Saying Goodbye to Braces


The day I will remember for life.

The day where I am given a new phase of life.

The day where I could start afresh, with a fresh new look.

Thank you braces, you did your job well.

Braces have always been part of my life for the past 2years 3months and 2 years 7months (I had the lower braces removed earlier than the upper one). Without them, my life would have such a drastic change, especially in making friends (placing heavier emphasis on the opposite gender). It has given me a whole new self, not just straightening my teeth, but rather… (I suppose I’ll give you a 10 good reasons why you should get braces! … wait a minute, I think 3 SOLID GOOD REASONS would be more than sufficient).

1.Braces are cool.

Nowadays braces come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and even designs, from the classic metal braces to damon braces (invisible braces, what they call it in Singapore) to the newly introduced, invisalign. Just the metal brackets alone, they have like flower shapes, heart shapes, diamond and even mickey mouse ones instead of the classic square. There are also the ligatures (which are the colour rubber bands), they have a wide variety of colours to choose from. You could get like the neons ones, the glow in the dark, the pastel or any shade of colour that you would like. HOW COOL CAN IT BE!

2. Braces builds confident

Are you one of those that are frequently bullied for being ugly? Are you one of those that were often called bugs bunny because you had protruding teeth? Or are you one of those that feels inferior because you do not have a beautiful smile (straight set of teeth) like those pretty girls in school that are surrounded by friends and following suit is a crowd of the opposite gender? Well, braces is the best solution that will solve everything. Everything and anything. It may be a tough journey, but as your teeth starts straightening, the results will starts surfacing. You’ll feel more confident with people saying you look prettier and most importantly, being able to let out a wide smile in PHOTOS even when you are wearing braces.

3. Braces instantly transform you from ugly to… PRETTY / HANDSOME!

No jokes. I am being 100% serious over here. For those who have overbite, underbite or those that have uneven alignment of teeth to the extent where both jaws can’t rest properly, which results in you having to leave your jaws open instead of closed, braces would help to solve them. They will straighten your teeth, re-align your jaws where they would fit perfectly over the other. Instead of a longer jaw-line, you would have a shorter jaw-line now since you could close your mouth instead of leaving them open because the teeth don’t fit. This will instantly, make you look way prettier than before. I know it because this was what happened to me.

ENOUGH SAID, I’ll prove it to you.

(Warning: The following photo may be of discomfort or shocking to those, scroll down slowly…I’m serious here!)

2012-04-15 23.35.39

This was taken way back in April 2012, where I had finished putting the spacers and had my molar rings banded, with 4 pre-molars removed.

You could see how bad my condition was, my teeth didn’t fit because they overlap with one another and I could not close my mouth at all. How annoying. Also, because it was so difficult and tough to brush teeth, to the extend my teeth started yellowing as well.

That’s the reason why I was banded with the ugly girl title in school, how everyone said I was ugly, and I never smiled in any of my photos…

UNTIL NOW…p1070644_副本I can FINALLY let out a nice teethy smile, confidently and proudly say, “hey, I look prettier than before!” 


And continue snapping a few more photos of the braces before it’s time for them to be removed!


Yes braces, I will miss you even if you are off and away from my life. I always love how you were on my teeth, looking forward to each and every appointments with Dr Ivan because I could get to change the colours of the ligatures and it gets me excited seeing how each and every of my tooth move, day by day, while staring hard in the mirror in amazement. Despite all the pain and aching, inability to chew or bite food, the numbness and soring of teeth, everything that I had endured was proven worthwhile with the end product of a beautiful set of teeth.

Thank you braces. ❤

And Dr Ivan as well for his amazing skills and experiences to entertain and reduce my discomfort.

Here’s a video that I filmed myself on the actual day of my braces removal. I didn’t add any background music as I wanted to keep it as a footage for memory sake. (Warning: watch it if you have the patience)


(Cont.) Melaka

I should have written this post way back in April but because of grandma’s admission to hospital on the day I left for Melaka, this has been delayed till now as I had to spend the last moments with her and dealing with her leaving was the most traumatizing moment of my life and till now, I am still unable to handle the loss of her presence from my life.

Now, I shall turn back time a little, to relive to happy moments back in April and to liven this wordpress a little from all those emotional posts that I have been posting lately.

ImageImageUpon arriving in Melaka by WTS coach at around noon, the coach dropped us at the entrance of our Mahkota Hotel Melaka and we decided to try our luck by checking in despite the checking in time was 2pm. To our dismay, our room was yet to be ready and that the previous guest have yet to check out. It was quite disappointing to hear that as Mahkota Hotel Melaka has 400rooms and after we checked in later in the day, we discovered that day’s occupancy was quite low as our block only had 3-4 roooms occupied. Thus, we couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t assign another room for us. Nonetheless, I managed to head down to the shopping malls to fill our stomach and dragged Siru to my favourite Baskin Robbins (the must-have ice-cream when I’m in Malaysia)!

Around 5pm and after a good rest at the hotel room, we headed out to Jonker Street for my favourite Durian Chendol that I have been craving for! (Cravings checked!)

ImageImageImageAfter satisfying my cravings, Siru and I continued to proceed to venture around Jonker Street and I realized that Jonker Street had shrunk in size from my 2 years ago visit. The auntie that sell yummy kueh bahulu was no longer there anymore. Plus, the items that were sold there were barely updated which was quite disappointing.



This is my dinner from Hong Kong Kim Gary restaurant that was an unplanned meal as we were looking around for the famous satay celup restaurant but failed after combing countless streets in Melaka by foot. (You could totally imagine how exhausting it was!)

ImageImageImageNext day: Breakfast in the hotel was pretty decent with the usual fare like chicken halal sausage, poached egg toast, congee, steamed dimsum and juices, coffee/tea.

After breakfast, I decided to head down to the pool as the hotel had two mega big pools, it would be such a waste if I actually gave it a miss! Since Siru forgot to bring her swimwear, I had to head down to the pool alone. However, the downside of the pool was that the pool visitors were constantly giving me the stare for wearing a rather provocative swimwear although I was in a bandeau bikini top and boardshorts. As I was in Malaysia, I was probably expected to wear more covered swimwear… as a result, I didn’t stayed in the pool for long.

ImageImageImageImageImageImage(Pardon me for the unglam face as I didn’t really had a good sleep in our room, I will show you the video I took of our room later on and hopefully, you will get it.)

ImageThe super failed ootd: featuring a floral tee, shorts and sandals from Rubi, the reason why I wore that casual and badly fashioned because I was in Malaysia and the idea was to, blend in!

ImageThis was my lunch, at a nearby eatery.

Image Starbucks Matcha before we headed for last minute of shopping and then boarding of our coach back to Singapore.


That’s our coach! With all the overly anxious passengers that they might not be able to board the coach!

Here’s the room tour of our room as promise!

I didn’t really like the deco of the room as it was really old and felt kind of creepy.

But overall, I did enjoy the trip with my food cravings satisfied (except for satay celup) and travelling have always been good with Siru as my companion!

Next Phase in Life

Officially school has started again! The start of a “new” semester with one day of school per week, the ideal lifestyle of what every student longed for, one pathetic day of school. Yes, I’m saying that it’s pathetic because it doesn’t feel like I am a student anymore but rather, some out of place student going back to school to pass that module and get that dumb certificate, maybe not dumb but who actually flunks a module because of project work? Yes, me. The one that does well for exams and tests and yet, flunk project work. I’m a total genius, ain’t I?

ImageSo as for my home, things are about to change within this school term. Grandma’s stomach cancer had spread and she is in the last phrase of her life. TTSH doctor predict her life span of 6months before she kicks the bucket. She is now reduce to bones and skin, looking very fragile and weak. Her IQ dropped tremendously and that she barely could understand what I try to tell her. As much as I dislike how she kept nagging at me everyday over the most tiniest and ridiculous thing at home, somewhat the importance of her presence weight far more than parents. All I could do is to visit her more often and talk to her. Life sucks and sometimes I would wonder what can’t my parents swap place with granny. Granny has done so much more than what my parents did for me. Old age is something not irreversible and that my life journey will soon change without her company.

As for friends, the closest people I have now would probably be Siru and Yunteng, the two who will always be there when I needed them or somewhat to talk to. Like what they always say, you shouldn’t judge friends based on appearance and that the most beautiful people need not be beautiful in the interior as well. Siru and Yunteng may not be a great fashionistas that dresses well and look extremely beautiful in the streets in their outfits or those that are super attractive, but what they have is a great personality, and that is all that matters to me because I tried to look at them with my heart and not my eyes and that’s how friendship lasted this long.

Lately, I have also quit my job in The Regent Singapore. I don’t know would it be permanently or just temporarily. I have worked longed enough for a part-time job and including completing my internship at the same hotel. I love the colleagues and I learnt and gained alot there. It wasn’t easy but they taught me well. I guess it’s time to take what I have learnt and bring it to the next company or hotel. I have interest in housekeeping department for part-time jobs and sent a couple of resumes to the hotels I am interested in and hopefully I can get my reply from them soon! (*fingers cross*)

I guess life in Singapore is just really tough and stressful, and trying to survive is just extremely difficult especially when you don’t have the support of your family 😦

FYI, just a random sidetracking from my life, the related family from my maternal side in malaysia, like those cousins who are of the same age as me are getting married this year. Yes, I totally can’t believe it. Marriage at my age or slightly older. There’s so much more in life that is about to bring and tying the knot at this age seems totally unbelievable. It kind of restrict your growth for your future prospective. Still, I should be happy for them that they found that someone who they are going to grow old and sick with. I should be happy 🙂


Enough of ranting for the day, till next time then.



X OAGs (Overly Attached Girlfriends)

I rarely goes into the topic of relationship because I don’t see the need to, since relationship is something that hasn’t been my interest until lately when things start rising and the annoying pressure you get from both sides of my families and sometimes even friends.

Often, I see those poor guys complaining about how pitiful they are when they have to be on a near 24 hours standby for their girlfriends reporting about their status, GPS location, activity and surroundings. Also, there are those girlfriends who would demand alot from their boyfriend and that they would choose to prioritize meeting their boyfriends over meeting their girlfriends and despite the poor guy becoming cold to them, the girls never understood why. The reason being simple, they are tying them down too tight.

I know I am in no right to say about relationship problems because I have never officially been into a relationship where the guy pops up with the “Will You Be My Girlfriend” question, but then again, there’s always dates and the period where “he woos and he fails” part. I have the experience where you started to be fond of a guy and that his presence is like the sunshine, the rainbow and the moment he is with you is like a pot of gold, you longed for his presence and extremely excited to know what is he doing and hearing his voice melts your heart.

Maybe I am a little too over the edge, but you kind of get my point. You want to spend every moment of your life with him and then everything else comes next. He revolves around your life and daily activities, so much so that you are dependent on him and that if he were to be missing for a day, no, maybe an hour, your world would go completely upside down, topsy-turvy.

Putting yourself in his shoes, he may be wiling to spend quality time with you, be a fine gentleman by helping you in all those tiny little details such as carrying your heavy baggage or perhaps getting you your favourite food or items that you eyed on the other day when you were shopping together. Neither would he mind about you wanting to spend time with him everyday and that daily contact or hourly contact which is a must-do.

My Notion:

I used to imagine what if one day I had a boyfriend and that maybe I shouldn’t be in the footsteps of my girlfriends because after all, he is someone I love and that restricting him would be like ripping off his freedom, then he would be unhappy and so would I. (Maybe I am a little silly, which most guys think I am, because they felt that this wasn’t care, it was more like pushing them away.) No, to me, giving them a freedom is what I feel they deserve because relationship should be a two way thing and that it shouldn’t affect his daily routine much such as his usual gatherings with his friends, brothers or clique.

This are the 5 main things that I think should be appropriate in my relationship:

  • 1x Quality date per week would do the trick (Distance makes the heart grows fonder…)
  • Daily contact is a MUST especially a Morning and Good Night text would do the trick. (I don’t see the point of having to constantly talking with one another every hour, because he has to do his own things, when one is busy, there is no time for texting.)
  • Asking of “Where/What/Who/When” of his daily activities should not be done, or maybe once in a while, in case he claims that you don’t care about his well-being. (I would really prefer them telling me, because they would tell if they want to, if they do not, they have their reasons, and I respect that.)
  • Never prioritize all your free days for me, just 1 day would do and never sacrifice your outings with your friends/cliques/brothers for me. (Friendship last a lifetime, but relationship doesn’t, I am just thinking ahead, although you would probably say *touch wood* and that I’m nuts.)
  • If he does club, he is free to go club without me, but it would be nice if he ask me along, although majority of the time I would not tag along because it’s his time out with his friends or maybe unwind. (Speaking of clubbing, you would think I don’t give a damn about my guy, but think carefully, if honesty and trust is present in your relationship, there is nothing to worry about because he would not do any “wrong” thing for he would always tell you what has happened that night to assure you that he is faithful.)

I know it’s not exhaustive but those are probably my thinking and my idea of how relationship should works. Still no good guys have ever comprehend my reasons for doing so and that they felt that this wasn’t caring for them and much to say loving them, while the bad guys took the opportunity to misuse those freedom that I gave and I ended up getting hurt.

People calls me silly all the time and probably the biggest sotong head you would ever find (sotong = squid = blur). I think that freedom is a right, freedom is something one should deserve and ripping off one’s freedom is not a right thing to do.


Or maybe if I am too silly … 

A Friend or A Love?

Life always give people shit test and that sometimes there are just no way to have a win-win situation and that if you are force to make a decision to choose between a years-long friendship or a new relationship which would you pick?

A years-long friendship, is probably someone you have known for many years and that she/he would have know you inside out, what kind of person you are and understands you.

A new relationship, is probably a guy/girl that you have recently known and you could or maybe have the slightest crush on him/her or you two have already been on a steady friendship and date and it’s time to take a notch higher.

However, this time your best friend comes in and decides that this guy/girl is probably not suitable for you, and make several attempts behind your back trying to break you up and let the guy/girl leaves you silently or simply vanish without a word. Somewhat, you managed to find out what happen and that it is time you make an action.

To lose a friend who thinks that he/she may be doing the right thing for you or to believe your friend and lose the guy whom you have been going out for a period of time that your life is needy of him to be your source of humour, entertainment and security.

What would be your decision?

My New Clique!

Clique comes and go, just how friends come and go as time passes by with all the life events taking place. You would join new cliques and leave the old ones behind and soon after, those friends whom you were once very close with become less significant in your life and the new ones in your clique move up in your ranking.

I used to have a clique from school whom I once very close with but however with all the change in classes, school work and internship, we drifted apart from very close friends who could discuss anything to people whom you talk to regarding school work. It is indeed very saddening because as much as you try to, there is no way you can relive those happy moments and the strong friendship bond that you once had.

However, throughout this period, beside meeting my new friend Pam, I got to know of these 3 lovely girls, maybe one of them you might have known before, but the four of us makes really good friends.



ImageOn the far left is Glad, followed by Glenda and my god mummy, Karen!

Perhaps you might be wondering why am I addressing Karen, God-mummy? It was meant to be a joke or maybe some role-playing since she is the more matured one in our clique. I am her God-daughter and Glad is my God-sister. Where’s our God-daddy? Still in the midst of searching…

So how did we actually know each other?

In one of the funniest places you would ever think of, somewhere where it is not possible for friendship to foster. I know it’s tough, yes, our friendship started out in a club. From a friend introducing us to one another and then introducing to more new friends, that is how we actually ended up knowing each other. 

Of course, since our friendship started out because of clubbing, our common activity is to head to club and enjoy ourselves. Nevertheless, besides just clubbing, we do hang out together most of the time when our schedules allow us to, or simply we would try to make time for one another. It isn’t easy especially when Karen is working, I am near graduating and the other two girls, Glad and Glenda are still in their Year 2 or soon-to-be Year 3. 

In fact, it has been really amazing how our friendship grew so well and that we barely even had any quarrels with one another. They have been the best girls and clique that I hang out with most of the time and hopefully unlike those past friendships, this clique will last as long as it would take, even if we grow older, more mature and clubbing no longer become our main focus, we would still be able to maintain the friendship and way of communication just like presently.

They have been the best, and they just make my each day a little bit more interesting~


My New Friend- Pam!

Her name is Pamelia, and she is my new friend. I got to know her from Emrys, in Taiwan where she was Emrys’s buddy.

I don’t remember how we became closer, perhaps it was internship that brought us closer together, and of course, food like Swee Choon and ramen.

It happen that we had the same off day on a Sunday and we decided to go to the beach to suntan together! Pam was late as usual and I had to wait for her and while sitting at the sky park, it was my first time seeing a star cruise!


ImageBeautiful sky, but there was no sun. It was raining and we had to hid under the shelter.


ImageI took some selfies because it was so boring since there was no sun and we finished our food.

ImageImageI am so vain. Hahaha

ImageThis is Pam! It was fun taking crazy photos with her! Haha 😀

ImageWe took tonnes of photo that day! PHOTO SPAM TIME XD









My favourite photo!!!



Suntan in progress!



I had alot of fun time with Pam that day even though during the period where we were suntanning while lying on the sand, many indians were trying to disturb us by sneakily trying to take photos of us. We were so angry we had to stood up and stare at them.


We had Fish n Co for dinner!


After which, we ended the whole day with a nice glass of beer!