Saying Goodbye to Braces


The day I will remember for life.

The day where I am given a new phase of life.

The day where I could start afresh, with a fresh new look.

Thank you braces, you did your job well.

Braces have always been part of my life for the past 2years 3months and 2 years 7months (I had the lower braces removed earlier than the upper one). Without them, my life would have such a drastic change, especially in making friends (placing heavier emphasis on the opposite gender). It has given me a whole new self, not just straightening my teeth, but rather… (I suppose I’ll give you a 10 good reasons why you should get braces! … wait a minute, I think 3 SOLID GOOD REASONS would be more than sufficient).

1.Braces are cool.

Nowadays braces come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and even designs, from the classic metal braces to damon braces (invisible braces, what they call it in Singapore) to the newly introduced, invisalign. Just the metal brackets alone, they have like flower shapes, heart shapes, diamond and even mickey mouse ones instead of the classic square. There are also the ligatures (which are the colour rubber bands), they have a wide variety of colours to choose from. You could get like the neons ones, the glow in the dark, the pastel or any shade of colour that you would like. HOW COOL CAN IT BE!

2. Braces builds confident

Are you one of those that are frequently bullied for being ugly? Are you one of those that were often called bugs bunny because you had protruding teeth? Or are you one of those that feels inferior because you do not have a beautiful smile (straight set of teeth) like those pretty girls in school that are surrounded by friends and following suit is a crowd of the opposite gender? Well, braces is the best solution that will solve everything. Everything and anything. It may be a tough journey, but as your teeth starts straightening, the results will starts surfacing. You’ll feel more confident with people saying you look prettier and most importantly, being able to let out a wide smile in PHOTOS even when you are wearing braces.

3. Braces instantly transform you from ugly to… PRETTY / HANDSOME!

No jokes. I am being 100% serious over here. For those who have overbite, underbite or those that have uneven alignment of teeth to the extent where both jaws can’t rest properly, which results in you having to leave your jaws open instead of closed, braces would help to solve them. They will straighten your teeth, re-align your jaws where they would fit perfectly over the other. Instead of a longer jaw-line, you would have a shorter jaw-line now since you could close your mouth instead of leaving them open because the teeth don’t fit. This will instantly, make you look way prettier than before. I know it because this was what happened to me.

ENOUGH SAID, I’ll prove it to you.

(Warning: The following photo may be of discomfort or shocking to those, scroll down slowly…I’m serious here!)

2012-04-15 23.35.39

This was taken way back in April 2012, where I had finished putting the spacers and had my molar rings banded, with 4 pre-molars removed.

You could see how bad my condition was, my teeth didn’t fit because they overlap with one another and I could not close my mouth at all. How annoying. Also, because it was so difficult and tough to brush teeth, to the extend my teeth started yellowing as well.

That’s the reason why I was banded with the ugly girl title in school, how everyone said I was ugly, and I never smiled in any of my photos…

UNTIL NOW…p1070644_副本I can FINALLY let out a nice teethy smile, confidently and proudly say, “hey, I look prettier than before!” 


And continue snapping a few more photos of the braces before it’s time for them to be removed!


Yes braces, I will miss you even if you are off and away from my life. I always love how you were on my teeth, looking forward to each and every appointments with Dr Ivan because I could get to change the colours of the ligatures and it gets me excited seeing how each and every of my tooth move, day by day, while staring hard in the mirror in amazement. Despite all the pain and aching, inability to chew or bite food, the numbness and soring of teeth, everything that I had endured was proven worthwhile with the end product of a beautiful set of teeth.

Thank you braces. ❤

And Dr Ivan as well for his amazing skills and experiences to entertain and reduce my discomfort.

Here’s a video that I filmed myself on the actual day of my braces removal. I didn’t add any background music as I wanted to keep it as a footage for memory sake. (Warning: watch it if you have the patience)

Maybelline HyperCurl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara Review!

I have always loved  Maybelline Mascara for its affordability and it’s dry formula! So here I have today is the Maybelline HyperCurl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara in blackest black!

I know the name of this mascara is so so so so so LONG! Still from the name you would know that it is suppose to be:

  • Waterproof!
  • Gives you volume!
  • And curls!
  • Very black lashes!


The mascara in it’s wrapper!

I got this from Guardian drugstore in Malaysia, my city, Kota Tinggi!


Really nice and pretty gorgeous container that SHINES!


Just opened the mascara! Look at the brush!

It’s curved!!!


Close up of the brush!

Do you know that curved brushes are better than straight ones because they are more convenient and easier for application? It also helps in evening out of your eyelashes during application! This means PLUS POINTS FOR THE LASHES!


My eye BEFORE application!


My eye AFTER application!


Bottom down shot of my eyes and lashes! 

Can you spot the difference between my eyes?

So, asian eyes have been known for having sparse eyelashes as compared to caucasian’s eyes where they are blesses with thick eyelashes…SO ENVIOUS!

Still, I’ve decided to get a volumizing mascara so that my eyelashes will not look pathetically sparse and short! And the results have shown! The left eye from the above picture is without applying Maybelline HyperCurl and the right is after application! Great difference right?!

I’m so loving the new mascara despite it causing my eyelashes to clump slightly…Anyway I love it!

What do you girls think?

Who says?

Who said that girls can’t become a beauty?

Who says that there isn’t a possibility that ugly ducklings can’t turn into beautiful swans?

Even, if the humanity claims that personality matters the most, but first impression matters, right?

And usually first impression counts from the way you look, your features, your dressing and the confidence that you possesses…

While this was me in 2009


I used to like blue roses, so I enjoyed buying a stalk of flower every week, to cheer up myself 🙂

This was taken when I first bought my acer laptop during June and back then, revealing halter inner wears was sort of popular and “fashionable” in a sense…

And this was one of the unglamorous and ugly one, as my hair was over-grown and I did not know the importance of a proper hair-cut…

Now, back to the present


without makeup

I just bought a black beret and I couldn’t help but to flaunt it a little…

This was taken during Christmas…

My neighbour, Mrs Warren just gave me this awesome black shiny sequin hat and I thought it might look good on me…as a boy-ish look!


So, you see, girls changes, every year we sort of change a little, learning step-by-step, how to groom, carry ourself and maybe how to put on make-up. The world of cosmetics and make-up to make a difference in a girl’s life.

But, I still survive without make-up as you can see from all my photos… Well, girls, don’t be disappointed by yourself when you heard comments that “you are ugly” or you aren’t the belle in your class or school…

Someday, you’ll grow out of your looks and become pretty…(and if you can’t, I could try to help you and give you some tips, if you wouldn’t mind:) And, I’m really sincere too! If you know my past experience of being a class out-cast…)

Lastly, I hope that those mean girls in school especially in secondary school, like the plastics, will learn their lesson, that looks doesn’t last long, a girl with character will have a successful career and future that those who doesn’t…