The Fundamentals of A Friendship

Best friends to be exact.

Best friends are the ones whom you could hang out with all day long, every day, monthly, bi-monthly, etc and despite the long period of not being able to see one another, it still seems like we have met yesterday. However, when friendship started at the initial stage, there are just some things that are left unspoken and some of us may have understood what it was, but no all does. Maybe, I should give a lecture about it today, right here, right now.

Yes, the fundamentals of a friendship, not just any regular friendship, but a friendship that will last forever and ever, maybe I’m a little too exaggerating, perhaps to the next half of your life.


The utmost and foremost the most important aspect in a friendship. Just like completing a project, you should always lay the ground rules first and like I say, rules may be rules, they may be broken but still, obliging to these rules is truly important is keeping peace, same goes to friendship. We should always respect one another, in terms of behaviour, and significantly, your friend’s choices and decisions. Friends are always there to provide you with their own opinion but as we grow older, mature and wiser, we tend to know the consequences of our own decisions, be it good or bad and unlike when we are young, friends’ opinion would be one of the deciding factor when making our choices. Therefore, we should always respect our friend’s choice be it good or bad, right or wrong, and since they have made the decision, we should respect their personal choice and be there for them, should anything goes wrong or when they have to face the consequences.

Friends should always be there for one another despite all odds. AM I RIGHT?


This isn’t any ordinary or regular friendship but rather what best friends do which is to provide an exclusive 24 hours availability to their friends to the extend where they may be just 8 digits away (SG Number). Be it physically, mentally, or emotionally, friends should always be there for another, to help each other and to be each another’s companion while curing boredom. In special and more unique situations where you may feel extremely uncomfortable or have at extreme dislike in a setting, but if your friends need you there, you should be there too, always there for them no matter how much you hate it. I guess it doesn’t kills to feel uncomfortable and awful in the setting that you detest than to risk a friend’s safety and well-being right?

Perhaps you might also argue back that since it’s his/her decision, why can’t he/she respect mine as well? Well, friendship is all about give and take, if you need him/her today, he/she may need you back someday as well, who knows? You would never know…


Sympathy and Empathy, they may sound the same but they are two total different thing. Ironically, friends would usually sympathise one another than to feel empathetic for them, which is absolutely not right. Empathy comes with understanding and a matured thinking to be able to feel empathetic for the other party. It’s about putting yourself in your friend’s shoes, in the same setting and faced with the same situation, how would you react? How would you respond? And how would you feel? Sympathising for your friend’s may degrade your friend’s status especially when they are down or in the downhill of their life, in fact they may feel that you are on the upper-hand and is incomparable to you. Well, it does reflect badly on the friendship and hence, it is important to totally and completely put yourself in your friend’s shoes to be a true good friend.

I know this post may be slightly lengthy and wordy but I shall end this off real quickly.

It may be easy for friendship to start, but for it to last, it requires plenty of dedication and patience and alot of give and take, quality and quantity shouldn’t be used as a measuring tool or any form of measurement to gauge the benefits that you reap from it. Then, it won’t be called friendship anymore, it would be more of a transaction, a business deal. However, in the modern society pertaining to SIngapore, majority treats friendships as a form of business deal, how friends can help you gain this gain that and seeing such things happen, it’s just saddening….


My New Clique!

Clique comes and go, just how friends come and go as time passes by with all the life events taking place. You would join new cliques and leave the old ones behind and soon after, those friends whom you were once very close with become less significant in your life and the new ones in your clique move up in your ranking.

I used to have a clique from school whom I once very close with but however with all the change in classes, school work and internship, we drifted apart from very close friends who could discuss anything to people whom you talk to regarding school work. It is indeed very saddening because as much as you try to, there is no way you can relive those happy moments and the strong friendship bond that you once had.

However, throughout this period, beside meeting my new friend Pam, I got to know of these 3 lovely girls, maybe one of them you might have known before, but the four of us makes really good friends.



ImageOn the far left is Glad, followed by Glenda and my god mummy, Karen!

Perhaps you might be wondering why am I addressing Karen, God-mummy? It was meant to be a joke or maybe some role-playing since she is the more matured one in our clique. I am her God-daughter and Glad is my God-sister. Where’s our God-daddy? Still in the midst of searching…

So how did we actually know each other?

In one of the funniest places you would ever think of, somewhere where it is not possible for friendship to foster. I know it’s tough, yes, our friendship started out in a club. From a friend introducing us to one another and then introducing to more new friends, that is how we actually ended up knowing each other. 

Of course, since our friendship started out because of clubbing, our common activity is to head to club and enjoy ourselves. Nevertheless, besides just clubbing, we do hang out together most of the time when our schedules allow us to, or simply we would try to make time for one another. It isn’t easy especially when Karen is working, I am near graduating and the other two girls, Glad and Glenda are still in their Year 2 or soon-to-be Year 3. 

In fact, it has been really amazing how our friendship grew so well and that we barely even had any quarrels with one another. They have been the best girls and clique that I hang out with most of the time and hopefully unlike those past friendships, this clique will last as long as it would take, even if we grow older, more mature and clubbing no longer become our main focus, we would still be able to maintain the friendship and way of communication just like presently.

They have been the best, and they just make my each day a little bit more interesting~


Another Friday Night

As you might not know, I have been having my internship and I work 5 days a week, 9.5hrs each day with 2 days off, friday and saturday.

Of course, I don’t just waste these 2 days at home and do nothing, but rather each friday night has been fully well-utilized by spending with my bff, Siru!

This friday night was a special one because it was the first night of the F1 Night Race and it was my first time spending time in town experiencing the F1 excitement with the crowd of tourists from all over the world.

Not only that, we went to the Han’s at The Great Eastern, the largest outlet in their chain and the place was a gorgeous and evoked great memories of me when I was kid where my parents would bring me there often.

I miss those good old times where I was being well-treated by them and as you know, I have family problems and because of it, it led me to being a very independent child. (I’m not going to further continue on about it, because it’s suppose to be a happy post!)

And I had my chicken chop with mushroom sauce! It was really yummy!

ImageThe best part of going out with my bff is that our dress code is not just the casual basics, looking shabbily, but rather, it is DRESSED TO IMPRESS!

This allows us to spend time and putting in effort to doll ourselves up to look good when we are out. I mean it’s a girl’s thing to look pretty and regardless of the function, we just want to look the best!

And here’s my #OOTD : Black dress from Taiwan, Feather Earrings from WeiYi on Valentines and my favourite black flats!

ImageAnd here’s my bff’s #OOTD!

ImageOf course, I taught her to pose! Look how pretty she is in the photo! 😀

And we took lots of photos, selfies to be exact!

ImageCuteness overload!




ImageMirror image!


Pretending to be happy drunk and while she pretends to be emo drunk.ImageAnother sweet one!

I really enjoyed my friday night with this awesome babe, and although I may be repeating how happy I was each time I’m with this girl, and it might sound repetitive, but there is really no way I can express how feel so blessed to be able to spend time with her, taking tonnes of crazy photos for memories keepsake.

ImageAnd I shall end this post with a pretty photo I took of myself with my bff’s phone!

Seeya ❤


Friends are important people in your life that might come and go, and some that stays by your side for all the good and bad times that you are going through, provide you with the physical support and emotional encouragement. They are also the ones who you can count on them no matter what happens.

For me, I have known this girl in my first year of my secondary school education, and she is none other than Siru.


Ever since last night where we went drinking together, she got drunk, and started blabbering nonsense and answered all the questions that we asked her, In particularly to the question, ” What do you think of Shi Yun?” She started to answer it and it made me realize how important my presence is to her.

Also, we have actually come a long way since secondary school because the initial stage of our friendship wasn’t an easy one. We quarrelled because of different backgrounds and most importantly, the ability to not to understand each other’s feelings, needs and wants and putting ourselves in each other’s shoes.

Of course, during the year where O’level started, a major quarrel broke out and we hadn’t talk to each other for weeks, it was crazy and I could still remember how much I hated her at that period because it was the first time I ever scolded vulgarities, “FUCK YOU!” I have never been so angry and angst at someone before and even if I would I wouldn’t scold vulgarities because it was crude and uncultured.

Eventually, we managed to patched up and after all that, we learnt to better understand each other more, especially in respecting each other’s choice and decisions, and not hurting each other because of our selfishness.

As we grew up together, we have changed a lot, from the little girls to now, teens and soon-to-be adults, we have learnt to understand each other so well, our characters and thinking that so much so that we do not even have to ask each other and we could understand what the other is trying to say and think. The way we communicate with one another might sound really absurd and ridiculous to the third party because there is no way that you could understand what we are talking but to us, we are able to.

This is just the most amazing thing ever!


I know it wasn’t an easy road to come so far with being friends for 7 years (and counting!), we have travelled twice together to Bali and Taiwan, spend great memories together in the ups and downs of our life, be it education, love or family, we have provided support for one another, I couldn’t say that my life has become worst because of you, but I can’t deny the fact that my life has also improved because of you. Without such a good friend like you, who is able to accept every flaws and annoying side of me, I wouldn’t be able to be that crazy, that drama, that hilarious and most importantly, being able to be myself for who I truly am.



For that, cheer to the 7 years of friendship that we have accumulated so far and best friends forever!

The Best of Times!


Yes! I finally had a meetup with my bff! She’s Siru! The ultimate and officially bff that I have! She’s not the best bff that you would expect, but I guess we kind of are able to “click” and hit off well in a way despite the lack of closeness due to us pursuing different routes of education. Of course, she likes fashion stuffs which I really do and we do have some common topics on and off which I can’t share with you here. Hehehehe! 

ImageI got myself dressed in my new dress from MDScollections! I really love the back of the dress which I couldn’t show you without the help of someone taking photo for me! But still, it does features a nice white crochet top part and the bottom is chiffon and pastel pink! So pretty!

And, I wore my ankle strap nude flats that I bought from Vern’s in Malaysia! It’s a really light-coloured and pastel-looking day with this girly vibe! Feels good to be young! 😉


So, we decided to settle our lunch at this small corner in AMK HUB called Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert. It’s a really small place but rather nice place to chill out and meet your friends!


So here’s the promotion menu! And I ordered one wanton noodle soup and added on a Pomelo Sago and a supposedly carrot cake (Siru ordered wrongly and turns out to be a yam cake. YUCK! I really hate yam cake!)


Here’s the wanton noodle soup! You could opt for dry or soup!

And here’s my verdict: It’s nothing really fanciful or amazing and neither do I feel “wow” about eating it. It’s really light and rather bland and nothing special, for the price of $6.50, I guess it wasn’t really worth it for that bowl of noodles. (THUMBS DOWN!)


Here’s the add-on $1.50 of Pomelo Sago and yam cake!

My verdict?

Well, appearance-wise, it sure looks good but the taste was terrible. I’m not a really a yam cake person so not comments about it.

But the Pomelo Sago was BLEAH! It was really watery and bland with barely much mango smell and taste and the Pomelo? It was more of bitter than fragrance! And Sago? There was none! I guess you would say that I’m really very fickle with food, but dessert wise, like mango sago related stuffs, I’m extremely picky about it because my grandpa owns a dessert shop and he taught me what’s kind of mango sago or dessert is best and how to taste and identify them.

So, a bowl of Pomelo Sago at this shop? Save your money for a $1.50 Ice-cream sundae at Macs!


So, after our meal we went to Bugis Street because I wanted to get a bag and some clothes and she accompanied me so!

Well, I ended up buying a laser cut clutch in black and not a handbag and I bought this black bandage skirt to pair with the coral top I got from MDScollections! Now, I have the perfect outfit!

I’m a happy girl! Best of all, the bandage skirt fits me well and was really versatile with any tops! Wahooo!!! I could buy more bandage skirt in future!


Oh! Did I mentioned that I got my very first LBD?

Ok, little black dress  (LBD) is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe because it’s so versatile! AND…I finally got ONEEE!

(Ok, I took these photos after reaching home and trying on those loots hoping they would fit because shopping at Bugis Street doesn’t allows you to try the clothes as they are sold cheap.)


And ending off the day with a photo of Siru and me!!!

I didn’t put a single drop or specks of makeup on my face! BUT!!!

Because I feel like myself, make-up-less and most importantly comfortable with her, for she doesn’t looks down on me nor find me ugly with so many eczema scars and freckles on my face (due to SUNTAN! Grrr~) and that matter a lot to me! I can feel confident and at ease with her without worrying about looking ugly at all time!

I really love this bff so much! She’s so nice :))

Baby Seng’s 19th!

It was Baby Seng aka Si Hui’s 19th birthday and we had actually planned up a surprise for her with a surprise present,card,wishes and a birthday cake!

So, on a thursday, we had to meet up to go out to Tampines to shop for her birthday pressie.

And we had a hard time looking for the perfect gift for her, until Emrys suggested on a BIKINI!

I was heads on for it, but Weiyi wasn’t and it was a hard time convincing her that bikini would be the best gift for her before we went in to Sheer Romance!

There was alot of bikinis hung there, and they were in floral prints! I was so tempted to get one set for myself…but NOOO! No extra expenditure PLEASE!

Then, we bought the set of bikini for her and went to Daiso to get a pretty PINK box for her!

And bought a box of ribbon to make a birthday card for her!


The pretty box of budget blue ribbons!


I sew the ribbon sash into a flower!


And I hand-sewn a pearl to it! Looks so pretty right?^^ 


Pretty right? I made it all by myself!


The inside of the card to write the wishes!

And we celebrated her birthday at Nex, Ajisen Gourmet!!!


Scallop Sushi!


Fried Ebi!


My gyozas!


Faking a excuse of needing to go the toilet, we sneaked to buy a small birthday cake for her!


Trying to light up the candles!


ImageThe chocolateyyyy cake!


Posing for a photo!


Check out her shocking expression!

She was totally caught off-guard by the surprise thinking that we did not remember her birthday at all…HAHA!!!


Looking at her birthday present!


The bikini in a box! PRETTY RIGHT?


Here’s a photo of the four of us!