Built from scratch, for her 18th…

Out of the blue, I had decided to do up something special for this best friend of mine 18th birthday.

You see, reaching the age of 18th is a cause to celebrate because it’s an important milestone of your life that marks the freedom of going to clubbing, drinking alcohol, buying cigarettes and watching M18 movies legally. Of course, in some other countries, 18th would mean something even more.

Thus, since it’s happen to be the holidays, and I had nothing better to do, I’ve decided to do up something nice and special for her birthday present! In short, her birthday present consist of something bought and something handmade…

ImageCreating a new outer coat for the shoe box to turn it into a gift box!

Inspirations? From Google! ^^ImageTadaaa! It’s done, but I’ve yet to glue on the top cover~Image

So, after glueing on the top part, I notice that there were lots of creases as a result of resticking…

Thus, I decided to beautify it by adding on some “blingblings” to it hoping that you would change your focus off the crease to the artificial jewels.

Did it work?


And here’s the gorgeous 3D birthday card that I made for her! It’s my first time making a birthday card for a friend, and since she likes stars and the colour blue, I’ve decided to incoporate it into the card itself!

Looks good right?ImageAnd check out the green “blingbling” studded paper crown! It sure looks pretty!

It contains the link to the surprise video that I made for her!Image

Here are the paper dolls that I drew and coloured for the surprise video’s props! Don’t they look cute?

And guess where I got my inspiration from?


From Google image! After typing “cartoon girl”, one of the search result was this! LOL~

ImageMy favourite random photo!Image

And I’ve decided to end off the post with an instagram of us! ♥


Sometimes, birthday gifts can be as simple as a handmade birthday card, it doesn’t matters if it’s pricey apparels or handbags, it’s always the sincerity and the thought that counts.

And of course, including a little surprise element can make her birthday and her day even better! When you ran out of ideas, you can always get inspirations from Google by doing a search!