Forever 21 Shopping Alone!

I know I have been leading this loner life since forever and I really do, enjoy shopping alone, spending time with myself alone, wandering around places in Singapore alone.

It’s really very nice just to walk around, looking at things and people and yet not needing to talk to people and this time, I have decided to head down to Forever 21 to do some shopping alone.

So, I ended up some basics tops and a sunglasses for only $10! A really pretty one in purple! (My favourite colour~)

ImageHere’s me attempting to take a photo of this pretty lilac top with sheer panels at the side. It cost $23 if I’m not wrong.


And I tried on this peplum skirt in beige and it looked ugly on me! 😦


Then I fell in love with this ombre sleeve top but too bad the colour of mint doesn’t have size small and I’m not really a fan of coral pink, so I decided not to get it. BUT IT’S PRETTY RIGHT?


And here’s photos of me in a very basic pocket tee in white!

I know I have been looking very terrible if you can see my colour of my face, it looks pale, eye bags, panda circles, I was in a very terrible shape because I hadn’t been able to sleep well due to insomnia or rather, my body clock is screwed due to late night activities.

Anyway, see you peeps soon!~

An Authentic Kampong Chinese New Year Experience!

Definitely, it’s authentic with the rooster calling away during sunrise and living in a really big house with our own garden.

So, I had my Chinese New Year this year spent at my grandparents house again. The reason to which why I did not spend my Chinese New Year here, right in Singapore was that I didn’t like being here, I prefer the way of life in Malaysia, relaxing and slow paced, of course, time past faster than you could expect.

I had lots of fun there playing with “explosives” such as fireworks and various types of firecrackers!ImageFireworks!ImageReally pretty firecrackers!

2013-02-11 19.33.43_副本 - Copy

ImageTourists came to our kampong to put firecracker! LOL~

Not only that, I got to take a look at the new terrace house that we had just renovated and managed to experience a high tide due to heavy rainfalls over the past few days! It was fun with the water coming into our house and rising to our knees in our kitchen! FUNNN!

ImageWe had our fence redone!ImageWhat do you think of our new house?ImageHere’s the living room! With a set of PURPLE sofa!Image

Took a picture on my favourite sofa! LOVE~ImageHere’s the high tide!ImageAnd my neighbour’s dog is trap with the rising water!Image

This was the dog who was sniffing at our door on the first day of Chinese New Year!


Stretching himself like a boss!Image

Showing us his butt!ImageThe water rose even higher the next day!

ImageWalalala! It was fun!Image

Our house’s dalmatian had to seek shelter in the house!


This was the vain me trying to take photos!

ImageA photo with the house flooded with water…

2013-02-12 13.54.18_副本 - CopyMy favourite photo looking retarded-ly happy! 


A self-shot taken with my sister. Tell me if we look alike? 

2013-02-11 13.18.45_副本

Here’s my pretty nails that I did for myself this Chinese New Year! IN MINT!!!

2013-02-10 20.41.17_副本

Lastly, here’s a photo of me and my adorably looking cute cousin!

Wishing you all my readers a Happy Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!