I wish, I may, I wish, I might.

I wish, I may, I wish I might.

I wish for someone who could hear my voice,

Someone who could just listen to my thoughts and provide me with advice.

Someone who could just be the role of my parents or at least my mother,

to give me the motherly love that I need,

the protection that a mother give and the concern over my future.

I wish, I may, I wish I might.

I wish for a shooting star that could make this extraordinary wish come true.

It is not a very demanding wish.

It is neither something impossible.

For I am just sick of talking to myself,

Pretending to be the role of the mother, the father,

Pretending to answer my own questions,

Pretending to be happy, when I am not,

Pretending to know everything, when I don’t,

Pretending to be matured, when I am as childish as you could think.

I wish for someone to be proud of me, for who I am, 

Someone who wouldn’t call me stupid,

Someone who wouldn’t call me useless,

Someone who wouldn’t ignore my existence,

Someone who wouldn’t treat me like a tool,

Someone who WOULD just treat me like a daughter of her own.

And all I wish for is someone who really takes up the role as a mother, a REAL MOTHER.









Donna said, “Never let anything get in the way of your destiny.”