French Soufflé from Miam Miam

Behold your senses and keep your mouth closed before they start to drool, presenting you Soufflé!!!


It was a catching up session with Siru the other day and we had our usual lunch at Keisuke Ramen in Orchid Hotel, Tanjong Pagar and after which we decided to have Brother Bird for the delicious mochi donut with soft serve in Bugis, and so we took a train down… and walked some distance in the hot and humid weather. And to our disappointment they were closeddd! DAMN…

So we ended up having to choose between Miam Miam and Llao Llao, and since both of us hadn’t tried Miam Miam, we decided to step into the place. The interior was open concept and beautiful decorated to dark wood furnishing, black metal frames, cosy cushioned seats and lights, feels alittle french-inspired.

We took quite awhile to decide what to have between the deliciously looking french toast and the gorgeous elegant soufflé and yes, we both ended up ordering 2 soufflés, one in vanilla the orginal flavor ($9.80++) and the other in matcha ($11.80++).

The wait was about 30mins and so we ordered each ourselves a iced matcha (top up $1.50++) and a good hearty chat about usual, work, studies and future.


My Verdict: The soufflés were indeed rich and creamy but at the same time light and fluffy, I love the crispy top layer of the shell. It’s my first time trying such a dessert but honestly, I probably wouldn’t return for the second time. I don’t really find myself paying for such an exquisite yet petite dessert unless they are well, cakes. Well, you could always give it a try but keep your expectations low, and I’m probably someone fails to appreciate it.

Pass ~


7-11: Butter Chicken Briyani Review

Do you guys realize that SG’s 7-Eleven has finally up its game with its pre-packed food on the shelves?

It used to sell pre-packed food but nobody actually pretty much take a good look about it because it was either NOT NICE or too expensive… BUT NOW, everyone seems to be raving over their Butter Chicken Briyani and because it sounded so good, I decided to give it a shot too!


(FIRST up, sorry guys, great apologies for the disgusting look on the photo, I accidentally kind of spill the gravy while carrying it on the way home as I did not had microwave at home so I heated up in the 7-Eleven and hence there was some holes between the plastic cover which I did not realize. 😦 )

Appearance wise, the rice definitely look fluffy and soft, definitely exceeded my expectations of hard and dry rice which are pretty much how pre-packed rice would be like. Unlike what’s is photographed on the cover, it does not have any onions, just butter briyani on one side and the other, the long grain rice.


The gravy was good in consistency, pretty thick as I was expecting it to be really runny. Hahaha. There’s plenty of chicken chunks in it, they were cooked till really soft and tender, probably like how simmered chicken meat taste like. The meat still holds well together, without falling apart with a bite but I wish it could have been more chewy though. Of course, the gravy and the rice just goes simply so well together and I even cut some cucumber cubes to go along with it.

My Verdict?

Yes, you should totally give it a try!! Skip those unhealthy instant noodles, this is totally worth the hype for just $3.90 probably a 10cent cheaper than your regular zi-char takeaway. 😀


REVIEW: Maggi 5 Minute Cup

I’m actually a pretty big fan of instant food, not that I’m unable to cook some proper meal but the preparation and washing up are really hectic and tiring. Especially when I’m only cooking for myself, thinking about all the effort I have to put in to whip up something healthy, it just makes me feel a little lazy.

Recently, during my grocery shopping trip in Fairprice Xtra, I noticed there’s a new instant food product on the shelves in the instant noodles section. They are the Maggi 5 Minute Cup which come in 3 flavours- Broccoli Fettuccine, Mushroom Cream Fettuccine and Tomato Sauce Spaghetti. Interestingly, this is probably the first time I’m seeing pasta in the form of cup noodles and being a pasta lover, I couldn’t resist myself from grabbing 2 of them to give it a try. Instant pasta, it’ll definitely save me a lot of time compared to whipping up a plate of proper pasta meal and yet at the same time, I can satisfy my pasta craving. AWESOME!

I wasn’t a fan of broccoli fettuccine so I gave it a miss and grab these two instead. Honestly, the cups are pretty tiny, which can’t really fill you up as a proper meal unless you consume 2 cups but they make pretty good instant breakfast, snack or supper or when you want something less filling.

The lid of the pasta cup was made of aluminium instead of the usual plastic looking cover which makes it really easy to tear when opening the cup. Oops, I tore the one on the right by accident. Anyway, the pasta and the powder mix are all done up nicely in the cup, so you don’t have to fumble with opening the plastic flavoring sachet like most instant noodles are packed. All you need is to boil some real hot water, pour it in and wait for a good 5 mins before your pasta is done!

IMG_8811 This one is the tomato sauce spaghetti, I added some crabstick to my pasta if you could spot some red bits. The spaghetti strands are unlike the normal spaghetti, they are hollow like a tiny tube and after 5mins of the “cooking” time, some strand of the spaghetti were still uncooked despite using hot boiling water. I had to recook the spaghetti using a small pot. Some extra effort was spent, oh wells. Anyway, the taste was similar to Maggi Ketchup with a little hint of herb flavor, else it was just mainly too salty and sweet. I’ll probably give it a miss if I were you.

The mushroom fettuccine, I love it. There were really tiny bits of mushroom in it and the sauce was creamy and thick. It was super delicious for an instant cup pasta, and the flavour wasn’t as overwhelming and chocking like the tomato sauce spaghetti one. The fettuccine cooks pretty well maybe because it’s smaller, as compared to the spaghetti. I would totally recommend you guys to try this and maybe give the broccoli one a shot as well. It was really good.

I’m hoping that Maggi would come up with more interesting instant cup pastas so that there’s more options for us to choose from! 😀

PS… ONE MONTH LATER,  I finally tried the Broccoli Fettuccine and damn, I was so wrong about it.

It’s as good as the mushroom fettuccine and you could see plenty of broccoli bits in it and I love how creamy it is. It’s probably had the almost identical recipe as the mushroom fettuccine probably minus that mushroom flavour and bits. Ok, so I really have to take back my words, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY TRY THIS ONE TOO!!!

Honestly, sometimes I wish they came in bigger size too because it’s around $1.95SGD for one tiny cup and I’m so not full or near satisfied after finishing one cup though… 😦

Lola’s Cafe + Singapore Museum

This post is way overdue and should have been posted in May but I just didn’t had the time to transfer the photos from my phone to my laptop, pardon me!

Now, let’s turn back time to the day after my 20th birthday.

Siru decided to meet me to pass me by birthday present that she got for me in Hongkong which includes my favourite nail polishes (Yes! I’m a fanatic nail polish collector!) She made a reservation at Lola’s Cafe as I wanted to go there real badly since it was highly raved on many websites and Instagram, tempted by the food, I just wanted to get a taste of it myself personally.


02Something random that I snap while waiting for our food 🙂


Ms Chen’s blur face! GOTCHA x

(She’ll probably kill me for posting this, but it’s candid anyway, like what she always say… 🙂


I just love the background of the photo because of the reflections of the lights that looks like tiny stars.


*drumroll please* 

Here’s our food!


My order: Mushroom Melt ($10 nett)

Simply loved the chunky mushrooms and cheese on the toast and fresh crisp salad! Loved it! ❤


Ms Chen’s order: Farmer’s Bratwurst Roll ($8 nett)

Really wished they could be more generous with the sauce for the frank though.


And she decides to snap lots of photo of her food despite me starting to eat my food already which afterwards she complain why her food was cold! ROFL~


There’s the lemon tart for dessert. I didn’t really like lemons so I didn’t really ate that…

Overall, I think that Lola’s Cafe is worth a visit and probably I will swing by there if I am free since the cafe food are in nett prices, it’s more worth it that visiting cafes with service charge and gst exclusive and then you have the sucky service, what’s the point of paying service charge right?


Guess where we headed to next?

Singapore Museum!!!

I’m not the kind of girl who really enjoyed visiting museum because they are really boring and dull in particular to the exhibit but since there was nothing else better to do after lunch, we decided to head there because the architecture of the Singapore Museum was beautifully British designed that reminds me of the colonial period in Singapore. Furthermore, lots of wedding couples would come by to take their photoshoots.

Just that day, we chanced upon 3 chinese couples and 1 muslim couple!


Before we went to the museum, we went to pick up Mr Froggy from Siru’s SMU locker…


Took some selfies with Siru’s phone!13 14

Now, you shall be prepared for a long stretched of photos that Siru took for me at the Museum! She didn’t brought her DSLR to help me take those photoshoots but with her phone, some of these photos came out prettily well. Or at least I was in love with the results!





This was taken outdoors and we ended up sweating like mad for the weather was a killer that day!
16 17 18 20

I took this for Ms Chen and taught her how to pose, she’s such a fast learner! 


The irony of this post, I tried to imitate those brides with their bouquet of roses but instead, I had a plushy in my hands! 😉


Totally forgot to introduce my outfit of the day!

Romper from blogshop (can’t remember the weird name):  $28/-

Sandals from Rubi: 2pairs for $30/-


Smiling awkwardly because it was a backyard of a bar and the waiters are there preparing for the opening.


“I wish you could always be there for me” x24

“All my life, I have been waiting… waiting for the prince to appear in his shiny armour…” kidding~

This is just candid because Siru insisted that there’s dust on the low column and made me check my white chiffon romper!


I’ve always loved spiral staircase and this one is one of the preserved staircase and feature of this museum, really love how old this staircase is, the intriguing design of the steel stairs despite Siru claiming that this staircase was haunted. :/

27“Smiles never fail to make one look pretty…” 😀
Mr Froggy, could you try standing by yourself?”29“Like a little girl”


I shall end this with a super duper blur photo of me with Mr Froggy! I really had a good time with Ms Chen and the photos that she took for me looked really pretty although I wouldn’t consider it to be a photoshoot session but it was just fun cracking our brains to do poses and working with the beautiful backgrounds.

What do you think of the photos?

I know some are really over-exposed, over-coloured, blablabla… 😦


(Cont.) Melaka

I should have written this post way back in April but because of grandma’s admission to hospital on the day I left for Melaka, this has been delayed till now as I had to spend the last moments with her and dealing with her leaving was the most traumatizing moment of my life and till now, I am still unable to handle the loss of her presence from my life.

Now, I shall turn back time a little, to relive to happy moments back in April and to liven this wordpress a little from all those emotional posts that I have been posting lately.

ImageImageUpon arriving in Melaka by WTS coach at around noon, the coach dropped us at the entrance of our Mahkota Hotel Melaka and we decided to try our luck by checking in despite the checking in time was 2pm. To our dismay, our room was yet to be ready and that the previous guest have yet to check out. It was quite disappointing to hear that as Mahkota Hotel Melaka has 400rooms and after we checked in later in the day, we discovered that day’s occupancy was quite low as our block only had 3-4 roooms occupied. Thus, we couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t assign another room for us. Nonetheless, I managed to head down to the shopping malls to fill our stomach and dragged Siru to my favourite Baskin Robbins (the must-have ice-cream when I’m in Malaysia)!

Around 5pm and after a good rest at the hotel room, we headed out to Jonker Street for my favourite Durian Chendol that I have been craving for! (Cravings checked!)

ImageImageImageAfter satisfying my cravings, Siru and I continued to proceed to venture around Jonker Street and I realized that Jonker Street had shrunk in size from my 2 years ago visit. The auntie that sell yummy kueh bahulu was no longer there anymore. Plus, the items that were sold there were barely updated which was quite disappointing.



This is my dinner from Hong Kong Kim Gary restaurant that was an unplanned meal as we were looking around for the famous satay celup restaurant but failed after combing countless streets in Melaka by foot. (You could totally imagine how exhausting it was!)

ImageImageImageNext day: Breakfast in the hotel was pretty decent with the usual fare like chicken halal sausage, poached egg toast, congee, steamed dimsum and juices, coffee/tea.

After breakfast, I decided to head down to the pool as the hotel had two mega big pools, it would be such a waste if I actually gave it a miss! Since Siru forgot to bring her swimwear, I had to head down to the pool alone. However, the downside of the pool was that the pool visitors were constantly giving me the stare for wearing a rather provocative swimwear although I was in a bandeau bikini top and boardshorts. As I was in Malaysia, I was probably expected to wear more covered swimwear… as a result, I didn’t stayed in the pool for long.

ImageImageImageImageImageImage(Pardon me for the unglam face as I didn’t really had a good sleep in our room, I will show you the video I took of our room later on and hopefully, you will get it.)

ImageThe super failed ootd: featuring a floral tee, shorts and sandals from Rubi, the reason why I wore that casual and badly fashioned because I was in Malaysia and the idea was to, blend in!

ImageThis was my lunch, at a nearby eatery.

Image Starbucks Matcha before we headed for last minute of shopping and then boarding of our coach back to Singapore.


That’s our coach! With all the overly anxious passengers that they might not be able to board the coach!

Here’s the room tour of our room as promise!

I didn’t really like the deco of the room as it was really old and felt kind of creepy.

But overall, I did enjoy the trip with my food cravings satisfied (except for satay celup) and travelling have always been good with Siru as my companion!

Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant Review

June 1st was a joyous occasion as my 3rd uncle strike lottery and was treating us to a Japanese A La Carte Buffet at this restaurant in Bukit Timah, called Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant.

This restaurant was set amidst a stretched of shophouses hidden amongst the countless bungalows and terraces in Bukit Timah, it wasn’t that accessible for commoners like us who doesn’t own a car as there are very few buses that reaches that area and that even if you alight at the nearest bustop, it would take you some time to reach that hidden “gold mine” (the stretch of good restaurants). Still, if you are someone who is slightly more adventurous, you might want to try out this place!

Enough of the talk about the restaurant so I shall present to you the photos!

dsc_1724_副本THE HIGHLY RAVED CHANWAMUSHI! The ginormous egg roes!

I loved it so much!

c360_2014-06-01-12-22-17-846_副本This was served next, Mixed Platter of Sashimi!

Fresh and juicy, I love it mmmm!

dsc_1726_副本A wide spread of Japanese food! YUMMY!

Since it’s an a la carte buffet, they will serve you the first round of their signature dishes and then after which you could order those that you fancy from the menu.

dsc_1728_副本Everyone is just too busy eating!

img-20140601-wa0012_副本Emptied the plates, and then ordering again!


Everyone having a good time I guess.


Smoked Duck was good, Aburi Sushi was amazing and so was the chicken wings!

dsc_1725_副本The prawns were extremely huge and tasty!

c360_2014-06-01-13-11-13-764_副本This is still my favourite! Salmon belly ❤

c360_2014-06-01-14-13-10-695_副本To end off the buffet, you’ll get a complimentary mini scoop of matcha ice cream!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset img-20140601-wa0011_副本The huge group of us, without our beloved Grandma. #imissher


Do we even look alike?


Her hobby is to act cute!

img-20140601-wa0007_副本 img-20140601-wa0008_副本She has a terrible pimple outbreak on her forehead and thankfully I was lucky and didn’t had much pimple outbreak as hers and I was hardworking in applying pimple cream, unlike her!


Back to Shin Yuu restaurant, I think the service need some great improvement though, particularly in the staff, I really didn’t understand if the staff really did take down the order and ocassionally, they would miss out your order and you would realized that after waiting like half an hour for your food. I know it is a buffet, but since it’s a la carte, service should also be heavily emphasized on though. Oh well, the food was pretty good and if you are patient, you should really drop by and give it a try!

Another Friday Night

As you might not know, I have been having my internship and I work 5 days a week, 9.5hrs each day with 2 days off, friday and saturday.

Of course, I don’t just waste these 2 days at home and do nothing, but rather each friday night has been fully well-utilized by spending with my bff, Siru!

This friday night was a special one because it was the first night of the F1 Night Race and it was my first time spending time in town experiencing the F1 excitement with the crowd of tourists from all over the world.

Not only that, we went to the Han’s at The Great Eastern, the largest outlet in their chain and the place was a gorgeous and evoked great memories of me when I was kid where my parents would bring me there often.

I miss those good old times where I was being well-treated by them and as you know, I have family problems and because of it, it led me to being a very independent child. (I’m not going to further continue on about it, because it’s suppose to be a happy post!)

And I had my chicken chop with mushroom sauce! It was really yummy!

ImageThe best part of going out with my bff is that our dress code is not just the casual basics, looking shabbily, but rather, it is DRESSED TO IMPRESS!

This allows us to spend time and putting in effort to doll ourselves up to look good when we are out. I mean it’s a girl’s thing to look pretty and regardless of the function, we just want to look the best!

And here’s my #OOTD : Black dress from Taiwan, Feather Earrings from WeiYi on Valentines and my favourite black flats!

ImageAnd here’s my bff’s #OOTD!

ImageOf course, I taught her to pose! Look how pretty she is in the photo! 😀

And we took lots of photos, selfies to be exact!

ImageCuteness overload!




ImageMirror image!


Pretending to be happy drunk and while she pretends to be emo drunk.ImageAnother sweet one!

I really enjoyed my friday night with this awesome babe, and although I may be repeating how happy I was each time I’m with this girl, and it might sound repetitive, but there is really no way I can express how feel so blessed to be able to spend time with her, taking tonnes of crazy photos for memories keepsake.

ImageAnd I shall end this post with a pretty photo I took of myself with my bff’s phone!

Seeya ❤