DAD watches porn?


Yes that was exactly my expression when I saw it. I couldn’t believe it! It was a complete utter shock and surprise to me. You know how chinese parents are always discreet and refrain talking to us children about romance, relationship and sexuality…and of course we have our own ways to getting to know them but catching your dad watching soft porn in the living room big tv openly is a major disgust. I’m a daughter, I’m not a son. If I were a son, I’ll probably be completely cool with it as I’m a guy. But I’m not!!!

This hasn’t been the first time already, I’ve catch him doing several times but this time he was too engrossed in it when I happened to came out of my room and pass by the living room. The big tv screen that I’m used to watching my melodrama ends up screening a completely naked young woman touching herself. I was speechless! How am I suppose to react? My dad is I think in his early sixties, and although we are never close nor talked, I still address him as dad as a formality but I can’t believe an old man whom is also a dad watching soft porn in the living room OPENLY OPENLY OPENLY?!?! Are you kidding me…

Ok, I know you are probably saying I’m making a big fuss. I apologize for that because I’m still completely in shock as I’m typing this post. Well, I know he is a man and sexually he has his needs and her wife is probably at the age of menopause so I guess sexually they are less active as they aged and especially a menopause woman has really bad temper and have little to no sexual desires, which is not adequate to satisfy my dad (because he is watching soft porn which he has never done it before when I was a kid).

Honestly, I’m totally cool with him watching porn or doing his own deeds, but I would really appreciate that he watch it discreetly in a confined room that no one can access to, you know like toilet? The worst part is, I don’t know how to approach him on this matter because we never really spoke to each other before but each time this incident is happening, I just feel really uncomfortable and the worst part is I have to pretend that I saw nothing and walk off coolly to the kitchen to get my supper fix. ARGH!

Somebody, please tell me what to do? 😦


There’s always a vast difference between the reality and your fantasy.

It’s alright to dream once in a while but you have to get back on track eventually.

Crafting In Progress!

It’s been quite a while since I did some arts & crafts which was my favourite hobby since young. So on this random day of my holidays, I have decided to do and learn to do some simple crafts as a birthday gift for my bff (best-friend-forever) since I owe her 18th birthday gift due to her A’Levels.

And, I’ve actually bought a simple brown wooden photo frame and some craft materials like ribbons, glitters and glue.

So, check out what I

ImageUsing the box of ribbons I’ve got, I tried to learn from a youtube video about making ribbon rose! It’s my first attempt, I can’t say that it’s perfect but, I guess it does look a little like rose, don’t it?


And taddaaa!!!

Here’s the wooden frame that I bought! It’s quite amazing that it looks so girly and all “bling-ed” up!

So, I had actually use 2 colours of glitter, silver and ocean blue to create that ombre effect since it’s really popular nowadays. Also, I used the pearls and beads that I had when I bought for my jewellery making hobby as some of the decorative for the frame! Of course, I did the round polka dot sequins myself by using a ribbons and sewing it before glueing on a clay flower on top of it!


It looks really pretty under the light because it’s so glittery and bling like a diamond!

It really SPARKLES!!! ❤

However, I kind of feel that the frame was a little too amateur and childish and kiddy, till the next day, I’ve decided to give the frame a little re-vamp.


Here it is!

The final look!

I’ve actually plucked off those sequins and replace the empty spaces with seashells that were picked from Tanah Lot in Bali when I was on an exchange programme with my bff.

I guess it’s kind of good memories, and I was hoping that this frame would evoke memories of my bff and I when we were in Bali and thus, I turned this frame into a more ocean-inspired look with the blue ombre effect from the glitters which reveals the sea and seabed under the sun and all those pretty shells and beads that are on the glitters.


(A close up of the pretty beads and shells!)

Don’t you love them?

I had to glue the sides with ribbon because the wooden frame which were painted brown when I bought them off the shelf, the brown paint actually came off when my UHU glue was on it. And worst off, the brown paint actually seep through some parts of the ribbon!!! GOSH~


Here’s how the frame actually look!

It’s a photo frame cum birthday card! 2-in-1! Isn’t it cooL?

I had insert a pink card as the “photo” with my well-wishes written on it. Of course, for privacy purposes, I had to blur those messages and I paste a really cute goofy sticker on it! CAUSE I LOVE CUTE THINGS! 😛


Being really lazy to wrap up the photo frame, I attempted to do something really simple, starting off with making a nice blue bow. A really small one!


You could see that I didn’t fully tear off the label of the box properly…

Still, I tried to adorn this birthday present with strips of wrapping paper and finishing it off with a petite blue bow! 

I guess it does looks good…


And, I attempted to go another rose using a different method!

So which rose do you think looks better?

The one on the top of my post or this one?

CNY 2012~


During this CNY, I spent it in Malaysia, Kota Tinggi where my grandparents lived…

So, this is where I waited for my maju bus 227, to Kota Tinggi…

This is random but I bought Beard Papa Durian Puff in City Square@JohorBahru…It was cheap and delicious!

Stopping by Ulu Tiram Interchange during the journey…

In my uncle’s car before heading home!

CNY goodies at grand’s house!

Little QiQi on 初一!

We had charcoal style steamboat, using only charcoal to cook the food! How awesome can that be! I bet most Singaporeans wouldn’t be using such steamboat during CNY…


This is a 8m long red firecracker! boomboomboom~

This is the dalmation that we keep in our kampong, her name is Xiao Qi.

This is our neighbour’s cat resting under my grand’s car!

My sis took a funny photo with the dog…LOL!

And check out my self-DIY nails! I did it myself and I used Sally Hansen Ink Splatter Shatter and Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl nail polishes that were bought from New York!

They look really lovely right?

Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year, every-boardies!