Mambo + Bikini Bar

Ok, gotta rewind a little, back to September, after that hectic F1 period and braving the hazy conditions with Indonesia’s illegal forest fires causing the air to be packed with pollutants, I managed to have a day out suntanning in Sentosa with Yunteng at my new favourite chill out spots, Mambo Beach Club and then bringing her to my workplace, Bikini Bar.

Previously I’ve been heading to Mambo alone on my own, during my off days to chill with my book. Sometimes it gets pretty boring to find no one to talk to. But then again it’s pretty relaxing as well. A day just for myself doing nothing and chilling, looking at people and emptying my thoughts.




Days when there’s just me, my book and the beach.



And I even revisited this place, The most Southern Point of Singapore at Palawan Beach.


So here’s the drinks menu if anyone is interested.

The reason why I visited bars in Sentosa for drinks is because I get 15% discount due to my Island Partner Card (staff benefit for working in Sentosa hurhur, and I get free unlimited monorail entries.)



We ordered the Mambo Sunset which is Mambo’s version of Tequila Sunset, which consist of vodka, blue curacao syrup, grenadine syrup and pineapple juice. This drink is so instagram-worthy because it’s nicely layered and looks like a rainbow cocktail which will make your day as cheery like the colors!


I stirred my glass of cocktail and the colour changed…


Tadaa, it became an eery and dull cocktail haha!


Rainbow cocktails really brighten up the hazy afternoon!


And a flying kiss from me…KIDDING xD


Yunteng didn’t had lunch before she came, so she ordered beer batter seabass with salad and chips. Premium fish meat that they use for the fish & chip, they were GOOD!


Ok, so this is what happens when you have a friend who have to take photo of the food before eating, and there’s ME the one who can’t wait and have to pop a strand of crispy fries into my mouth! Haha 😀


Subsequently, I was hungry and ordered this huge bowl of truffle fries and my favourite deep fried baby squid.

I have been addicted to squid lately and everywhere I go I need to have squid in my meal.


And I ordered a Passion Fruit Caipirinha for myself.


And a Sex on the Beach thereafter! This one was strong and I felt alittle happy tipsy after finishing this. OOPS!



After our meal, I went to suntan with a huge tummy, and we sat on the tanning chairs, chatting…



In the jacuzzi under the hot sun, it feels so warm and comfy!


After the jacuzzi, we headed to the main pool! Yunteng didn’t bring her swimwear, what a waste!


A mandatory poolside bar photo!


And that’s me with my unkempt soaked hair.

IMG_7279 IMG_7290IMG_7287

The cabana is pretty relaxing actually, comfy cushioned seats to laid there and read a book!


And she took this while I was trying to take a rest…


After Mambo, we were at Bikini Bar!


I ordered a Peach Margarita for myself and she had a Strawberry Margarita.


But my favourite is still Lychee Margarita!


And Bikini Bar’s calamari ring is still the best! Crispy and chewy, I totally love those hint of lemon zest amidst the batter! YUM


To end our night, we went for the skyline luge attraction to end our day on a high note!

GUESS WHAT? Perks of working in Sentosa, and having Luge manager as the bar’s regular, complimentary luge tickets!


Our first time on board the luge together!


With our helmets on! HAHA


I didn’t managed to take photos with Yunteng on the skyline ride because it was way too dark, so I shall make do with the one I took by myself when I went for the ride alone previously in the early evening.



It was a really awesome afternoon that day, and although I may have spend a little too much on drinks, but I guess it’s ok once in a long while to be doing so.

Shall end the post now, I’ll continue working harder to finish paying off my poly loan debt.



My 20th Birthday x M Hotel Singapore Staycation !

May 18 has been a day that I have been looking forward to since I made a new group of friends this year and that they have been the most bubbly, cheerful and caring girls I have ever been with as a clique. However, because of grandma’s departure, 6 days before my birthday on the 12th, I had a total emotional breakdown, nothing in the world makes me happy and that every little thing in my life reminds me of her, I literally cried everyday and at least twice.


The chinese-style funeral standard outfit that I had to wear.

White/Blue Pants : Grandchildren

White/Black Pants: Children

White/Green Pants: Great-Grandchildren

May 16th was the day grandma’s body was sent to the crematorium for cremation, that same day, was the day the girls booked the hotel room for me and we were supposed to be happily celebrating away, but I was not in any celebratory mood. Just that afternoon, I wonder how many times have I cried and that few days, I just binged and cried till my eyes were poofy and swollen. I know it’s that bad and the girls, being very caring, insisted that I should go for the surprise that they planned for me as it was their only way to cheer me up despite me wanting to give my 20th birthday celebration a miss.


After the funeral, I had to pack up grandma’s room and assist them in cleaning up.

My younger sis made me took this photo though!

Around evening time, I packed my bag and headed to Tanjong Pagar to meet the girls. The hotel was located at some unknown location and it took me a long time to the extend the girls came over to pick me up.


Glenda took a selfie while waiting for Karen and her guy friend, Casper.


They blindfolded me and Glad led the way to the room!

The feeling of being blindfolded it’s quite scary, pitch darkness, yet you could hear voices and giggles, curious about the surroundings but as well as fear of what might happen such as banging on the wall or tripping over someone and falling down.



Everything that suits my taste, non-chocolate cake (that won’t stain my braces) and simply decorated pastel background with the pretty balloons! The lilac balloons are my fav! COZ IT’s PURPLE!


I’m so thankful for the girls for trying their best to cheer me up and keeping me occupied awhile to prevent me from feeling sad and grieving over grandma’s death!


Spending effort to plan out this surprise for me! ❤


These polaroids were mine to keep! 🙂


My birthday cake! 😀


This was the next surprise that came in!

While we were getting changed and having our dinner, I picked up a call from the room phone and it appeared that it was Sharen! He called from his camp and asked his ex-colleague to direct the line to my room! What a pleasant surprise to hear his voice! He asked me how was the room and everything as he helped us to get late check-out and higher floor and then ask if I received anything from the in-room dining. I did not received anything at the moment when he called but after he hanged up, the door bell rang and the staff brought this brownie for me! Sharen had asked his night duty manager to deliver a birthday cake for me! I was totally surprised and totally did not expected it!



My ootd for the night! 🙂


Selfies in the lift, that had a huge full-length mirror!


We forgot to take something from the room and went back to take, and selfie time again!


You probably could guess where we are going this time from the outfit that we are wearing…

YES! We are going to Zoukkk!

It’s also Phuture Bulletproof’s 1st Anniversary, totally hyped!


While waiting for Casper to buy the mixers since he brought a bottle of Bacardi, another selfie in the convenient stall!


That’s Casper right beside Karen, he is her colleague.


The 4 of us in Zouk!


Warning: DO NOT JUDGE!

We didn’t really kissed but just posed for the fun of it!


Okay, this time I did kissed Karen on the cheek, birthday girl, FREE KISSES on the cheek!

No, I’m kidding, exclusive for the 3 girls only and Siru, if she ever wants it!


For the first time, none of the girls are drunk and we could take tonnes of photo in Zouk! It was AWESOME!


The next morning, I woke up early, feeling sad and after sneaking to the toilet to sob, I felt super duper hungry and decided to head out of the hotel to get my favourite ramen, Keisuke Tonkatsu King Ramen at Orchid Hotel while the girls were sleeping away!


Then, I took away some food for the girls and after lunch, we headed to the hotel’s pool for some suntanning and dipping in the pool and jacuzzi!

Dip, because the pool was simply too tiny for a swim.


Selfies at the pool!


Casper came by and helped us to take a photo! I hid behind because I hadn’t been exercising and that my tummy had appeared.

Most importantly, the tanlines I had, because they told me to take of my shorts and that I always wore this bikini pants for suntanning so now that I’m wearing a triangle bottom, the tanlines looks way too ugly and hilarious xD


All my pretty girls! 😉


Lucky us, a very good looking man walked past us while we were taking selfie and due to some unknown miscommunication, he thought we asked him to join us for a selfie!

But sure, he was good-looking!


There’s all my pretty girls! And it pretty sums up the whole of my birthday and staycation at M Hotel Singapore.


Collated all my birthday gifts from all of my friends from my 20th Birthday!


Lastly, I shall end this post with my favourite polaroid amongst all!

Kudos to the smart me for initiating this pose and it turns out beautiful!

The birthday surprise have been pleasantly great and all my entire life, this is the first time ever was my birthday that well-planned by someone and that I did not had to planned my birthday for myself. Thank you so much and this is the best birthday I ever had. I know I wasn’t very cooperating in taking most photos since I was feeling quite down but I tried my best to be happy and smile so that the photos would turn out great.


I was “forced” by Glenda to take this photo as I was super reluctant to take for I felt fat. (I put on some pounds and haven’t been exercising since grandma was hospitalized…)

The awkwardness, but I shall end this post here.

Happy 20th Birthday to me!

My New Friend- Pam!

Her name is Pamelia, and she is my new friend. I got to know her from Emrys, in Taiwan where she was Emrys’s buddy.

I don’t remember how we became closer, perhaps it was internship that brought us closer together, and of course, food like Swee Choon and ramen.

It happen that we had the same off day on a Sunday and we decided to go to the beach to suntan together! Pam was late as usual and I had to wait for her and while sitting at the sky park, it was my first time seeing a star cruise!


ImageBeautiful sky, but there was no sun. It was raining and we had to hid under the shelter.


ImageI took some selfies because it was so boring since there was no sun and we finished our food.

ImageImageI am so vain. Hahaha

ImageThis is Pam! It was fun taking crazy photos with her! Haha 😀

ImageWe took tonnes of photo that day! PHOTO SPAM TIME XD









My favourite photo!!!



Suntan in progress!



I had alot of fun time with Pam that day even though during the period where we were suntanning while lying on the sand, many indians were trying to disturb us by sneakily trying to take photos of us. We were so angry we had to stood up and stare at them.


We had Fish n Co for dinner!


After which, we ended the whole day with a nice glass of beer!


Off to the Beach!

It’s the holidays again and I’m so happy that the group of friends have organise a really fun outing to the beach at Sentosa which includes a potluck lunch!

It was my first time going on an outing in a such a big group which I’m not used to because of my introvert, and this time, it was a huge step that I have made to go out with so many people and getting out of my shell! I’m so proud of myself! *pat on my back*


Here’s what I wore to the beach!


My beach look!

Do I have that California girl-look? *wink*Image

We’ve reached Sentosa!


 Heading to the Waterfront Station to take the Sentosa Express to Beach Station!


Waiting for our monorail to come!

Siloso Beach here we come!


Photo with the girls!


Spot me building my sandcastle!


A shot of us!

ImageForfeit for being late! 

The piggyback punishment!


But the couple look so sweet right? 😉


The group of us heading to the sea for some fun now!


Fun time fun time!


Getting out of the water now for some lunch!


Say cheese!



*sneaks in to be in the photo*


Was trying to get Kaiyun into the water…


My favourite shot in the water!


Discussing if we should get into the water AGAIN! xD


We went in eventually! Look how happy I was! HAHA!

ImageFinally got the guts to take off my top and show my pretty bikini top!

Another achievement unlocked!


The guys came in and they tried the Running Man game!


My back is burnt so badly! OMG!


A group shot before we left the beach!

And Jonas is sand-buried!





Ended photo-taking with a “poker-face” look!

On the whole, I really had lots of fun at the beach despite being getting sunburn instead of tanned. I also got to know more about the people, like Allison, Chong Huang, Desmond, Wei En, Nic and Pam since I wasn’t really close with them until yesterday!

After we got back to Vivo City from Sentosa, we went to take away our dinner and had them at the Sky Park at Vivo City Level 3.

When we finished eating, we started to playing truth or dare and it was so scary because I was  so afraid that the bottle point at me and thankfully it didn’t aimed at me most of the time! I really did had a good time playing truth or dare for the dares were really funny especially when the dares were for the guys! HAHAHA! 😀

So much fun and till next time!~

Baby Seng’s 19th!

It was Baby Seng aka Si Hui’s 19th birthday and we had actually planned up a surprise for her with a surprise present,card,wishes and a birthday cake!

So, on a thursday, we had to meet up to go out to Tampines to shop for her birthday pressie.

And we had a hard time looking for the perfect gift for her, until Emrys suggested on a BIKINI!

I was heads on for it, but Weiyi wasn’t and it was a hard time convincing her that bikini would be the best gift for her before we went in to Sheer Romance!

There was alot of bikinis hung there, and they were in floral prints! I was so tempted to get one set for myself…but NOOO! No extra expenditure PLEASE!

Then, we bought the set of bikini for her and went to Daiso to get a pretty PINK box for her!

And bought a box of ribbon to make a birthday card for her!


The pretty box of budget blue ribbons!


I sew the ribbon sash into a flower!


And I hand-sewn a pearl to it! Looks so pretty right?^^ 


Pretty right? I made it all by myself!


The inside of the card to write the wishes!

And we celebrated her birthday at Nex, Ajisen Gourmet!!!


Scallop Sushi!


Fried Ebi!


My gyozas!


Faking a excuse of needing to go the toilet, we sneaked to buy a small birthday cake for her!


Trying to light up the candles!


ImageThe chocolateyyyy cake!


Posing for a photo!


Check out her shocking expression!

She was totally caught off-guard by the surprise thinking that we did not remember her birthday at all…HAHA!!!


Looking at her birthday present!


The bikini in a box! PRETTY RIGHT?


Here’s a photo of the four of us!