A Story of A Bullied Victim in School…

Have you suffer from peer pressure in your high school or secondary school day?

Have you been a victim in being bully and jeered?

Have you been a class outcast?

Well, let me tell you a story, there’s this innocent-looking girl who was shy and introvert and a sms reply to this guy changed the fate of her entire 4 years in secondary school. 

So, it all started out when she replied this guy who said that he fancied her and wanted to go out with her and being such an innocent girl, she said yes because she told it was just a joke and that she was not really going to go out with him.

However, things got nasty the next day she went to school, the moment she stepped into the class, the whole class started pointing fingers at her, laughing, joking and jeering at her. She was not even sure what was happening until one of her best friends stepped out to tell her the story. 

Finally, she realized that the guy was just playing a prank on her and she was too foolish and silly to have replied him with a “yes”. Of course, deep down, she wanted to voiced out that she was joking too but she eventually figured out that there was no way anyone would listen to her except for her besties.

And this prank, lasted on till the next stage of secondary school where streaming took place and she was separated from her best friends and placed in a class where majority were guys.

Things started to get worst when her eczema started a terrible outbreak and that a non-intentional blog-post lead to a storm of misunderstanding which resulted in the entire class ganging up against her. 40 versus 1 student. Who’s gonna win?

You know the answers.

And for that the two years, she hated school so much and that the only thing that she looked forward too was CCA, recess and lunch time where it was the only time she was able to meet up with her best friends.

Nonetheless, for every terrible teasing and jeering she got, it would resulted in an emotional breakdown and leading her running and hiding inside the toilet crying and tearing. At that moment, school was shit to her and that home was the best place to hide from all those humiliation.

Things also got even out-of-hand when she decided to study really hard so that in terms of intellectual wise, she was able to stand out from them, and turns out, they started teasing her for being the “teacher’s pet and bootlicker”. She was also given nicknames like ” bookworm, nerds, geek, silent movie, bitch…” etc. It just gets nasty each time…

And for everytime she chanced upon the guys in her class, they would start teasing about her legs because of the eczema scars that were on her, it made them look really ugly. Worst of all, she suffered from some family problems where she couldn’t afford to get braces and well, she was named “bucktooth”. Some of the mean guys even commented, ” This girl is so ugly and that I would rather than the fatest girl in class than to go out with her. I would kill myself if I’m forced to go out with her.”

This left the girl heartbroken and emotionally scarred… From the four years of intimidating school life, she no longer trusted guys anymore and started hating every single guys in school whether be it they are kind, good or bad, she just hated them. 

Also, she had even build up a defence wall emotionally so as to not get near any guys ever again to prevent getting hurt from those nasty comments. 

She no longer trust guys.

Well, by now, I guess you would know who’s this girl.. It’s was me…

And the morale of sharing this story will everyone is not about wanting to gain any sympathy or pity from anyone of you out there.

But, all I want to say that, before you become a bully, think about the consequences. A simple act that you think that it is fun and thrilling to do so, may ruin another person’s life. Be it emotionally or physically, it will leave him/her scarred for the whole life.

And he/she may not be able to step out of the taunt and face life positively like how everyone else is able to.

So, be a kind person to yourself and to others, let’s not jeer or laugh or joke at any person you know whether be it they are a normal person or someone suffering from any illness.

That way, school will be a better place for everyone…