Cafe Hopping in Holland Village!

Yesterday, it was rather an impromptu decision to go with my bff for dinner since someone was quite busy that he has no time for me, which left my weekends plan empty. Thankfully, Siru was free to be able to meet me and I managed to convinced her to go cafe-hopping with me! Of course, I managed to get my cravings satisfied and took lots of pretty photos! I guess I can always count on her!

The first cafe we went for dinner was at D’ Good Cafe in Holland Village, it’s located extremely near to the MRT station and I managed to find it without any difficulty. Since it was a weekend, the cafe was slightly crowded and that the popular swing seats were hard to get, we wanted to sat there and we waited for quite some time but eventually got to hungry and decide to settle down in a corner. We ordered Eggs Benedict ($13.50) and Mushroom Quiche ($13.00) and Matcha Cream Frappe ($6.50). The cafe was self-serviced so we had to collect our food by ourselves and there was no GST or Service Charge! All food prices were in nett which means it’s quite affordable!


ImageThe food was good especially the Eggs Benedict! I kind of regret ordering the Mushroom Quiche because it was too dry and I wasn’t really a fan of chips and I ended up eyeing on Siru’s food because they looked and taste so much more nicer than mine! The matcha cream frappe was delicious too! You should definitely give it a try!



ImageThe food is finally here, let’s get started shall we? -thegluttenme

ImageWhat’s cuter than a straw with moustache!

ImageWe shamelessly took selfies at the rooftop of the cafe! 



ImageI think a best friend is someone who is willing to take selfies with you and makes you laugh…

ImageI Love this photo! ❤

The next cafe that we went was called Craft Bakery and Cafe, it was located opposite Häagen-Dazs. The decor of the cafe was very minimalist and simple, unlike D’Good Cafe there wasn’t really any spots for us to take more photos. We order the Original Molten Lava Cake ($9.50++) that came with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The food prices weren’t in nett so there was additional 10% service charge.


ImageThe lava cake is chocolatey rich, warm, moist and soft. If you are a fan of chocolate, you would probably love it. The vanilla ice-cream wasn’t that great as the quality of the ice-cream was probably like those sold in supermarket, maybe they used Kings, Nestle or Walls vanilla ice-cream. If it was some homemade vanilla gelato, this plate of dessert would totally be heavenly.

ImageHere’s the menu for those who would be interested.

ImageImage*pretending to be obsessed with the dessert*


I had a great saturday night out at Holland Village with Siru and that we even had some heart-to-heart talk under the tree. I guess the funniest part would be kill, shag, marry questions that I post for Siru, seeing her reaction, it was just funny!

Post-CNY Outing!

It’s the first day of the study week and I was supposed to be studying for the exam on friday but the group of us decided to give ourself a break first by going to Emrys’s house to “bainian” and to visit her cats followed by a long-awaited ramen meal at Marutama @ Clark Quay and then watching Ah Boys to Men 2!

The trip sounded so exciting right! Plus, everyone of us dressed our best for the day and it felt so cool! Especially entering the Marutama restaurant!

So, we all met at Woodlands MRT on a monday morning and many of them were late…and some were unable to make it which was kind of sad…

ImageA photo of us on the bus to Emrys house!

ImageA funny photo!


Some of them are so scared of the cats and started dashing out of Emrys house!

And did you know that there’s 5 cats!!!

ImageHere’s the boy that frightened them! He’s such a sociable cat!

ImageHere’s my favourite one, Boyboy! She’s so scared of people that she hid behind the mattress!

ImageShe looks like a Garfield!


She hides at a corner in the room!


 It took a hard time for me to wait for BoyBoy to look into the camera!


Her eyes are huge and look so cute!


Then, we went to Marutama!


Another photo!


B & W!


Wet tissues of Marutama! LOL!


 Marutama menu!

ImageAjitsuke Tamago arrived in bowl!

Usually, they would place it in your ramen!

The ajisuke tamago is the best I have eaten so far among many of the ramen shops! I love the hint of japanese soya sauce in their egg yolk where the egg is 60% cooked! Not too runny nor fully cooked! LOVEEE IT!

ImageNext came the Gyoza! It’s steamed and I loved it!

The sauce is actually a mix of japanese soya sauce and chilli oil with a dash of garnishing!

ImageMy ramen arrived! It’s non-spicy because I couldn’t take spice! Haha!

So, the first thing I did was to take a sip of the chicken broth! Relatively nice! But the first sip felt like the soup base of chicken instant noodles, I only got hooked on to it after several sips!

The noodles were rather nice, not to thick nor thick, springy and chewy! LOVELOVE!

Overall, I think that Marutama ramen is worth a visit especially for a dining place for girls’ outing!

ImageThe eight of us took a photo by the friendly staff before we left!

The staff were very friendly and helpful especially in helping us take photos! Teehee!~

ImageAnd we went to watch Ah Boys to Men 2! The movie was awesome and I’ve been wanting to watch the movie for like sooo LONG!!!

ImageAnd this is my outfit of the day!

Did my own french braid, Self-tie back dress in green from MDScollections, MaryJane wedges in black from Code Red!

I enjoyed the outing so much!

Can’t wait for the next one!~

An Authentic Kampong Chinese New Year Experience!

Definitely, it’s authentic with the rooster calling away during sunrise and living in a really big house with our own garden.

So, I had my Chinese New Year this year spent at my grandparents house again. The reason to which why I did not spend my Chinese New Year here, right in Singapore was that I didn’t like being here, I prefer the way of life in Malaysia, relaxing and slow paced, of course, time past faster than you could expect.

I had lots of fun there playing with “explosives” such as fireworks and various types of firecrackers!ImageFireworks!ImageReally pretty firecrackers!

2013-02-11 19.33.43_副本 - Copy

ImageTourists came to our kampong to put firecracker! LOL~

Not only that, I got to take a look at the new terrace house that we had just renovated and managed to experience a high tide due to heavy rainfalls over the past few days! It was fun with the water coming into our house and rising to our knees in our kitchen! FUNNN!

ImageWe had our fence redone!ImageWhat do you think of our new house?ImageHere’s the living room! With a set of PURPLE sofa!Image

Took a picture on my favourite sofa! LOVE~ImageHere’s the high tide!ImageAnd my neighbour’s dog is trap with the rising water!Image

This was the dog who was sniffing at our door on the first day of Chinese New Year!


Stretching himself like a boss!Image

Showing us his butt!ImageThe water rose even higher the next day!

ImageWalalala! It was fun!Image

Our house’s dalmatian had to seek shelter in the house!


This was the vain me trying to take photos!

ImageA photo with the house flooded with water…

2013-02-12 13.54.18_副本 - CopyMy favourite photo looking retarded-ly happy! 


A self-shot taken with my sister. Tell me if we look alike? 

2013-02-11 13.18.45_副本

Here’s my pretty nails that I did for myself this Chinese New Year! IN MINT!!!

2013-02-10 20.41.17_副本

Lastly, here’s a photo of me and my adorably looking cute cousin!

Wishing you all my readers a Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

If only…


In every girl’s dream, we would always dream of having a guy in your life who would be able to cook and whip up a decent meal for you. Likewise, I share this similar dream as many others.

Being someone who loves food, I do enjoy cooking during free time and of course, the process of cooking and eating the food is just a joy. However, the cleaning up doesn’t seems much of a joy.

Of course, I really do wish that someone could actually whip up a meal for me and if he knew how to bake. I’ll love him to bits. I’m serious!

Anyway, I’m just daydreaming like I usually do…it’ll only happen in my dreams because I have no luck…

OOTD Lookbook~

Recently, ootd harshtags have been very popular in social network especially on Twitter, Instagram and even Facebook.

So, what’s actually ootd?

Well, ootd refers to “outfit of the day”. 

It’ll usually contain a self-shot of your outfit for the day, most of the time taken in front of the mirror.

And here’s my collection of my #ootd photos that were supposed to be posted some time ago…because I didn’t had the time to upload, it ended up with a whole lot of them…

Image#ootd : Nude Lace Dress from!


#ootd : Denim blue mandarin collar top with black flared skirt paired with a white belt!


#ootd : Getting the Korean look!


#ootd : Light Pink tank dress with black clutch and leafy metal necklace!


#ootd : I’m a hippy denim girl!


#ootd : Poofy tulle dress from ASOS! Princessa~


#ootd : Basic blue dress from!


#ootd : Green tulle midi dress with vintage bag and a little bow belt in black!


#ootd : Blue bodycon dress with my favourite black Mary Jane wedges!


#ootd : School time! Forever 21 Black Sheer tank top with white shorts!


#ootd : Dressed for wedding dinner!


#ootd : On a rainy day!


#ootd : Dark blue Chiffon Dress!


#ootd : Denim Jacket with black a-line dress!


#ootd : It’s maxi dress day!


I’ll promise to upload my #ootd photos to share with everyone more regularly!

*Hooks pinky* 


I went on a shopping spree at Bugis Street today!

Sure, I have bought quite a handful of stuffs from the “so-many” shopping bags that you can spot!

But the main purpose of this trip was to get some decent clothings for school, since school is starting soon… *SIGHS*


And my best buy of this trip is this pair of flats!!!

I’m so loving it for the pretty ribbon bow right at the front!

And what’s school without a pair of comfy flats to go with?


And this was what I wore today, not with the sunglasses on a rainy day of course!

But mint sunglasses and mint top sure looks good!



MiMi, my Beloved~

Today, my little timid boy was around my house longer than usual today, and we decided to take some pictures since we have took one ages ago…ImageHe looks so adorable like a real life pretty white soft toy, doesn’t he?ImageImageAnd this is the last one, he tried to wriggle away…


I just love him so much, because unlike other kitties out there, he’s the timid one, who wholeheartedly place his trust in me, and the loyal one, that comes to my house timely, and allows me to disturb and tease him, and even give him a HOMEY HUG (just like hugging a real-life furry soft-toy and yet it feels warm with a heartbeat, don’t you think that feeling is so lovely?), and yet he doesn’t retaliates and scratch me in return.

He have been the best and amazing boy for the past 4 years plus, and BTW, he’s reaching 5 years of age in the human year this DECEMBER!

Maybe, I’m a little obsessed and crazy over this little boy, but I just love him to bits so much so that I would be nuts if he suddenly vanish in my life.


CNY 2012~


During this CNY, I spent it in Malaysia, Kota Tinggi where my grandparents lived…

So, this is where I waited for my maju bus 227, to Kota Tinggi…

This is random but I bought Beard Papa Durian Puff in City Square@JohorBahru…It was cheap and delicious!

Stopping by Ulu Tiram Interchange during the journey…

In my uncle’s car before heading home!

CNY goodies at grand’s house!

Little QiQi on 初一!

We had charcoal style steamboat, using only charcoal to cook the food! How awesome can that be! I bet most Singaporeans wouldn’t be using such steamboat during CNY…


This is a 8m long red firecracker! boomboomboom~

This is the dalmation that we keep in our kampong, her name is Xiao Qi.

This is our neighbour’s cat resting under my grand’s car!

My sis took a funny photo with the dog…LOL!

And check out my self-DIY nails! I did it myself and I used Sally Hansen Ink Splatter Shatter and Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl nail polishes that were bought from New York!

They look really lovely right?

Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year, every-boardies!