Haji Karim Coffee House!

I have been doing several takeaways from Haji Karim Coffee House lately due to my midnight hunger pangs, I just needed some food and being lazy and with limited food options at night, I decided to try out the food there since it’s a 24 hours eating place.

Turns out that the food there is not bad and the price range is roughly about $3.50 onwards for the food and for pratas, it’s slightly pricier probably due to it being 24 hours. 

I wouldn’t recommend you to go there for the pratas though, the pratas are relatively chewy but not crispy because they reheat the cooked pratas which makes it lose it’s crispiness. The curry dip is also too salty which I really don’t like it.

However, I do have to recommend you for the nasi goreng, mee goreng, maggi goreng and the many other dishes!

ImageHere’s the menu that I stole from Google but you can try to take a look from the menu. As a chinese, I don’t quite really understand what all those means but, just try your luck ordering something there. And if you don’t take spicy, just tell them no chilli and they will whip up something nice for you.

ImageThis was what they whipped up for me during my very first order there!

I told them mee goreng, but it turns out to be mee goreng (something) I don’t know what it is because the way it’s cooked looked like mee goreng seafood but there’s no seafood except chicken which tastes so so GOOD la!

ImageOn several occasions, I tried to tell the Indian uncles about wanting that same mee goreng that I ordered on my first time but turns out that I keep getting this Mee Goreng, most likely it’s the original or Indian style for there is really a strong hint of indian spice in it.

I’m quite sad because I wasn’t able to know what was the mee goreng that I ordered on my first attempt and it’s just really sad for it taste so good!

As for this reddish mee goreng, it’s very fragrant and nice but I’m not in favour of the indian spice smell and as well as it’s slightly oily though.

ImageAnd recently, I just ordered this Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis which was recommended by many people in the food reviews.

I have to say that I’m really impressed by the taste, it wasn’t too salty but smelled good and taste awesome too! For a non-fancy looking fried rice, it was really fantastic!

The ikan bilis were crunchy and they were pretty generous with it and there’s the usual onions, greens and cabbage.

I really do recommend you guys to try out their food if you have midnight hunger pangs like me!

But just keep your expectations low in case you’ll get disappointed, but with limited choice of food available at the stroke of 12, the food at Haji Karim is considered pretty decent!

So here’s the address of Haji Karim Coffee House: Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, S560529.

It’s at the corner of the block and the shop front is facing the main road and is right beside the carpark which makes it really convenient to spot and park your car too! 😀


The Best of Times!


Yes! I finally had a meetup with my bff! She’s Siru! The ultimate and officially bff that I have! She’s not the best bff that you would expect, but I guess we kind of are able to “click” and hit off well in a way despite the lack of closeness due to us pursuing different routes of education. Of course, she likes fashion stuffs which I really do and we do have some common topics on and off which I can’t share with you here. Hehehehe! 

ImageI got myself dressed in my new dress from MDScollections! I really love the back of the dress which I couldn’t show you without the help of someone taking photo for me! But still, it does features a nice white crochet top part and the bottom is chiffon and pastel pink! So pretty!

And, I wore my ankle strap nude flats that I bought from Vern’s in Malaysia! It’s a really light-coloured and pastel-looking day with this girly vibe! Feels good to be young! 😉


So, we decided to settle our lunch at this small corner in AMK HUB called Hong Kong Sheng Kee Dessert. It’s a really small place but rather nice place to chill out and meet your friends!


So here’s the promotion menu! And I ordered one wanton noodle soup and added on a Pomelo Sago and a supposedly carrot cake (Siru ordered wrongly and turns out to be a yam cake. YUCK! I really hate yam cake!)


Here’s the wanton noodle soup! You could opt for dry or soup!

And here’s my verdict: It’s nothing really fanciful or amazing and neither do I feel “wow” about eating it. It’s really light and rather bland and nothing special, for the price of $6.50, I guess it wasn’t really worth it for that bowl of noodles. (THUMBS DOWN!)


Here’s the add-on $1.50 of Pomelo Sago and yam cake!

My verdict?

Well, appearance-wise, it sure looks good but the taste was terrible. I’m not a really a yam cake person so not comments about it.

But the Pomelo Sago was BLEAH! It was really watery and bland with barely much mango smell and taste and the Pomelo? It was more of bitter than fragrance! And Sago? There was none! I guess you would say that I’m really very fickle with food, but dessert wise, like mango sago related stuffs, I’m extremely picky about it because my grandpa owns a dessert shop and he taught me what’s kind of mango sago or dessert is best and how to taste and identify them.

So, a bowl of Pomelo Sago at this shop? Save your money for a $1.50 Ice-cream sundae at Macs!


So, after our meal we went to Bugis Street because I wanted to get a bag and some clothes and she accompanied me so!

Well, I ended up buying a laser cut clutch in black and not a handbag and I bought this black bandage skirt to pair with the coral top I got from MDScollections! Now, I have the perfect outfit!

I’m a happy girl! Best of all, the bandage skirt fits me well and was really versatile with any tops! Wahooo!!! I could buy more bandage skirt in future!


Oh! Did I mentioned that I got my very first LBD?

Ok, little black dress  (LBD) is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe because it’s so versatile! AND…I finally got ONEEE!

(Ok, I took these photos after reaching home and trying on those loots hoping they would fit because shopping at Bugis Street doesn’t allows you to try the clothes as they are sold cheap.)


And ending off the day with a photo of Siru and me!!!

I didn’t put a single drop or specks of makeup on my face! BUT!!!

Because I feel like myself, make-up-less and most importantly comfortable with her, for she doesn’t looks down on me nor find me ugly with so many eczema scars and freckles on my face (due to SUNTAN! Grrr~) and that matter a lot to me! I can feel confident and at ease with her without worrying about looking ugly at all time!

I really love this bff so much! She’s so nice :))

On A Road Trip

It’s the holidays, so I was staying in malaysia and I’ve decided to follow my aunt on their company retreat to A’Famosa and as well as a day trip to Melaka and Muar!


Look at the gorgeous clouds that can be seen from the highway!


On the roadtrip on a Proton car!


Nice greenery right?


 A round-about!



A water feature greeting us at the A’Famosa resort!


Condo D’Savoy! Where we are staying!


A security entrance!


Buffet Dinner at the resort!



The food was terrible and even the pastries didn’t make the mark and weren’t even comparable to those bought from neighbourhood pastry shop! 😦


Gorgeous fireworks from our room!


 Morning view of the dining area!


Golf area!




Lobby level of our condo!






My cousin at the balcony of our room!


On the later of the 2nd night, we drove down to Melaka for a tour around and went to Jonker Walk!


The really crowded and popular attraction of Melaka, JONKER WALK!



Kuih Bahulu! Really yummy!


 Handmade LIVE!


Looks good? 😉


Steamed dim sums! 3 for RM2!

Just take a bag, poke 3 of your choice into the bag, pay and start eating!




Some crafts being sold at the stalls!


Really hottttt!!!!


Handmade Kueh!


The BEST chendol ever! From Jonker Walk!


Every ingredient is at the bottom!


It’s Durian Chendol!!!



2012-12-22 23.08.47_副本LOKLOK!

2012-12-22 23.13.39_副本Pick your food that you want and then dip them into the pot of satay sauce for cooking! 

2012-12-22 23.16.00_副本

2012-12-22 23.23.19_副本

It’s one for RM0.60 per stick1 So eat as much as you want!

2012-12-23 13.13.41_副本

Next stop was MUAR!

2012-12-23 13.19.28_副本

Cathay in Muar!

2012-12-23 13.19.47_副本

2012-12-23 13.25.54_副本

The famous carrot cake in Muar!

2012-12-23 13.26.02_副本

2012-12-23 13.40.30_副本

Here’s the carrot cake! It was so good!

2012-12-23 13.26.46_副本


2012-12-23 13.38.08_副本

Muar’s famous for it’s really red Char Siew!

2012-12-23 13.38.21_副本

And we settle in this coffee shop for lunch!

2012-12-23 13.45.13_副本

Prawn crackers!

2012-12-23 13.41.06_副本

Pork satay is also the best street food in MUAR!

2012-12-23 13.53.23_副本

Cockles satay !

2012-12-23 13.57.16_副本

Wonton noodles are also a must try in MUAR!

2012-12-23 13.54.34_副本

We ordered a big bowl of wontons and dumplings!

2012-12-23 14.32.16_副本

Now, this is the BEST MUAR OTAH SHOP!!!

You’re so gonna in love with those otah once you take a bite!

No joke, they are real delicious and we bought like 2 cartons of them!


It was the best road trip ever, especially being able to eat so many famous street food in Muar and Melaka!

“Sometimes, the best food may not be the most expensive food, it can be just a simple fare from a street stall and it can still taste heavenly!”~Me

Sun, Sand, Sea!

We decided to head to Sentosa during this end semester break!

And although the sun that day wasn’t really that sunny and hot at all, more of cloudy and about to rain weather, my suntanning plan actually had to foil because there was no sun…*SIGHS*

But, still we had so much fun there!ImageI was waiting for the train…



Waiting for Sentosa Express…but seriously, it’s my first time boarding the monorail from Vivocity!


We played beach volleyball, but only for a while…


Emrys’s flip flops, aztec prints sure looks pretty enough!


ImageImageOur spooky pre-halloween photo! BOO!

ImageImageJumpshoots, my fav! 😀



ImageA very unglam one! YIKES!

ImageFinally a nice one!

ImageLike I wasn’t ready… OOPSIE DAISIE!

ImageMy gorgeous hair wet with seawater and dusted with sand:P

But WeiYi captured it well!


BRACE FACE RULES! I’m so random xD


And we went to the Southern most point of Southeast Asia 😀

ImageWe ended the trip with a dinner at Jia Xiang Mian!

ImageIt’s actually Kor-Loh mee, in malaysia’s terms!


ImageAnd I shall end off with my favourite photo!

Hopefully I’ll get to go Sentosa again! Till next time…

Can’t wait!~