TPE on Annual Leave

I was supposedly to return on the noon of 1st January and had plenty of time before my impromptu flight to TPE that same day’s midnight but because Jeddah had a massive delay due to customs slow procedures and first availability of aircraft we were delayed over and over again and even worst, the bad weather extended the flight time and we ended up landing at almost to 6pm in the evening. It was so rushed for me as I had to go home and unpacked my stuff and repack them and head back to the airport.

I hadn’t slept for the entire night and what’s worst was we exceeded our flight duty time of 13hours and could in fact stepped down but everyone wanted to go home, so we persevere and flew on a completely FULL flight with no available seats for crew rest so I ended up dozing off on the plane once stepped on board and slept through the flight till I landed in TPE.


Thanks to this set of lovely crews who made Jeddah possible. ❤

After landing in TPE, the first thing I went was the 7-eleven at the airport to grab my japanese rice ball and chun cui he before taking the coach down to Taipei! I was way to early for check in so I left my luggage at the hotel and went out walking around XimenDing for breakfast before heading to underground mall at Taipei Main Station for shopping.


It was pretty early and most shops had yet to open. I was really blessed to be back here. So much memories of the good and the bad.

I went cosmetics shopping too at Watsons. They had so much stuffs and especially the eyeshadows. LOVE IT!

Guess what I bought at the underground mall? Furry pyjamas and umbrella haha! Don’t ask me why I buy umbrella from Taiwan because they have the prettiest umbrellas as compared to sg’s. Hehe


See the racks full of drinks and those cun chui he bottles are calling my name! Pls buy me haha


I had these for supper on my first night in Taipei, you should totally try the Taiwan fruit beers they are really tasty and of course that gooey Mister Cheese potato!!!!!!! They are heavenly if shared haha, too much for me but I finished the entire portion. I’m on my way to become ah buiii …

Free breakfast buffet at the hotel lobby, I took a bowl of my favourite Lu Rou Fan. Who eats fat meat for breakfast? Me!

It was pretty chilly in Taiwan so I was donned on with layers of clothes and because I missed pole so badly, I decided to attend a walk-in pole class at Young Aerial Dance Studio which was within walking distance from the mrt. They taught me plenty of tricks and one of them was the brass monkey. The teacher was nice and I paid quite an affordable price (NTD399) for walk-in. I really love it, I would go there again if I had the chance to fly to Taipei again hopefully as one of my layover stays.

I bought these for supper for my day 2 night, Seaweed Mayo big sotong! It was super delicious, you guys should try it!


This was my last day’s breakfast in the hotel. Nothing fantastic but it fills your tummy.


Arashi ramen before I call it the last meal of my Taipei getaway!


Ok, so apparently I was late for my flight again. This time it was because the bus that was suppose to go to the airport the terminal had shifted and plus there is now only one bus company that provide coach service from Taipei Main Station to airport and the queue was insanely long. I had to queue and the bus had terrible jams on the way and I reached 10 minutes after the boarding had closed. And thank god because I had crew pass, I could use the priority boarding and the staff gave face because I was a crew. Else I would be in deep shit as I had a long chennai turn the next day and the next flight was in the morning.


The insanely amount of stuff I bought from like bath salts that I could use during my china layovers and masks and oh, I should totally recommend you guys this cosmetic brand called Miss Hana! I love their lippies as they last very very long and they are available only at 86 Shop, there is 2 of such shops in XiMenDing, not sure about the other locations, perhaps you might need to google.

It was a pretty fruitful stay in Taipei I have to admit even though it was really short, but it was much needed after all the flying and having to serve passengers, I needed to be a passengers and be served too! Ok, and travelling solo has gotten me way addicted than before. I love the huge queen/king bed and a whole hotel room to myself, no more having to bunk in with the crews or having to share a room. I could blast my own music, dance to the music to myself and of course, no one will laugh at me for being such a clown.

I truly can’t wait for the next solo trip. xoxo



September’s here. How fast.

In the last month, I attended my very last pole class at Pole Dance Academy Singapore before it’s closure and I was really sad because I love that studio to bits. It was cosy and those spotlights hitting on the brass pole had this dancing on the stage effect, which made it extra glamorous. Not to forget the lovely and bubbly teacher—Salmah, it’s been 8 weeks since my re-visit to pole-dancing again since I chipped my elbow. I’ve healed fast and gain my strength back with Salmah’s conditioning and her encouragements.

So, the next chapter of my pole journey was, should I continue with brass poles? Or perhaps head back to chrome pole which is what I am practicing with at home…

I thought of going to TheBrassBarre, I love their sexy and fun vibes and pole dancing genre but then again, brass poles, I know I would struggle finding good gripe especially when I’ve got sweaty palms. GOSH.

And eventually, I landed myself at Polelab. It’s a cosy studio on the 2nd floor in a shophouse, similar to Pole Dance Academy, although it’s only half the size… but still of the 9 poles, 2 poles were 40mm brass and the rest were the usual chrome. I was pretty much contented since I’m given the choice to choose whichever type of pole I felt like using that day. The classes were probably the cheapest amongst all the other pole studios in Singapore, at 8x 1.5hour classes for $180. But guess what, the deciding factor was actually the teacher!

She’s Leron, and she was my first ever pole teacher even though it was just for a day. Before I started my pole journey, I attended my very first pole trial and was introduced to pole dancing by Leron back then when she was still teaching at Acro Polates, yes the one that is owned by Suzie Ming. She was a good teacher although she always has this serious looking face, I love how she breaks down the steps and counts the steps for me slowly.

I don’t know how long I might stay with Polelab, as I do miss my teachers from Pole Dance Academy and I’m just waiting to see where Salmah might teach in the future so that I could join her class, meanwhile, I shall still with Polelab to keep my pole sparks alive.


Happy September guys! 😀

May Fitfam

The month of May was almost filled with activities, from part time work in the Safra gym in Yishun, to finally getting my lazy ass to gym for the first time myself, getting back to pole dancing at Pole Dance Academy and to even heading to a try-out at Tigerair and Singapore Airlines walk-in recruitment (I shall dedicate a post for it when I’m free to write the details.)


And I’m really thrilled at the results for my hard work and dedication to gymming, my back is finally getting back in shape and I’m loving how much my back muscles are starting to pop! Ok, my arms are still pretty flabby at this moment but chill ya, I’m slowly working it too. I’m still working hard on my abs though, they are probably the hardest to achieve because since the 3 months of camping at home my fats have been accumulating and forming a chunky ring of spare tire at my tummy and I’ve been working hard running on the treadmill to burn them off despite how much I hate running. Of course, I have to gain back my core strength because they are super duper weak and I can’t even go up to an elbow stand. I need to get the strength all back so I can do an invert and straddle again.

I’m really glad and satisfied with this really active (maybe not so much) lifestyle and I am really enjoying every moments of it although I should probably be worrying about my poly debt… well, I just hope that things will eventually turn out well for me. And of course, I used to be really worried about how I will end up looking muscular and that no guys will probably like me but nah, SCREW IT! Let them judge and I will keep on training to be stronger and fitter, to a better me and a stronger poler! CHEERS~ 😀


Unveiling my pole videos!

I know it’s gonna be a really big and bold decision to unveil all my pole videos to you guys. I know I might gain criticism, jokes or being laugh about. It’s ok. It’s my learning journey and I think I’ve improved really a lot from an absolutely weak and frail two left feet to the current girl who can do an invert. I’m proud of my achievement and I think I can do better.

My Meipai Pole Channel

(Just click on the link…)

I’m using Meipai to upload my snippets of my pole videos and practices and the just-for-laugh videos because it’s really easy to upload via the app on my phone and I love how I could edit my videos easily, like adding filters or songs, cutting and trimming.

And if you guys are always wondering why do pole girls wear so little?

We wear little not because we want to look sexy or seductive or to attract those unwanted sexual attention. We need the skin contact for grips and friction so that we won’t fall from the pole. Our waist, our inner thighs, our armpits and many other parts provide grips for various different moves and as we advance along, the tricks gets harder, so does our attire, gets shorter. Haha x


Ever since the first pole class, I feel in love with pole dancing. It has been my dream to attempt to sign up for pole class but due to the strong discouragement from my friends, I did not learn until I got to know of this friend where I was so inspired by a guy being able to pole dance. I pluck up the courage and sign myself up. Pole dancing have always been known to people as a slutty dance which aim to seduce and is a down-grading form of dance. To me, I differ so. It has been recognized as a dance sport and that old-fashion minded people should totally snap out from their senses and wake up. Pole dance can help to keep fit and is a form of combination of various dance styles like ballet and fitness for it requires a lot of your core muscles to do the various tricks. Currently, pole dance has even combined with various dance forms like lyrical pole, contemporary pole and even pole exercises which heavily emphasize on fitness. Pole dance has really made a transformation as a dance itself and have been growing in popularity, I don’t see why anyone should really hate it. Anyway, I couldn’t had enough of pole time in class and finally I decided to dig into my precious savings to get myself a pole at home. After various efforts by myself trying to shift those heavy loaded furniture, I managed to make space and install the pole. It was self-assembled and I managed to complete it without any help…sweating badly though! IMG_3024 That’s a basic pole sit. I’m still a beginner in pole dancing and training very hard to strengthen my arms, core and as well as leg grips. It wasn’t easy and came at a hefty price of pain. Then again, I guess the price of pain was worth it because I could transfer the heartache from family and unhappiness into a pain that is more rewarding.

(I know I look fat in this picture which I am actually back then…DAMN!)


Just hanging on the pole to practice my grip.


I’m making of the use of pole to facilitate my warming up and increase my flexibility level.


I wasn’t someone flexible from the start and gave up dancing in primary school because I didn’t had the determination to perform a simple split when everyone in the class could do so. I know my back and leg are very stiff and I’m trying so hard to break the limits. From a 90 degrees angle to a current 165 degrees angle was quite a feat and a whole lot of pain that I have tolerated. I still can’t sit up straight without heavy reliance on the pole to actually pull my body forward instead of tilting it back. I will try hard to strengthen my back and rely less on the pole for support.

(I know my arm muscles are popping and they look pretty cool compared to flabby arms!)IMG_3200IMG_3205IMG_3204That’s the best I could go so far. I’ll keep trying for a perfect 180 degrees split. My progress is very slow and I know I am an absolute beginner with practically no dance background and people are looking down on me telling me to give up but I can’t because I finally found my courage to pursue something I like, my interest. I don’t think your words are worth listening anymore. This time, I should listen to what my heart is saying and follow it.


Pole dance have also made my top two abs POP! I know I don’t have the perfect bikini body to flaunt yet but I’m trying every step that I could to work hard and get there. The perfect tone body and a flat tummy.


Recently, I went to H&M to window shop and decided to gave tight-fit dress a go since I have avoiding them for a year plus because of the tummy gain. Finally, it fit well and my tummy was like bulging then before. I was practically thrilled how pole dancing have transformed me.


This dress was slightly loud in prints but still NO MORE BULGING TUMMY! I can finally say goodbye to loose tops and flare dresses! 😀


I’m officially a pole addict!

My current class term is also coming to an end soon. With the dance school plans of relocation, they are currently not accepting any continuation of classes sign-up which is quite disappointing as it meant that I have to search for a new school soon or wait till the current dance school have relocated. What a luck.