I’m a cabin crew wannabe

Ever since I was in secondary school, and watched this movie called “View From The Top” which talked about this girl called Donna who came from a small town  where no one believes that she could do something big, but she believed that she was meant to be up in the skies and she took actions and made her dreams came true, by flying for the most prestigious airline, with her quote “Don’t let anything get into your destiny.”

I’ve became really motivated ever since and found my life goal, to become a cabin crew. That plot totally depicts my background and similarly, I’ve always enjoyed travelling and serving people, and someday I do wished that I could become the “waitress in the air”. I know it’s not a really cool job to be, but the perks of travelling is more than what I can ask for.

However, one of the worst thing that could happen is that, my height happens to be on the sitting on the borders (I’m 160cm tall) as the cabin crew minimum height requirement is 158cm or 160cm for non-asian airlines OR most main carriers, they have this arm reach test of 208-212cm which they will do a marking with a sticker, and you have to touch, COMPLETELY TOUCH the marking before they pass you. Saddest thing, I’ve got short arms, even though I may be on tip toes, I simply barely touch the mark or sometimes can’t and the judges would not pass me no matter how hard I try. GEEZSH~

So, in the month of MAY, I’ve tried TR walk-in interview at Pan Pacific on a saturday morning, and I was extremely nervous that day and screwed up my interview during the second round-group interview after passing the written test. Honestly, budget airlines is my only hope because they do not have arm reach test unlike all the main carriers like SQ or CX.

On the next saturday after TR walk-in interview, I went for the SQ walk-in interview and I managed to pass the group interview this time round but I failed the ARM REACH TEST even though my height passed!!! I guess either the mark was too high or simply I had short arms! FML!!! I was super depressed and disappointed after that and for the whole day I felt like my dreams collapsed on me and the truth was simply too harsh to be accepted. Like I spend so much effort from earning lots of money to get braces and get my teeth fixed, spend lots of money again to get my eczema treated, and even studied my hospitality and tourism diploma just for the sake of boosting my chances of becoming a cabin crew. AND all I have done, was in vain… 😦

And surprisingly on two days later after the SQ interview, I received an invitation email from Scoot for interview! GEESH, I was thrilled and Scoot’s interview was probably one of airlines that I managed to passed the most rounds from the initial online application, to invitation to complete the popular 5 online quizzes that test on your mathematical skills, logical thinking, critical thinking, personality and your knowledge on cabin crew job scope and the online webcam recording interview to finally making it to the actual interview, passing through the extremely difficult test in 15mins, the height measurement and skin check (I passed it amazingly with my birthmark!) and then to the group interview, which I failed because I was sick that day and had a really bad cough, I couldn’t and wasn’t able to focus or participate. Disappointed, I should have take care of my health or maybe I wasn’t fated. The moment where you get send home from the airline after failing the round of interview, it’s really really depressing like you did so much to finally make it through to that particular stage and then they tell you I’m sorry, it’s simply too harsh.

So after Scoot’s interview, I took a two weeks break and surprisingly I received CX interview invitation to their office, which was at Changi Airport, super duper far!!! But the plus point is that there wasn’t any queue at all nor having to wait a long time for passing a certain round. CX interview was just super direct, like a normal job interview, instant application, one-to-one and the height and arm reach test which I failed because my left arm was too short to touch the mark. WHAT IS THISSS!?

Anyway, enough of procrastinating, I’m trying not think so much of all the failures that I’ve been through. 4 failed airlines interviews in just a month, it’s really too much for me to handle especially when I had to sacrifice my job to attend the interviews. Is this sacrifice really worth it? I don’t know, especially with that interest piling up on my loan, I don’t know if I’m making the right choice. Dreams and money, I chose my dreams, and I really hope that things will turn out right. From a wannabe to a try-hard, I don’t know when will I ever make it and be flying in the skies someday, or maybe never in my life.


But on the bright side, I’m still going to try again and again for any available opportunities until my savings starts running out, then I’ll really give up on my cabin crew dream… NAHHH, I hope this won’t happen at all! Stay positive and like what Donna said, “Dont’ let anything get in the way of your destiny.” Work harder and dream big! 加油!:D


My Favourite Pastime!

Chick Flicks, Teen Flicks, High School Flicks, they’ve been the best!

I’ve always enjoy watching movies, not horror ones nor thrillers, perhaps romance would be the ideal category for me. But personally, I think that chick,teens,high school flicks would still be the best representation for my favourite types of movies!




I really do enjoy spending some nice time, dressed down in just my purple oversized worn out shirt and a pair of black snuggly fit pants, laying down in the perfect position on my bed with my pillows and then watching the movie on my laptop. Whether is it morning, noon, evening, night or perhaps midnight, I just enjoy watching those flicks on my laptop.

You know, such flicks, always have those dramatic starting and the “problem” which is the climax that’s usually not that ideal, probably making situation at its worst, and when the show actually reaches near it’s end, miraculously all these problems get solved instantly and always ends, with a perfectly happily ever after ending or at least an ending where most girls like me expects it to!

I know that sometimes watching these flicks repetitively and constantly may be boring, but I’ve always enjoyed myself watching them! It’s just my favourite pastime when I have nothing else better to do!

And, if you think that such pastime would something that you might want to consider, I could suggest some of those flicks to you!


So, perhaps you’re still a young teen, not too much of sex stuffs for you, so flicks like the entire series of A Cinderella Story, Princess Diaries, Mean Girls or Legally Blonde might be a good start for you! Of course, there are also, Bride Wars, 13 Going On 30, Sydney White, Princess Protection Programme,View From The Top (My favourite! Gosssh! I love it! Gwyneth Pathrow being the air stewardess, and the memorable tagline, “Never get anything in the way of your destiny!” I can totally remember it!).

And, if you are in for some matured themed chick flicks, there’s the awesome The House Bunny, What’s Your Number?, Easy A, but, there’s the whole entire coolest and BEST movie series of American Pie that’s something you definitely don’t want to MISS!!!

I know the list can go and on, and I’ve watched tonnes of them already and some, I’ve totally forgot the titles, so you can actually go check them out yourself!

So, enjoy!~

My Taiwan Video is up on Youtube !!!

So, here’s my video of a compilation of the bits and pieces of short clips taken during my study trip to taiwan!

Nothing fanciful, nothing much, a short performance by the performers from the Aboriginal Cultural Village and maybe sightseeing with Elmo on the high-speed rail.

Hope that you will enjoy it xD


It’s my 2nd overseas trip away from Singapore, and this time, I’m going to Taiwan, Taipei!

It’s actually a study trip to be exact, but it’s my second time flying off with Singapore Airlines on economic class. I could recall the last time travelling to Bali, I took Singapore Airlines too.

6 Days 5 Nights in Taiwan gone by in a swift before I even noticed it, I’m already back in Singapore. I stayed in different places, travelling from Taoyuan to Taipei to Yilan to Taichung and many other places, staying in Fullon Hotel Linkou, Plaza International Hotel and even farmstays in Flying Cow Ranch and Shangrila Leisure Farm.

The food in Taiwan was fascinating, yummy and tempting but I preferred the shopping part much more. Well, I ate awesome food like oyster omelette, extra large fried chicken chop, xiao long bao, mee sua and even drank milk tea!

For the shopping part, I managed to grab a few pieces of pretty apparels in the Taiwan’s largest night market- Feng Jia Night Market and also some cosmetics and accessories from Ximending. I really liked Feng Jia Night Market and if I had a chance, I would definitely go back there again and stock up my wardrobe!

So, this was my very first time getting a window seat on board the plane and I’m all hyped up!

Milk Steamboat: It had a milky smell and overpowering salty taste with no natural sweetness of milk.

SO, the taiwan trip was a very fruitful one, for I’ve brought back lots of knowledge and also clothes!

I would definitely want to go back to Taiwan to shop next time, maybe with my bff, Siru!