The Cool and Awesome Nail Art!

I’ve been bored during the holidays so meanwhile, to kill time, I decided to do some manicure using scotch tape!

It’s so simple and so cool! 

Of course, excluding the time spent on doing it, the end results is just WOW!

ImageThis is my left hand! Look at all the different designs on my nails! I love the ones on my thumb and pinkie!


This is my right hand! Look at the heart shape on my thumb! SO CUTE!

Well, it’s pretty easy to learn how to do it, all you need is lots of plenty time and scotch tape or any sticky tape that you have and scissors! 

Just paint the base layer first, for me I painted my base glittery black! After which when the base coat is dried, just stick the scotch tape on your nail and paint the non-covered part with another colour of your choice! For me I had it painted blue!

When your nail is just dried, just remember to seal it off with a top coat! VOILA you’ve got beautiful nails like mine! Hehe 😀


A Big Event in our Big Family

The big family does not refers to the family I have currently in Singapore. It refers to the family in Malaysia.

I know you would  be confused by which family am I talking about and why do I have so many family.

Well, to make it simple, my father is from Singapore and my mother is from Malaysia. Sadly, I’m locally born. Thus, I have 2 families, one from my paternal side which is in Singapore and the other from my maternal side which is from Malaysia.

Perhaps it’s clearer now…still, if you do not understand then just ignore it.

So, I went back to Malaysia for the BIG BIG event that was about to be held.

Well, it’s a wedding! It’s been years since my family had a wedding event and of course, I was so excited about it!

Now let me tell you more about the couple: the groom is my uncle to be exact (according to the chinese way of classifying the generation and naming them) and the bride is obviously someone I’m not quite close with.

So, here’s the photos that I have taken…


We live in a kampong and we had a temporary tent built for the wedding!

Check out the long red firecrackers!


A chicken walking pass our main gate first thing in the morning. Kind of auspicious I guess?


 Buffet food for us!


 The wedding car is here!


Catching a glimpse of the bride adorn with gold necklaces!


Tea ceremony time!


Our impromptu family photo!

Can you spot me?


The wedding dinner at night was held in a hall and this is the stage!


 The chairs were so uncomfortable~


The 5 tiers wedding cake! Very classic design…


I went to the kitchen, and a whole row of first course awaits me! WOW!


 The table setting…


A very nice french twist updo for my favourite cousin! I did that for her! 🙂


 Champagne pouring!


2012-11-04 20.46.30_meitu_183

It was the bride’s birthday too!


My black clutch with my pretty BLING BLING bracelet!


Took this when I was really really bored…


So this is my younger sister! Do we look alike?


With the pretty girl!


With the camera-shy boy!


Another cousin!


With my favourite cousin! I like her facial features!


On the purple carpet! 🙂


A shot with the bride and groom! But hello groom? The camera’s here…!


The wedding gown was pretty! The fabric has was shiny and it sparkles!


Posing with the wedding car! The Pooh bears were cute!


P1060808_meitu_119With my favourite cousin!


The bride’s name was Winnie, so here’s Winnie Bears!

2012-11-04 22.44.22_meitu_220

Here’s the vain me after I put on my makeup!

2012-11-04 22.42.58_美化000

How do I look?


I did had a really great time back in my malaysia’s home for the wedding! I do hope there’ll be more wedding coming up soon! Teehee^^

I’m flexible!

I’m still quite flexible over so many years since primary school where I joined dance…

Check out my cool and awesome moves!!!

Staring ridiculously at my feet!

So, how was it?

Most of them uses the back muscles to flip and bend backwards…Well, I’m still practicing these moves now and then but the only regret that I have it failing to do a split…

Anyway, I had so much fun doing it and I love the cool and awesome photos that I’ve decided to share it with everyone!