and shaking badly but guess what, I MANAGED TO OVERCOME MY 11 YEARS OF FEAR  !!! The next hour was pretty amazing as I started to learn how to swim and move around the pool in a float and I was doing pretty well. Hooray 😀 😀 😀

Then, we ended our night early by having some supper with microwave food and cakes…

Day 2, 10am: The alarm that I set started ringing and I woke up to a gloomy skies, I guess it was doing to rain and I washed up and head down to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Siru and me! I set the dining table and put lots of effort cooking and plating my breakfast since it was the very first time I’m cooking for someone beside myself and granny.


Breakfast Menu:

  • Breakfast Platter: 1 slice of toast, greens, 2 franks and scrambled eggs
  • Coffee / Tea (w milk/sugar)
  • Lemon Water (to detox, cause we ate too much) 😛

Yeah, both of us picked tea!

Tadaa! The toast was kinda alittle too brown because I had some problems figuring how to use a pop-up toaster.

After breakfast, was pool time and some more photo-taking sessions using the camera timer! HAHAHA 😀





And then, it was swimming time! I managed to swim a lap with the float without holding the edge of the pool for support and I felt a sense of accomplishment for being able swim with a float!!! Excited much and soon, it was Siru’s turn to try too! She was like me afraid of swimming and struggled alot. Similarly, I gave her encouragement and guess what, she could move in the water too! Although, she still didn’t dare to swim freely with the water with the float but it was some good improvement! YEAHHH~

IMG_2210Haha the float that we have been using to learn how to swim was actually the life buoy used for saving people! I know we are really jokers but hey, we didn’t had any swimming floats with us and this was the only thing that float so why not? 😛

I really love the bathrobes that were provided, actually they felt more like yukatas, the kind of bathrobe where japanese wear to sleep? Anyway, I used it for like a cover-up after swimming but it’s really comfy! 🙂

I brought along my Lush bathbomb, a present from Glenda to the trip, been wanting to used it and finally found the right occasion! YEAH


A tub full of pink water and BUBBLESSS!!! ❤

Welcome to my bubble world HAHAH!




Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

After the bubbly fun, it was almost evening and we made dinner! Felicia cooked the spaghetti and I made the salad and the tomyum sauce. Ok, it was kinda my first attempt trying to make pasta sauce that was not the usual tomato or cream based and we got the tomyum paste but the wrong one, turns out it was for tomyum soup but oh wells, at least dinner looks good and taste good too!



“Bon Appetit everyone!”

After dinner, we headed out to the night market around the same Tesco Lotus and guess what, it started to pour and the night market started packing up when we reached. We had no where to go at 8.30pm but to do our last round of grocery shopping before heading back to the villa for some drinking session!

Presenting you our 1 litres worth of Baileys Caramel that we got from Changi Airport duty-free for $26! I haven’t really tried mixing my own Baileys cocktail and I’m really thrilled!




So we tried mixing Bailey’s with chocolate milk, coffee milk, coconut flavored milk and green tea.

And my personal favourite?

Green Tea + Baileys Caramel = Caramel Milk Green Tea (Alcohol version)


On our last day, the skies were as gloomy as usual with a little drizzle here and there and we took a walk and ended up walking to Bangtao Beach by mistake when we were suppose to be looking for eateries. HAHA.

The water looks stormy and the currents were strong and the skies were just dull, not the perfect condition to take photos sadly…




Finally, there’s photos of the 3 of us!

On our way back to the villa, I stopped by a drinks pushcart and bought some green “cha-yen”. (Sorry, I haven’t learnt the name for thai green milk tea…) and it was super tasty!



Anyway, the villa was quite strict in terms of protecting their property. They collected a 1000baht refundable deposit upon check in and the housekeeping actually called us at 12pm during the check-out time to come for villa inspection and honestly, I accidentally cracked a water goblet and thankfully they did not find out, else we would have to pay for the damage and every item in the villa had a pricing list found in the compendium folder that was laying in the living room table. PHEW

And well, the trip ended really quickly and I really love the villa ALOT, especially for its price and location. This villa was considered to be the cheapest villa that we could find in terms of location as most of the cheap villa were located in the most southern tip of phuket which would take a long drive to get there.

I’ll probably be back again in phuket someday and would definitely be during the month of April during Song-kran festival! HAHAH 😛


PS: I added another 2 bottles of liquor (Malibu & Choya) to my duty-free collection! WOOHOO~

Virgin Trip to BKK

I’ve always been wanting to go Bangkok since years back and finally I found company to go with after a futile effort of asking Siru and some other friends to go with. I know Bangkok isn’t safe, else the impulsive me would have went alone. Ei ei who is Felicia’s best friend, and I were on our very first trip to Bangkok and Felicia had to bring us around for 4D3N.


Our flight was in the morning, at 0940hours and we would be landing in Bangkok at 1055 (Bangkok time). I managed to book the 2 way flight at $120.84/nett per person (inclusive of all taxes and booking fee) during Tigerair Flash Sales every thursday which include a 15kg check in luggage during the return flight. I reached there early in the morning and went for breakfast at Macdonalds while waiting for the two before checking in.


This was how I looked, I was wearing my elbow brace to travel, it’s my first ever time travelling as a patient. I know my doctor advised me not to travel but my therapist encouraged me to go, a contrast in opinions but my need for travel was way too strong to be dis-encouraged. #yolo


We were actually pretty late for boarding because Felicia was shopping for her YSL lipstick at the Duty-Free shop and we literally made a dash because it was flashing “Last Boarding” on the screen. AND we made it but we had to take this airport bus to the plane and climb up the stairs to board the plane without using the airport gate link. What a new experience. It wasn’t easy to board the plane this way because I had a carry on luggage and the stairs were steep, thanks to Ei Ei who carried my luggage up the stairs for this handicapped girl. ❤


Tigerair was never punctual or early for its timing but we managed to land in Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport at around 1110hrs (BKK time). HURRAY! I was thrilled like a little girl on it’s very first venture to a new destination. I love the airport smell and the sound of luggage dragging towards the customs clearance felt really satisfying.


We took a cab to our hotel and it cost us 500 baht/journey. I know it’s a little pricey but it was split among the 3 of us, so I guess it was fine considering that I’m slightly handicapped. The hotel we would be staying for 3 nights was called Aloft Bangkok Sukhumvit 11. I booked it for $377.56 on ($125.85nett/night) for the Chic Room (2 Queen bed). YES! I didn’t had a typo but it was my first time seeing a standard twin room that uses 2 queen bed. It was COOL! It could actually fit 4 person in a room even though its not a family room.

There was a 300o baht deposit to be given (1000baht/night) upon checking in. My room was not unavailable when I reached the hotel around 1215hours so we went for a lunch around the hotel area and familiarizing with our neighbourhood.

After lunch, we came back and were served by the duty manager and she was pretty mean on rules and hotel benefits because I forgotten to indicate 3 person for the room but left it as the default 2 and she spotted 3 of us which landed me into some trouble. I had to quarrel with her alittle and ended up that I cooked up a lie that my friend would not be staying over but I’ll book another hotel nearby for her to stay because she wanted us to pay around $139 more for the extra person which I wasn’t really keen to.

I’ve worked in hotel before and I know that most hotels aren’t that strict because I’ve stayed in several 4/5 stars establishments and I had 4 person in a room and yet we did not encounter such issue. SHE was just trying to hack my money…OK enough of that bad experience.


This was the room. It was pretty cosy and spacious and I love the bathroom except for that shower which was a rain shower and had no hand-held shower.


While Ei ei was getting some rest as she was working night shift the day before, we went to the nearby 7-11 to stock up some snacks and…


OUR FRIDGE!!! Ok Bangkok’s alcohols and beers are cheap… since we weren’t fans of beers, we got ourselves theseeee, the cheapest one cost around 32bahts and the bottle of Pink Guava Breezer cost around 56bahts if I remembered correctly. Yes they were around $1plus-$2plus! But guess what we didn’t them until like the last night because we were too tired from shopping each night HAHA 😛


The hotel’s rooftop pool. It’s an infinity pool but too bad it wasn’t on like the top floor of the hotel, else it would be perfect as you can get a good view of Sukhumvit and Bangkok’s skyline.

This was Level 2, and I saw these round swinging chairs which were really inviting when I was venturing around the hotel on Day 2 morning after waking up early and I had fun sitting and swinging around like a little kid. I don’t know why I’m behaving like a not-a-grown-up although I’m turning 22 this year. I guess the kid in me is always still there… 😀


Thailand version of Tokyo Banana. I’ve never tried Tokyo Banana before but the Thailand version was SO DELICIOUS! I think I can have many of them without going sick of it. I love how the sponge is airy and light and the banana filling is not overly sweet nor overwhelming in taste. I got this from 7-eleven for less than 10 bahts. You guys should totally try it! ❤ ❤ ❤

Banana prata! I bought it off the roadside stall for 40bahts near our hotel and polished off the entire thing as the girls didn’t fancy sweet stuff and they were busy eating their pig intestines. (Yikes, I’m not a fan of internal organs as food.) It was nice as usual since the last I had it in Phuket during the grad trip. YUMS! 

Thai Coconut Crepe! The freshly made version. I had the sweet original flavour while Ei ei chose the salty one, costed us 10 bahts each. The white thingy seemed like merengue and it was super super sweet like melted mashmellows. I love the crepe it was finely thin and crispy. I bought 2 boxes of the mini versions back as souvenirs for myself and Siru.


Thai Boat noodles. Felicia brought us to Union Mall to shop and I tried this Boat Noodles for the very first time which were super yummy but spicy. They came in like tiny portion which you are suppose to finish it in one mouth. Every food in the shop cost 12baht or was it 15…but the milk tea cost 40bahts.

3D Ice-cream. I got myself the blueberry yoghurt flavour and they were really pretty and tasty. I regretted not getting the coconut ice-cream because the girls were too busy shopping that we didn’t had much time for food. DAMNNN, I miss the authentic coconut ice-cream. URGH. But this one was good as well. It cost me around 80 bahts which is pretty pricey but I guess it’s worth it for a pretty ice-cream popsicle. 🙂


Fried Sweet Potato Balls. They are like thailand version of mini non-sugar coated donuts. They taste naturally sweet because of sweet potatoes as the main ingredients DUH! I can’t remember how much it cost, think it was 35 bahts? I love them but if only Siru was around to share with me because the girls had really differing taste buds and preference from mine. Where’s my food buddy?! 😦


Thai’s Pork Skewers. Another version of pork satay but with bigger chunks of marinated meat. Each stick cost around 15baht. I manage to find another stall which look less hygienic for 10baht. (I didn’t had diarrhea thankfully!) I tried it once in Phuket and I couldn’t get enough. Cravings satisfied again this time hehe.


You guys know it. The famous wanton mee that you have to try in BANGKOK. It took me some good walking under the hot sun before finding the stall. I know Ei Ei and Felicia weren’t digging it but I was! Thanks for accompanying me to find food though you girls were more into shopping… I had two bowls and they cost 100 bahts for a bowl. SUPER OVERPRICED but hey, it was GOOD!

[ Thanks to the wanton mee, we landed ourselves in a wholesale clothing area that is opposite Platinum Mall and we had ourselves some good bargaining of clothes that cost only 120-150bahts. YES, no joke! Only if you bought 2 pieces or more… ]


Here a photo of Ei ei and I having our takeaway dinner from the roadside stalls along Soi 11 which was the street our hotel was located at. Felicia wasn’t a fan of photos so we didn’t had any taken together sadly. We were sharing 2 Pad Thais, Pork and Chicken (80bahts each. SO PRICEY OMG) and Som Tum (80bahts each too).


We had our gelish nails done at Union Mall for 250bahts which is around less than $10 SGD. We wanted to do at MBK but it was super costly, think it was 500-800bahts. DAMN. Felicia also had her eyelash extensions at Union Mall for 500bahts. Union Mall is cheap but the people barely spoke English so we had a hard time asking them for price but thankfully we still managed to get what we wanted.

Btw, I had a trans who did my nails for me. Her features were pretty masculine but she looked like a lady. She did my nails in the most gentlest way possible especially when I was in an elbow brace. I don’t know what’s up with guys always rejecting trans and going ewww…yikes and joking about them, but I think they are really nice people and it just suddenly dawn onto me that they are humans too and they have a life, they spoke out for themselves and maybe God didn’t give them the right gender that they deserve to be or probably they were born in the wrong human body. They made a choice to change for what they truly are and I don’t think people should just criticize about them. HEY, they are beautiful too even if they were created under the cuts of knives.

So we literally travelled around Bangkok shopping malls with its MRT and mainly BTR which costed us around 18baht-32bahts (1-2 stations distance was 15-18bahts, 3 stations onwards was 22bahts for a single journey ticket and the rest I can’t really recall). It was super convenient and it beats the heavy traffic jam and the trouble to negotiate with those scheming taxi-driver or tuk-tuks. It wasn’t really that congested as compared to Singapore’s. The people there were way nicer and had manners especially towards a left arm handicapped like me. They gave way and even gave up seats for me. I was totally surprised and touched because in Singapore, even if I was in cast, people would just walk past and bang into my cast or my current brace like nobody’s business even if the path was wide and had plenty of room. AND, nobody gave seats up for me in SG. OMG, SG, you should totally reflect upon your courtesy please.

Secretly, I  managed to steal some sneaky selfie that included Felicia. I know my left arm is unable to hold a phone thus the ugly angles and I couldn’t groom myself properly… so pardon the ugliness in the photos throughout this trip. I’ll take better ones the next time round.

On our last night in Bangkok, Felicia and I wanted to go to Levels, the nightclub that was right outside our hotel which they didn’t not had affiliations with. GUESS WHAT. My arm was rejected by the bouncer and barred from entering. TSK annoying. So we ended up at this random bar and bought a 250 bahts cocktail that tasted like a mocktail. We got hit up by some guy that claims to be from New York and he was chased away by the staff thankfully. (It wasn’t a big issue for us but that something interesting for staying in the red-light district of Bangkok. Lots of party girls and with the foreign blonde tourists. What a sight.)

Our return flight was another tale to tell. Apparently, Ei ei got separate from us during shopping in the wholesale area opposite Platinum Mall. We ended up shopping together and lost track of time, we literally ran to the BTS because it was jam for the road on a weekend. Then Felicia had to stopped by Big C, which ended up super late. Ei ei was already waiting for us at the hotel and I knew the road was going to be jam but then… it just all happens and we missed our checking in time at 1725hrs as we only alighted at 1725hrs. The only choice was for us to re-schedule and book the next flight which was departing at 1940hours. We had to pay around SGD52 (we paid in bahts) each to get the next flight thankfully.

Then when we thought everything was fine. We cleared immigration and went for a meal at the wrong end of the airport at boarding gate zone F. when our boarding was at zone D. We ate and lost track of time again. The gate was closing at 1915hours and I only left the area at 1910hours while the girls were still eating…OMG. To my horror, I realize it was a good 1km walk to the boarding gate. I literally dash and run with all my life even though I was one arm handicap and holding a bagpack and carrying a sling bag. I just DASHED!!! Nearly to the point where I was blanking out, I managed to reach the boarding gate 3mins late and I board the plane with my heart pounding tremendously fast as though it’s gonna fly out any moment.

Right before I boarded, the staff suddenly called out to me and asked where were my companions… I told them they were still eating and they made me call them, which I did. The airport crews even comms their name to get them to the boarding gate. The crews told me if they didn’t arrive in 5 mins they will leave without them. OH GOD. But thankfully, they boarded the plane safely. PHEW. I think the boarding crews in Bangkok really goes extra mile to call their passengers to board their planes. I remembered I nearly missed my plane in Hongkong especially when I didn’t know that they had a change in gate.

All the drama on the last day, it was a good lesson learnt for us to be punctual or risk more monetary loss.


Anyway, I had a great time in Bangkok especially on the shopping part. Felicia was exceptionally good at bargaining prices and Ei ei was a good companion and taking care of people. And I was pleased with all the items I bought in Bangkok. AWESOME 😀 ❤




5D4N Hong Kong & Shenzhen Solo Trip

(FYI, this is going to be a long lengthy post about my Hong Kong travels, and you can totally skip it if you aren’t ready to read. The vlog are parts and pieces of the entire holiday that I had which probably a good summary of my Hong Kong memories. There will be a video at the end of this post on my shopping haul.)

Just right after the week where I turned 21st, I packed my bag and took a budget flight on Tigerair in the afternoon and flew straight to Hong Kong for my birthday holiday. It was an impulsive decision that I made, partly due to the reason where I could not find anyone to travel with me while I wanted to travel badly. I managed to get the 2 way flight tickets at $165/nett which included of a 15kg return luggage check in. Also, one of the trouble with travelling alone was that I had to bear the whole cost of accommodations since I wasn’t doing any twin sharing, thus searching for hotels became one of my major problems that I had to face, particularly in Hong Kong where hotel room prices are on the pricier end and the confined room size that you get. However, I managed to get my hotels booked in late April just in time for my travel and with the hotel cost all kept under $300 for 4 nights. I don’t know how I managed to do it but I managed to keep the cost of this solo travel low, all within a $1000 budget ( I still had quite an amount of HKD and RMB left actually…).


Upon landing in Hong Kong, it was already late night as the flight was badly delayed due to the heavily shrouded clouds in the sky causing the slow traffic flow in the airport. The expected arrival time was supposed to be 6.20pm and the actual time that we arrived in Hong Kong was around nearly 8pm. Everyone in the plane was extremely displeased and angry but there was nothing the pilots could do in such uncontrollable conditions like weather problems. Oh well, I shouldn’t complain much, since I safely landed in the Land of Dimsum! After clearly my immigration, I quickly turned on my wifi to connect with my Hong Kong uncle to inform him about my arrival and he might be worried since the flight is delayed for hours. I met up with him and then we proceeded to take the airport bus to Causeway Bay area to check in and then headed out for dinner at Ichiran (the ramen that everyone was raving about) which ended with a brief tour of Hong Kong.

13 14 20.6 22P1070739 Photo 27-5-15 1 23 40 am Photo 27-5-15 9 18 01 amPhoto 27-5-15 1 44 03 am

(Ended the long day with a nice bubble bath, using Sephora’s Stawberry fizzing cube…Goodnight!)

Day 2 was pretty much simple, waking up and packing my bagpack to head to Shenzhen while waiting for Uncle Ken to pick me up to head for dimsum breakfast at some local restaurant. After breakfast, we headed to his place to drop off my trolley luggage before heading off to Lowu. Clearing the immigration at Shenzhen and Lowu Checkpoint was pretty easy, which is very similar to crossing the borders between Malaysia and Singapore. Foreigners are required to fill up that China arrival slips and Hong Kong departure slips. Pretty fuss-free and quick, we managed to reach Shenzhen in no time. After arriving, we headed to the ZTL Hotel in Dongmen area to proceed with the check in and unloading our bagpacks, took a quick rest before heading out on a shopping trip! The area of Dongmen was huge with various malls selling different items. Like a building of 4 storeys selling plainly shoes, another building selling accessories and several buildings selling ladies apparels. It was insane shopping but we managed to cover all the malls in two days. I bought a big bag of clothes which ranged around SGD5-9 bucks each and some other miscellaneous items like nail polish and fake perfumes. The food in Shenzhen weren’t as pleasant nor up to my likings as local Shenzhen people have a high salt and oil diet and the only thing that was awesome in Shenzhen was the beers. They were light and refreshing and yet CHEAP!!! I’m not a fan of beers especially if they had a very bitter or heavy taste but China beers, I simply fell in love with them!

Photo 27-5-15 10 32 47 am Photo 27-5-15 10 36 04 am Photo 27-5-15 10 39 23 am Photo 27-5-15 10 41 40 am Photo 27-5-15 10 48 39 am(Overwhelming order of dimsums that Uncle Ken ordered for breakfast…)



(Like a typical tourist putting the bag in front, in case of getting robbed and my mandatory shot for conquering Dongmen!)

Photo 27-5-15 9 28 57 pm Photo 27-5-15 9 36 49 pm Photo 27-5-15 9 36 55 pm(Shenzhen’s local “xiao-chao” dishes…)

Photo 27-5-15 9 24 02 pm

(This is still the BEST…haha)

Photo 27-5-15 11 31 12 pm

(Ended my Shenzhen night with a beer and some refreshing chips from China’s 7-eleven!)

Photo 28-5-15 8 46 55 amPhoto 28-5-15 8 48 13 am(Shenzhen’s Mcdonalds breakfast, Soya Milk, Chinese onion pancake with bacon and egg omelette and odd-tasting hashbrown)

On the 3rd day afternoon, Uncle Ken and I headed back to Hong Kong and he brought me to a local char chan teng for a simple meal. Uncle Ken always brought his son to the char chan teng after his school and this time he brought me. The simple sandwich and milk tea tasted awesome as compared to Shenzhen’s heavy food. I gobbled the food in no time. Haha! After the plain and yet tasty meal, we headed to Sai Ying Pun area to check in to my hotel. It was quite a distance from Uncle Ken’s living area, Tin Hau. Sai Ying Pun is a beautiful area as compared to Causeway, as the area was an old neighboring estate with its old Hong Kong vintage charms and also a mixed of modernity, with newly built condominiums for foreign expats which were staying there. There are several cafes in that area and plenty of food options to choose from. However, there are many shops that sell dried goods which might be a little stinky and unfavorable for those urban people. I love the place anyway…except for that wooden hard bed… That night, Uncle Ken and I went to Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong’s clubbing street and popular nightlife spot and we went into a random bar for a drink. I ordered for him a mojito and for myself a passion punch. The mojito came in a tall big glass and was strong in taste while my passion punch was serve in a martini glass, it taste sweet with fragrant aroma from the passion fruit and strong kick of alcohol which were to my standards. The cocktails costs only SGD9 per glass during happy hour and it was really CHEAP and affordable as compared to Singapore’s happy hour drinks…

Photo 28-5-15 3 53 28 pm(Durian soya pudding in Tin Hau, a treat from Uncle Ken that cost around SGD6 for a meagre bowl, but each spoon of it taste heavenly!)

Photo 28-5-15 4 19 39 pm Photo 28-5-15 4 21 42 pm

(My meal cost around SGD 1.8o and the beef noodles meal cost around SGD2.50, in this local neighbouring char chan teng in Tin Hau)

Photo 28-5-15 7 59 52 pm Photo 28-5-15 8 00 12 pm Photo 28-5-15 8 17 25 pm Photo 28-5-15 8 17 31 pm Photo 28-5-15 8 19 26 pm(Lan Kwai Fong! I wasn’t dress to visit the place as it was a total impromptu trip, so pardon for absolute shitty dressing ever!)

Photo 28-5-15 9 00 07 pm(This is my UNCLE! 🙂 )
Photo 28-5-15 9 01 27 pm Photo 28-5-15 9 08 40 pm Photo 28-5-15 9 15 47 pm(Ended the night with supper at Tsui Wah)

Oh! I forgot to mention that we went to Central area to catch a ferries wheel ride during the evening and I witnessed the most beautiful sunset in Hong Kong with its gorgeous cityscape! ANDDD… I saw LEE KWANG SOO! I was ecstatic and surprise to have the luck to actually bump into him in a foreign land! He was there for some drama filming with the tall model-like actress, Lin Dai Yu. He was so much more handsome in real life than he is on the screen! I was THRILLED~

11119234_834297849952853_863148191_n 11301316_834297973286174_1539190153_n 11350287_834298106619494_1881468663_n

(I was literally the happiest little girl on earth at that moment! Pure plain happiness!)

Day 4 was just pretty much a day for myself as I visited several places and did some Sasa shopping, grocery shopping, buying souvenirs for friends and stuffs for myself. Nothing much interesting happened and I end that night with ciders that I bought in the 7-eleven on the opposite of the hotel and they cost me like SGD1.50 for a big 500ml bottle. I WISH I HAD A BIG TUMMY TO FILL UP THE CIDERS… but I couldn’t, sadly.


(Attempted a timer shot trying to do my ootd but turns out a sudden gush of wind made my dress flew, making me look like a preggy! #failmax)

Photo 29-5-15 1 02 00 pm Photo 29-5-15 2 03 00 pm Photo 29-5-15 2 03 08 pm Photo 29-5-15 2 45 41 pm

(Shopping alone in Causeway Bay, Wanchai and Kwai Fong without anyone taking photos for me)

Photo 29-5-15 5 02 08 pm Photo 29-5-15 5 17 15 pm Photo 29-5-15 5 17 53 pm Photo 29-5-15 5 27 51 pm

(I had a random sushi craving during shopping so I stopped at Sushi Express and apparently, their sushi express were way cheaper than SG’s at SGD 1.48 a plate after GST & S.C while SG’s version was at $1.78 per plate similarly.)

Photo 29-5-15 5 51 01 pm(A random cute little blonde boy in the train back to Sai Ying Pun.)

Photo 29-5-15 6 37 44 pm

(This was a quick snack that I picked up from a random neighbouring bakery near the hotel, it cost me around SGD0.20! The egg tart was crispy, fragrant and filling was delicious!)

Photo 29-5-15 9 50 14 pm Photo 29-5-15 9 50 25 pm

(My mega huge prawn XO sauce tossed noodles with a cup of ice milk tea, which cost me around SGD12, burnt a big hole in my pocket…)

Photo 29-5-15 1 28 38 am Photo 30-5-15 12 01 19 am

(I ended the night with cider and tidbits while shaking leg and watching some random show.)

On the very last day of Hong Kong was a day I was dreading the most to arrive, departing and heading back to Singapore was something hard for me, all the good memories that I had with Hong Kong, Shenzhen and with my uncle, experiencing family love for the first time and my uncle was like a fatherly figure, humorous, yet caring and doted me well like his daughter. I felt really loved and was treated like a princess throughout my entire stay in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. That very morning, he brought me to this high-class dimsum restaurant near Central and met with my auntie and his little son, Billy for yum-cha (tea, in Cantonese). The food was like the best meal ever in Hong Kong, everything taste just DELICIOUS.

Photo 30-5-15 12 12 17 pm Photo 30-5-15 12 12 49 pm Photo 30-5-15 12 18 32 pm Photo 30-5-15 12 38 11 pm Photo 30-5-15 12 38 14 pm Photo 30-5-15 12 38 40 pm

(Zou-San! (Cantonese~Morning) Yumcha with cute Billy and my Uncle and Aunt!)


(My virgin ride on a ding ding!)

Photo 30-5-15 5 54 21 pm

(My very last meal before boarding, the MOST HEAVENLY AND SINFUL FRENCH TOAST!!! I have MEGA CRAVINGS FOR THIS! ❤ )

Photo 30-5-15 6 38 43 pm

I totally lost track of time on my flight when I was at the airport and reached my boarding gate, exactly 3 mins before my flight taking off time. YES 3 mins! I thought I was going to be stranded in Hong Kong…until I realize the crew were calling for the flight passengers, as they had changed their boarding gate last minute, they delayed their departure and were having their FINAL CALL. It was an absolutely huge relief for me. I was literally the last passenger to board the plane before the door shuts. There was also problems with Hong Kong over cloudy skies which delayed my flight departing time from Hong Kong.

Photo 30-5-15 11 26 09 pm Photo 30-5-15 11 33 38 pm

(Landed safely in SIN, but with a broken and wet luggage from Tigerair, thanks for giving me an excuse to get a new luggage and luggage tag!)

To sum it up, this so-called “solo” trip to Hong Kong was just a very fulfilling birthday trip that I had for myself, probably the best birthday present that I gave myself. Learning to travel to a foreign land, learning to take care of myself in a foreign land, learning to be more friendly towards strangers and tourists, it was a good learning experience for me. Having the courage to travel is not easy with people who constantly discourage you because they fear that the outside world is just simply dangerous, but if you don’t step out of your shell, you will never discover something new or learn some useful life skills. I know I’m bold but I think I was ready to travel alone. Even if I’m a girl which might be considered the weaker sex, but this won’t be a barrier to satisfy my wanderlust desires. I can’t wait for the next solo adventure again.

I wonder where shall I go next…HMMMM


Here’s my haul!

Photo 2-6-15 6 25 00 pm

My combined, HKG and SZX loots.
Photo 31-5-15 10 49 49 pmSouvenirs that Uncle Ken got for me! ❤

Where I stayed in: Shenzhen, China

After my first night stay in Hong Kong to catch up some rest from the long tiring budget flight from Singapore, I’m finally in Shenzhen! For Shenzhen, I have booked a hotel near the metro station because it would be more convenient for me to travel via metro than to take their taxi. Since I was going to be mainly shopping in the area of Dongmen, I decided to book a hotel in that area so that I could have easy access to the hotel to unload my shopping bags and then continue on. (I’m such a shopaholic!) Anyway, the hotel that I booked was called:

ZTL Hotel Shenzhen (Previously Days Inn Shenzhen)

Address: 57 Yongxin Street, Jiefang Road, Luohu District, Dongmen, Shenzhen, China

Nearest MTR: Lao Jie Station (Exit D)

My Rate: $65.25 incl. of taxes and gst (Wed)

ZTL Hotel wasn’t the cheapest hotel around in Shenzhen nor in the Dongmen area. There were actually plenty of hotels in Shenzhen with prices less than $100 a night for you to choose from. However, one of the difficulties of booking hotels in Shenzhen is that the Google Maps are not updated and therefore it makes it difficult to actually check where your hotels are located and if they are near any metro stations. (I don’t know why Shenzhen map is not updated…)

Anyway, the hotel location is excellent, once you step out of the station exit, you could easily spot the huge sign which is facing the road, away from the Dongmen Shopping area. The ground floor of the hotel is a huge row of shops and nearby is just H&M flagship store! There is a GongCha store right opposite the hotel with KFC and Macdonalds nearby as well.

As for the service, the front desk staff was bad and rude. When I wanted to check in to the hotel, they claimed that they did not block any room for me because they did not receive any booking information, until later when one of the staff admitted that she did receive but misunderstood the word “confirmation” as “cancellation”. (OMG SERIOUSLY?!) Then they randomly gave me a low floor room on the 3rd floor when I requested for a high floor. I was totally pissed. (If I were to be staying in that hotel for a few nights, I’ll probably ask for a room change but since it was a night, I decided to forgo about it. Damn…)

The superior room was definitely bigger than the size of a standard room in Hong Kong and it felt really awesome. The bed was a queen and it was super soft and comfortable. I LOVE THE BED! However, the aircon was super cold and no matter how much I tried to adjust the temperature, it just doesn’t seemed to work beside turning off the aircon completely, which made me gasping for air because of the stuffiness. The mini fridge in the room was totally spoilt as well and it was super smelly when I open it, NEARLY PUKED, I swear!

Overall, I guess the hotel is good for a one night stay if you are planning to do some one day crazy shopping  in Dongmen area, else there are plenty of good hotels in Shenzhen with similar pricing for you to choose from and better service and facilities available.

Where I stayed in: Hong Kong

Ever since I was introduced to housekeeping, I became very particular about hotel room cleanliness and the facilities that they offer and obsessed with the different hotel brands in the world and the other individually managed hostels and accommodations. In my recent trip to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, I stayed in a total of 3 different hotels and I will be sharing with you the 2 hotels that I stayed in Hong Kong and the other hotel that I stayed in Shenzhen shall be reviewed in a separate post. So let’s get started! Hong Kong, in general, the hotel rooms are smaller than the standard hotel room size of around 25sq.m (on average). Thus you should be prepared and be mentally ready to expect a room size that is smaller than what you have in your home country. For the first hotel that I stayed in Hong Kong, it was a hotel located in Causeway Bay:

Best Western Causeway Bay Hotel

Address: Cheung Woo Lane, Canal Road West, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Nearest MTR: Causeway Bay Station

My Rate: S$61.93 incl. of taxes and gst. ( Tues)

I got this best low rate from Agoda after comparing countless of website including their home website since 2 months ago before my arrival date and managed to get this rate when I saw the room rate was lowered about a month before my arrival date. I guess in Hong Kong, you shouldn’t book your room too early in advance as the rates for better hotels will drop about a month before the check-in dates.

(Note: Keep referring to the websites to check if there is a change in room rate every week. Compare from various websites like Hotelclub or, etc and make use of the promo code available to help you save up from the additional gst and taxes charges, so you can save more!)

The room that I booked was a superior city view room and I got a non-smoking room at the 21st storey which were of what I requested. The front desk was on the 3rd storey and you have to take a life from the ground floor to the 3rd storey. The staff in general speaks fluent English except for some. One downside of the hotel is that it is not located in the main street but in a small dark alley so you have to be careful when you are alone but generally, Hong Kong is still safe for solo female travellers like me! But still, it may be a little hard to find at first if it is your first time in Hong Kong so you might have to get your map ready and research done in advance before travelling. (Note: You can spot the building easily with its signature color scheme and the bright cream gold colored ground floor.)

As for the room cleaniness, I would probably rate it an average. The bed was clean but the coffee and tea making set that were placed on the window porch housed some ants and they were crawling all over. I had a hard time trying to kill them because the cups and tray were black and I happen to placed my bags near. (ants-killing time!) Also, there were several hairs found in the bathtub and I presume that the room attendant only used a towel to wipe dry the bathtub without a thorough cleaning. The plastic bath curtains were pretty worn out as well.

Photo 27-5-15 9 52 27 am

Nonetheless, the room was well-designed and I really love that chandelier that was hanging on the ceiling and it look so Victorian and the wallpaper greyish-black with gold hues. It was beautiful. The blackout curtains were awesome in effectively blocking out the sunlight and I had a pretty good sleep despite all the excitement in me about heading to Shenzhen the next day. The bed was comfortable, just nice, not too soft nor too hard.

Photo 27-5-15 9 51 58 am

In general, I would probably rate it a 4 star hotel although their room cleanliness can be greatly improved.

After I came back from a one night stay in Shenzhen, I returned to Hong Kong and stayed in another hotel in Sai Ying Pun area instead of Causeway Bay. Sai Ying Pun is an old district by itself with plenty of  HK’s older generation with foreign expatriates staying there thus there is a mixed of old and new with the old tall houses and brand new condos amidst the old buildings.  Generally Sai Ying Pun area is like a downhill slope where you could see beautiful mountain on the tallest part of the slope while on the other side, it’s the Sun Yat Sen Memorial facing the beautiful Victoria Harbour with another side of Hong Kong skyline. This second hotel was also another part of Best Western property:

Best Western Harbour View Hotel

Address: 239 Queen’s Road West, Hong Kong Island West, Hong Kong.

Nearest MTR: Sai Ying Pun Station (Exit A1)

My Rate: S$68.78 incl. GST & taxes. (Thurs) / S$76.56 incl. GST & taxes. (Fri)

Room rates are slightly higher during the weekends like friday and saturday night. As many mainland china people would cross over the borders to Hong Kong for holidays or a short getaways, therefore with the high room demand, price becomes slightly steeper. Thus, I would recommend you to travel to Hong Kong during the weekdays to avoid the crowd and higher weekends hotel room rates.

The room that I booked was a superior mountain view and the room had a twin bed instead of a double which was not what I have booked. I called down to the front desk and requested for a double and that they told me the superior room all came in twin and the only double bed available room was deluxe and I had to pay extra for the upgrade. This is very disappointing as I’ve booked the room from and yet they clearly state the option to pick from twin or double bed when the hotel does not even have a double bed for that room type. I felt I was cheated as I could have booked other hotels instead.

Anyway, the bed in the room was as hard as a rock and mattress are of cheap quality for it is so light and when you are sleeping on the bed, you could feel the springs against your body. It hurts…! Other than that, the room is kept very clean by the lovely room attendants who are super friendly as well.

In general, I wouldn’t really recommend anyone to stay in this Best Western property because of it’s low comfort rating and the small room size (the room is smaller than the one in Causeway Bay) unless you are someone seeking for hotels nearest to MTR stations exit.

For your information, there is going to be a new Best Western Hotel opening soon in the same area as the Harbour View one, (if you look carefully in my last part of the video, you’ll see a new Best Western Hotel over where I filmed my Hong Kong sunset) so maybe you should try and book a room there instead of this.

Also, I know you might be wondering why did I pick both my hotels under Best Western property over the countless hotels and guesthouse in Hong Kong? Put it simply, I studied about hotels brands and chains over a few years ago during my tourism course module and Best Western is one of the popular and well-known four star hotel brand as the price was pretty acceptable and within my budget of S$75/night. I think I would consider myself to be budget traveler and although I know that the infamous Chungking Mansion in Hong Kong is popular to tourists for its cheap accommodations,  I was tempted to reserve a room in Chungking Mansion however, because of its bad reviews about the surrounding and room quality, I gave up on the thought and chose to stay in a hotel instead so as to reward myself since it’s was a birthday holiday! Haha 😀

JB Day Trip with Karen!

It’s been like July since I stepped out of the country and finally, I’ve got the chance to do so! Since CNY was coming, Karen and I decided to head to Johor Bahru to do some serious CNY shopping! Though it was just a causeway away, I couldn’t help myself from keeping the excitement for it has been a really long while since I last retail shopped and it is my very first trip out of Singapore with Karen! WOOHOO~

In the late afternoon, we headed off from our place to Kranji MRT Station to board the Bus170 but turns out that the queue was super long and we decided to pay $1 to take CW1 instead to Woodlands Custom. Traffic was smooth flowing and we arrived in Johor in no time! We headed to City Square Mall first to fill our tummy before doing the racks sweeping!

I brought Karen to my usual restaurant, Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, which is located in the Inner City near to Sakae Sushi.


I ordered this strawberry milkshake, it costed me RM5.90 which was around SGD2.20? It was super good though, not too sweet and creamy smooth strawberry with plenty of strawberry pulps at the bottom and topped with a swirl of yummy whipped cream! (Damn those calories, I’ll get rid of them later. Dig in first!)


Karen was craving something hot and soupy so she ordered this chicken mee sua soup but turns out it was beehoon, stil it tastes really good!


I ordered this, chunks of chee cheong fun slices in minced pork egg omelette for RM9.80! I know it looks and sound weird and unappetizing but trust me, it taste a million times better than it looks!


Being an avid Baskin Robbins fan, I tugged Karen along to accompany me to have a big scoop of Caramel Toffee ice-cream! Ice-cream cravings satisfied, we headed off to start our CNY shopping!

In City Square Mall, there are plenty of shoe shops that I would usually visit like Summit, Fabiano Ricco, Mixit and a nameless shop tuck in the middle of Inner City which I frequent most often. I managed to get a pair of classic Mary Jane strap wedges from Inner City and eye-candied several pairs of sandals which in the end I did not get.

One of the major disappointment was that the popular Malaysia departmental store- Padini had shift to next door shopping mall Komtar and it shrunked in size with less product offering than previously in City Square. I was super disappointed as I didn’t managed to get anything.  Then again the former space in City Square was took over by H&M!!! *squeal in excitement*

Although there may be less products available in Malaysia outlet than the one in Somerset or Ion Orchard, the prices were way cheaper than Singapore’s. NO, WAY WAY WAY CHEAPER!


This one that I tried on, was written RM49.90 on the pricetag which is around SGD18.75! Can you believe it, a pretty tube swirl dress for only that price? I bet it would cost a lot more in Singapore’s H&M. But I didn’t get it in the end because of some stupid drama with the sale assistants at the fitting room. (the service there was disastrous by the way)

IMG_1787 IMG_1790

I tried on the wrong sizes for these 2 dresses anyway, but still each cost Rm59.90 which is SGD22.50! (Singapore’s H&M is retailing at SGD24.90) I really love the rose one, I might head down to Johor again later this week to get it, if I have the time.


These are the loots that I gotten from Johor, excluding my Massimo Sweet Corn Bread and Gardenia Tiramisu Twiggies which are my must-haves!

From F.O.S,

1. Lime Green & White Sandals RM22.50 // SGD8.45 (Price after 10% discount)

2. Bow Buckle Belt RM4.50 // SGD1.70 (Price after 10% discount)

Malaysia’s Factory Outlet Store where you can get quality clothes at a fraction of the price! I love shopping at this major huge retail outlet where you can get tshirts from as low as RM10/piece which is around SGD3.75! You should totally go and sweep their t-shirts rack for they are 100% cotton and super comfortable and pretty. Shorts are also selling at Rm70 for 2 which is around SGD13.20 per shorts! PLUS, they are giving away 10% off your total bill as long as you have your passport to prove that you are a TOURIST!

From Chameleon,

1. Fake Eyelashes Rm2.90 per box // SGD1.10

2. Nail Foils Rm3.90 per pack // SGD1.50

Chameleon is the copycat accessories outlet of Sinma which is well-known to Singaporeans. Chameleon sells a huge range of hair accessories to fashion jewelleries like earrings and even statement necklaces. I love heading to this shop since young to get those pretty hair accessories to glam up my hair but now that I’m older, I’ll usually head there to get all the random stuffs like lashes.

From E-Max,

1. Black Glossy Mary Jane Wedges Rm62.90 // SGD23.70 (Price after 10% discount)

One of the locally own shoe shop tuck in the middle of Inner City Level 2. They have the more pretty and trendier shoes as compare to Malaysia popular shoe brands like Summit and Fabiano Ricco. Though some of the shoes quality may not be as good as Fabiano Ricco, I still love getting shoes from there if you know how pick the right one. Plus, they are having lots shoes on sale right now!

From a random convenient store,

1. Pejoy Green Tea Stuffed Pocky Rm2.50 // SGD0.90

2. JoyFruits Chewing Gum Rm2.80 // SGD1.05

Right before I head to the customs, I would usually make a final trip to the convenient store aka Mama shop in Malaysia to get my Massimo Sweet Corn Bread or Gardenia Waffles or Twiggies and as well as random finds that I may get. Like this time I managed to get the Green Tea stuffed Pocky for only 90cents! Cheap thrill for a matcha lover! And of course, I smuggled in the chewing gum. OOPS~

From Watsons,

1. Playboy Play It Lovely Fragrances RM38.61 // SGD14.52

2. Enchanteur Paris Princesse Rm15.50 // SGD5.83

Watsons is always a must go for all Singaporeans when heading to Malaysia because the products are so much cheaper than in Singapore and they carry more popular brands and some brands which aren’t available in Singapore’s Watsons or Guardian. As usual, I would stock up my cheap perfume which I wear to work from Watsons. For example the Enchanteur Paris perfume is a Malaysia manufactured perfume which can only be found in Watsons or departmental stores in Malaysia, so there’s a lower possibility to bump into someone of a same smell in Singapore. Kidding~


Lastly, before we headed back to Singapore, Karen was craving for KFC which was super sinful but I failed in dissuading her and thus, got all these! Those cheesy wedges topped with loads of nacho cheese and mayo was a to-die-for! (That’s probably 1500 calories… Sigh)

Anyway, I had loads of fun on a shopping trip with Karen, and I can’t wait for the next one!

(Still so happy that I managed to find all the cheap thrills and SAVED alot!)

10D9N Taiwan with $1000 Budget (Part II)

In the earlier part, I have shared with you guys about the flight that we choose and as well as the accommodations that we have booked with the links and room tours of our rooms! Now, it’s time for part 2 of our trip, sharing with you guys the places that we went and the yummy food that we ate, and shopping placesss!

1. Yilan

Yilan, I would say it’s a beautiful country side with plenty of farms and shophouses, with vintage railways and trains. If you love countryside and taking the classic “choo choo” train, this is the place for you! Of course, the downside would be transportation is not as developed as the city areas like Kaohsiung or Taipei so be prepared to walk a little more by foot and therefore, book a cab if you need to. Nonetheless, we didn’t as we were on a budget, we walked for countless hours by foot in their main area LuoDong.

The one and only attraction that we went was Jiao Si Hot Springs because we had to gave the National Centre of Traditional Arts a missed due to time constraint after getting lost while looking for our minsu for hours…what a pity.

Jiao Si Hot Springs is somewhat like Beitou in Taipei area, there are plenty of hot springs options for you to choose from. From the private pools to public ones, from the basics to the high ends, they have plenty of choices for you to choose from depending on your budget. To get to Jiao Si Hot Springs, you will have to take the train from Luo Dong Station to Jiao Si Station which is about 15 mins ride.

Here’s the video of our hot spring shop that we went!

As for the night market, we went to the biggest night market, Luo Dong night market, food is extremely cheap there!

p1070009_副本 Our lunch at LuoDong area, one of the popular shops patronise by the locals, featuring homemade Taiwaneses Ngoh Hiang and Starchy Soup Noodle with pork slices!p1070028_副本

Our post hot spring snacks, homemade steam dumplings!p1070030_副本 p1070031_副本

A bold attempt to try the stinky french fries!p1070032_副本

Our dinner, tomato fried rice!p1070034_副本

LuoDong’s oyster omelette!p1070038_副本Long queue in Luo Dong Night Market, Spring Onion Pancake, it was dope!

p1070042_副本 Our breakfast in Yilan, Wanton Soup Noodles!p1070044_副本The best guotie (pan-fried pork dumpling) that we have eaten, only to be found in Luodong, Yilan!

2. Hualien

Hualien is more of a sea side county, plenty of parks and beach. It is also recommended that you should either rent a bicycle to travel around or take a cab, as attractions are pretty far from one another.

We went to Beibin and Nanbin beach area and took plenty of photos but those photos are with Siru and therefore, unable to share with you guys.

There are only two night markets in Hualien namely the most popular one, Zi Qiang Night Market and Rainbow Night Market (Formerly Nan Bin Night Market). We went to Zi Qiang Night Market in search for the highly raved- Coffin Bread! As expected, it did not disappoint us as the bread was super yummy with its ingredients, crispy, fragrant and yet soft!


Here comes our train to HUALIEN! CHOO CHOO ALL ABOARD~p1070074_副本

Popular steam dumplings in Hualien!p1070075_副本

Soft spongy xiao long bao with soup inside!p1070076_副本

A bowl of wanton soup which was recommended by the minsu owner, slightly pricey, NT80 but not as delicious as we expected to be as it was pretty bland.p1070077_副本 p1070078_副本

Beautiful museum in Hualien, I forgotten the name! Oops~p1070080_副本 p1070082_副本 p1070083_副本

Pineapple Prawn Mayo Coffin Bread! YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS~

3. Kaohsiung

Kaohsiung was next on our itinerary with a early wake up call at 5.30am and departing Hualien at 7am to board our Tze Chiang Limited Express train (NT705) from Hualien Station to Kaohsiung Station, a 5 hours and 20 mins journey. It is also one of the most expensive mode of transport than HSR due to the long journey ride, but the train ride was super comfortable! Although we slept in most of the time on the train~

p1070088_副本 Breakfast I got from 7-eleven to be eaten on the train!p1070099_副本Our highly “expensive” tickets!

Upon arriving, we headed out to the innovatively themed restaurant in Kaohsiung, called the Funny Sex Restaurant and it was just amazing! The food was awesome and nicely plated. (Haha, no naughty thoughts here please!)

p1070107_副本 The menu!p1070112_副本 Warning Explicit Content: 18 and above only ! HAHAp1070113_副本 p1070115_副本 p1070116_副本

Seafood Pasta!p1070121_副本

Curry Rice with Chicken Cutlet and refreshing apple salad!p1070127_副本

Tiramisu!p1070132_副本 p1070133_副本 p1070134_副本 (2) p1070135_副本 p1070137_副本 p1070138_副本 p1070139_副本

Funny Sex Restaurant

2/F, 446 Zhongshan Road, Lingya District, Kaohsiung; +886 7 333 6598; open Monday to Saturday, 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m., Sunday and public holidays, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

Directions: Alight at Sanduo District Station (R8), Exit at Exit 6 and walk.

After lunch we went to Datong 262 and Shinkudan Shopping District for some light shopping! We didn’t take any photos of the shopping district because we were way to busy shopping but here’s how to get there!

Directions: Alight at Central Park Station (R9), exit from 高雄市玉竹一街出口.

At night, we went to Jin Zhuan/ Kaisyuan Night Market, however because there was an explosion on the previous night nearby the area which cause a large number of deaths while we were in Hualien, the entire night market was not open. It was a pretty huge disappointment though. Thus, we had to end our night early…

p1070143_副本Reaching there to our dismay with no barely any stalls open!

On the second day of our stayover in Kaohsiung, we decided to head to Eda Theme Park, the second best theme park in Taiwan (as per what our research shows). We choose this theme park mainly because of its themed as the theme park Santorini inspired and that recently, on Instagram, everyone has been posting about their beautiful photos in Santorini those white tiles with orange and blue hues, it was just spectacular.

Getting to E-da Theme Park (義大世界): Alight at Zuo Ying Station (R16) and board the Eda Shuttle Bus (義大客運) – NT37/per trip

Entry tickets for theme park:  NT799 (Student Price: Flash your Student Pass!)

Opening Hours: 09:00-20:00 (Recommended to head there early to avoid long queue for your favourite rides!)


The monorail aka E-da Express!p1070153_副本

Flying Chairs, my favourite childhood ride!p1070198_副本A mandatory touristy shot with the attractions as background!


My lunch, Chicken Cutlet Curry Rice- Food Court in E-Da Shopping Mall! (Cost around NT 150)

p1070158_副本 p1070172_副本 p1070175_副本 p1070179_副本 p1070187_副本 p1070211_副本 p1070215_副本 p1070232_副本 p1070237_副本 p1070240_副本 p1070245_副本 p1070254_副本

After a long day at E-da Theme Park, we headed back to check in to our another hotel in Kaohsiung, as we had to do a hotel switch. After which, we headed to the town area in Kaohsiung and had this yummy garlicy ramen, Katgetsu Arashi Ramen!


Located in Shinkong Mitsukoshi Mall, No.262. (Near Station: Sanduo Shopping District)

Cost: NT 160++( GST and Service Charge not included)

The last night of Kaohsiung, we decided to visit a bar, and we choose Roof Island at the very last minute after multi changes.

Roof Island also known as 屋頂.棕櫚餐廳 , they provide a great variety of cocktails, slightly on the pricier end, around SGD 12 + and above. As for the food that they serve, they specialize in thai food and tapas and as well as the classic like fries, calamari, etc. I would recommend you guys to go as the atmosphere is excellent, beautiful and romantic place to bring your date along! (Reservations is strictly recommended or be prepared for a long wait.)

Address: No. 51, Liwen Road, Zuoying District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 813

Opening Hours: 18:30-03:00

(Pardon me, I did not take any photos because we were busy chilling and the lighting of the bar was not great enough to take any spectacular photos.)

4. Kenting

Kenting is located in the most Southern tip of Taiwan and because we were there during their summer vacation period, everywhere was simply crowded with tourists from all over the world. The most fascinating thing about Kenting is its fine sandy beaches and beautiful light blue waters. However, as we arrived after the recent typhoon matmo left, it was high tide and therefore, we weren’t allowed to head to the ocean for safety reasons as the waves and currents were extremely strong.

img-20140804-wa0004_副本 IMG-20140804-WA0008_mh1407139518437 img-20140804-wa0048_副本 img-20140804-wa0060_副本 p1070298_副本 p1070324_副本 p1070336_副本 p1070337_副本

Nothing beats better than heading to the beach with my favorite best friend witnessing our second sunset together overseas!


The highlight of Kenting was the Langkawi Live Show, the most popular activity places that you should go! In every show, there will be 3 performers which include 1 trans, 1 hot hunk and 1 hot babe, but there are times where the hot hunk will not be present which will be replaced by a trans.p1070345_副本img-20140804-wa0069_副本

That’s me with the prettiest tranny for the night! She’s hot! (You’ve got to tip her for taking photo with you though!)img-20140804-wa0081_副本


(This is random but this girl selling souvenirs is so pretty!)

5. Taichung

The HIGHLY RECOMMENDED must VISIT place for Taiwan for girls especially, as this city is a shopping city with Yi Zhong Jie and the most popular Feng Chia Night Market! Needless to say, we did plenty of shopping here despite getting lost a little here and there HAHA!

p1070352_副本 p1070361_副本

Transport: High Speed Rail, from Kaohsiung (Zuo Ying Station) to Taichung, we chose this mode of transport in order to save more time to shop in Taichung.

(TIP!) In order to save money on booking HSR, book HSR in advance on their website as early as 21 days or 14 days in advance to enjoy up to 30% of your train tickets.

Plus you get to beat the long queue at the ticket counter as their is a specially designated separate ticket collections counter for online purchased tickets!


Our first meal in Taichung, in a local shop in YiZhongJie before shopping, this meal cost us less than NT100!


As Taichung doesn’t have a proper metro system, and with the confusing bus system, they are currently introducing this BRT system which is somewhat like a MRT system in the form of bus as a transport. How cool, but we weren’t in the luck to experience how it’s like as it has yet to formally open yet. Hope you guys will be in the luck to experience this!

6. Taipei

The last and final stop as you guys, would know, TAIPEI! Previously, I have been to Taipei twice and needless to say, I wouldn’t talk about this city much.


Siru went to this “Hicolor” saloon to dip dye her hair and to trim it as well, it’s quite popular over in Taipei and it’s located along the outskirts of Xi Men Ding.

p1070388_副本 p1070389_副本 p1070390_副本

Here’s one of the restaurant I would like to recommend:

Ah Mao 阿毛 Risotto Cafe located in the heart of Xi Men Ding, which can be easily spotted with their golden retriever by the restaurant. (Nonethless, we were down in our luck that day as the dog happened to be not in the restaurant, what a pity!)

Cost: NT160 (without any add-ons)

Taste: I would probably give this dish a three out of five stars perhaps? The risotto smells really good and fragrant with its yummy tomato beef broth but as it starts to cool down, the rice will absorb the sauce causing the rice grain to be very soggy and making it dry. (So you should probably gobble it down real quick!)

p1070391_副本 p1070392_副本

Next up, Ah Zong Mee Sua!

It’s the must eat Taipei food! I have been to Taiwan twice and this is probably the third time I’m here and I’m finally getting my hands to this yummy mee sua! It’s real goodness, let’s  forget about the calories and start scooping it!



img-20140808-wa0000_副本Yes, we headed to the club!

Babe 18, is probably not the biggest club in Taiwan but since it’s highly rave, we decided to head there as it’s known to have plenty of youngsters of our age, so we decided to head to to check it out. Nonetheless, we were pretty unlucky to be met with police raid that night and the opening hours of the club was delayed and many left to other clubs like Luxy and thus, we had to queue and miss the Ladies Night timing of entering club before 12am with free entry. (Wasted) Then again, that night, it wasn’t really as crowded as we expected it to be, but anyways, we got free flow of drinks! The tag we were holding entitled us to unlimited glass of cocktails from Tequila Sunrise, Tequila Sunset, Long Island Tea, Honeydew Vodka and many more and as well as a list of beers for you to choose from!

So you could drink to your hearts content with only an entry fee of NT200 if I remembered correctly.

img-20140808-wa0006_副本 img-20140808-wa0008_副本 img-20140808-wa0010_副本 img-20140808-wa0011_副本 img-20140808-wa0013_副本 img-20140808-wa0014_副本 img-20140808-wa0016_副本 img-20140808-wa0018_副本


I really can’t wait for the next one with this best friend of mine!


I know this travelogue is pretty long and not as informative as the first part of this post, I’m still thankful that you had actually read all of it 😀

Here’s PART 1 if you missed it:

10D9N Taiwan with $1000 Budget

A 10 days 9 nights long holiday in Taiwan would seemed like an impossible feat for anyone especially with only a budget of SGD$1000 or NT23,600 (Exchange Rate: 23.6) to be able to plan for a trip that includes not just your flight and accommodations but rather your daily expenses like local transportations expenditures and attractions expenditures as well. So how did I actually managed to be able to keep the budget low and still have a long 10 days in Taiwan?

Oh! Did I mentioned that within the 10 days long holiday in Taiwan, we did not just stayed in Taipei or nearby cities, but rather every day, we travelled to different cities in Taiwan, and made a full round trip around Taiwan? How awesome is that!  Within $1000, we managed to make our money worth and managed to tour the whole of Taiwan, except we missed two stops in Tainan and Chiayi…but still, we travelled a total of 6 CITIES in Taiwan within 9 nights!

I supposed you guys would be curious how I managed to did it, so I shall share with you guys the details of our flight and accommodations in this part of the post and the rest of the information like our attractions and activities in Part 2 in the later post!

For our flight, we booked SCOOT airlines during their 2nd anniversary sale with their 2cents promo! With Taipei flight at $22, we managed to book our seats with a total of $279.96/pax! The flight tickets were inclusive of 15kg luggage check in to Taiwan and 20kg luggage check in for the return flight.

(TIP: For those who want to save the additional $15, you could skip the luggage check in for your flight to Taiwan as there is 10kg hand carry luggage inclusive in your flight tickets, which means you could drag your small trolley bag on board the flight!)

ROute MapThis is our route map and I shall share with you our accommodations that we booked for our holiday.

(Here’s a tip I would like to share with you guys, if time permits, try not to book your accommodations online instead, walk in to the hotels or minsu, you would like to stay in. Of course, you would be worried that the accommodation may be fully booked and might not have an accommodation to stay in, but most hotel or minsu owners will reserve some of their rooms for walk-in guests.)

However, we did not took up this option because we went Taiwan during the summer vacation period which were considered to be peak holiday period in Taiwan. Therefore, we had to book our accommodations in advance. Then again, we did not book from Agoda, Tripadvisor, Zuji or those common hotel websites that everyone knows but rather we booked accommodations directly from the minsu or hotels website.

So, how did we managed to source those minsu?

Yes, those links are the answer to solving your Taiwan accommodations problem! These websites provide you with the list of minsu available in all parts of Taiwan, they are definitely more cool, unique and less costly than those available in hotel booking websites! 😀

(Note: These websites are written in Chinese, and that it is highly recommended to contact and email these minsu owners in Chinese so that they will not hike up their prices. If chinese language is not your forte, then maybe you could try asking parents or friends to help you with the booking. Once you settled with the prices and booking of the accommodations, it will be alright to speak English with the owners over in Taiwan as they do know basic English.)

1. Yilan : Jing’s House

Location: ★☆☆☆☆

The minsu was extremely difficult to locate as there was no signboard or any information about the minsu. The minsu was in fact located on the 2nd floor of a boutique called “Amanda” with the “Amanda Boutique” signboard. Thus, we actually walked for 2 hours in Luo Dong to be able to find the minsu. It was a killer under the hot summer sun!

Room & Service: ★★★★☆

The owner that greeted us was this old man in his 60s and he was very friendly and attempted to help us with the luggage, but we insisted on carrying ourself since it was just a short flight of stairs (No lift, by the way!). The room was small, around 20sq.m but the room was nicely decorated, well cleaned and maintained. It was a cosy room for two and the amenities like fridge, hair dryer and water boiler were brand new. Wifi connection was poor and that we had to camp outside the minsu entrance to attempt to receive Wifi signal.

Vicinity: ★★★★☆

Slightly far off from the train station, may take around 15mins walk to get to the minsu. However, it is pretty near to the famous Luo Dong Night Market with plenty of good food and even near to local supermarket which is 3mins walk away from the minsu. 7-eleven and FamilyMart could be located everywhere and that just right beside the minsu, there’s a good teppanyaki shop and as well as a good breakfast shop that sells the best guo tie that I have ever tried!

Cost: NT1400 ~ SGD60  ($30/pax)

2. Hualien: Leo House (Sunny Over Rain) 里欧雨后天晴

Location: ★★★☆☆

The minsu is slightly far away from the train station but owner provides free ferrying service from the minsu to the train station and fro. All you have to do is to arrange with the owner to pick you up when you arrive. Nonetheless, the plus point is that it is located right beside the seafront (Beibin). Imagine waking up early for a morning brisk walk to see the sunrise with your other half, how romantic! Plus, the area is quite serene and calming for those who want to have a getaway from the buzzling city life, Hualien is the city for you!

Room & Service: ★★★★★

I have to say that the service of the owner is impeccable! The owner is super friendly, and he answers any queries that you have about Hualien and that he even gave us an introductory talk about Hualien, its good food, shopping places and activities. How cool is that! He even woke up early to send us to the train station at 6.30am as we had to catch a train at 7am to Kaohsiung. The room was spotlessly clean and the bed was extremely comfortable and soft. Wifi connection was strong as well as there is a Wifi router located right outside the room on each floor! One of the downside is that, there is no fridge in the room!

Vicinity: ★★☆☆☆

There is barely any convenient stalls around the minsu and it takes about 15mins walk to get to the nearest Rainbow Night Market, food shops and convenient stalls. Do stock up on your food supplies if you are planning to stay here.

Cost: SGD50 ($25/pax)

3. Modern Plaza Hotel 現代商務旅館

Location: ★★★★☆

The hotel can be easily spotted when you exit from the train station with its huge signage. The metro station is right beside the train station which is also of walkable distance from the hotel.

Room & Service: ★☆☆☆☆

The exterior of the hotel looks extremely rundown and old. Needless to say, the interior is extremely outdated. The room deco looks like those sex hotel rooms from hong kong movie dated back to  the 60s or 70s. The bed was hard and there was no plugs for us to charge our phone. The room and hotel was dimly lighted at night making the atmosphere extremely eerie.The cleaniness of the room was terrible as it was dusty (thick layer of dust) and there were plenty rubbish under the bed and cabinets).  Also, the hotel does not allow early check-in despite the low occupancy.

Vicinity: ★★☆☆☆

There is a 7-eleven right across the hotel and being located near the metro station, it makes it easy for us to travel to anywhere in Kaohsiung. The clothes shopping district (Anning Street) was also located right at the corner of the hotel. Food stalls and shops were located across the train station which will take about 10mins walk.

Cost: SGD36 ($18/pax)

Disclaimer: The main reason that we stayed at this hotel was to keep budget low so that we could save up to have an extra night in Kenting as accommodations in Kenting were quite pricey due to Taiwan’s summer vacation.

 4. Kaohsiung: Riverside Hotel 高雄金馬大飯店

Location: ★★★★☆

The hotel is located 5mins walk from the metro station, facing the small smelly canal. It can be easily sighted from afar.

Room & Service: ★★☆☆☆

The hotel have a really small and tiny lift that could fit no more than 4 person without luggage and 2 person with 2 luggage each. The hotel generally looks fine, slightly outdated deco and as for the cleaniness, do not expect much… for we spotted a baby cockroach! The hotel walls were thin and we could easily hear sounds from outside and opposite. Wifi signal was average but the signals were like on and off at some point in t