Workout, Maybe?


4 months ago, I was still diligently working out nearly every day at home in aim to achieve the perfect tummy like the model’s tummy above. The bottom photo that showed my tummy was captured in July.

Yes! I nearly had abs but for some reason, because of trying to keep fit and to maintain my body weight, I had been eating healthily and lesser meals to the extent that I lost some weight and because of my weight loss, my bust size shrunk. (I’m serious!)

I know everyone has their ideal body that they want to achieve or dream of getting, some wants to be fitspo, some want to be skinny and others may want something else. As for me, I have been dreaming of achieving a tanned body, that is somewhat curvy, slightly busty, and a toned tummy to look more like a brunette.

I have always had the impression that brunettes are very pretty, tan body, brown hair and I wanted to be one even though I am an Asian looking girl. Of course, I know that I may be oddly weird as every Asian girl wants to look like the Korean POP stars, skinny, tall and lean, fair skin, and big eyes. For me, it was different. I think that looking like a brunette was my version of beautiful, bust size was important and so was waistline, hips and tummy.

Therefore, in order to achieve my desired “dream” body and look, I have been working hard , doing workouts at night to tone my tummy particularly. However, my bust size shrunk from a C cup to a B and I started to fluster because I never wanted a small bust size and even when I was much younger, I wanted a bigger bust size because it looks so much prettier when you have a nice cleavage when wearing tube dresses or plain singlets as compared to a small petite A cups. (I’m not trying to be mean or what, but I thought that it will look much nicer if I had bigger cup size like how those pretty girls look in those chick flicks like Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, etc)

Eventually, I gave up on my dieting plans and started to gain weight by eating more and soon, I lose my beautiful tummy lines and put on several kilograms. Now, I am not able to gain back my original bust size of 34C, but rather a 32C. I think that this is rather a weird and dangerous size because if I were to lose anymore inches around my bust, I would face problem buying a bra. (Still, I want back my original bust size! Rawr~)

Anyway, I’m now contemplating to start my working out routine again because my body weight is little outrageous and that I feel slightly fat because my tummy don’t look as beautiful and flat as before. But the possibility that my bust size may shrink is preventing me from starting.

What should I do? 

To shed some weight and achieve those flat tummy with pretty lines or maintain my current body size?


That Newest Craziest Trend: Thigh Gaps!

Those beautiful cover girl in magazine, advertorials and even blogs, they are beautifully skinny, long legs, and own a thigh gap that everyone has been dreaming to achieve by trying means and ways to slim down, exercise and to minimise the fats on their thighs so that they can flaunt their thigh gap as well.

ImageTo me, I think that whether you have thigh gap or not, it doesn’t matters. Whether is it that you are fat or skinny, it doesnt matters as well.

I don’t see the point to slim down to look good to fit in or for that special someone you have eye-ing at for weeks. I think that as long as you aren’t overweight, your BMI doesn’t exceed that healthy range, you are perfectly average size looking and there is no need to be trying hard to lose weight, by not eating.

Being pretty does not mean it’s a must to look skinny, thin, bony. If you are pretty you are, it’s about those who know how to appreciate your beauty and those who don’t.

Of course, there are always still photo-editing apps to help you achieve that skinny looking figure you been dreaming of without really having to slim down! (That’s just a lie and this ain’t a decent method though!)

ImageAs for me, I do not have a thigh gap. Still, I won’t want to lose weight because I think that I’m very much contented with my body size and that even though many people said that I look fat, having flabby arms or thighs, I don’t really give a damn about it because they are just too overly obsessed with skinny looking girls and that I think that having some fats is what I feel to be pretty.

Off to the Beach!

It’s the holidays again and I’m so happy that the group of friends have organise a really fun outing to the beach at Sentosa which includes a potluck lunch!

It was my first time going on an outing in a such a big group which I’m not used to because of my introvert, and this time, it was a huge step that I have made to go out with so many people and getting out of my shell! I’m so proud of myself! *pat on my back*


Here’s what I wore to the beach!


My beach look!

Do I have that California girl-look? *wink*Image

We’ve reached Sentosa!


 Heading to the Waterfront Station to take the Sentosa Express to Beach Station!


Waiting for our monorail to come!

Siloso Beach here we come!


Photo with the girls!


Spot me building my sandcastle!


A shot of us!

ImageForfeit for being late! 

The piggyback punishment!


But the couple look so sweet right? 😉


The group of us heading to the sea for some fun now!


Fun time fun time!


Getting out of the water now for some lunch!


Say cheese!



*sneaks in to be in the photo*


Was trying to get Kaiyun into the water…


My favourite shot in the water!


Discussing if we should get into the water AGAIN! xD


We went in eventually! Look how happy I was! HAHA!

ImageFinally got the guts to take off my top and show my pretty bikini top!

Another achievement unlocked!


The guys came in and they tried the Running Man game!


My back is burnt so badly! OMG!


A group shot before we left the beach!

And Jonas is sand-buried!





Ended photo-taking with a “poker-face” look!

On the whole, I really had lots of fun at the beach despite being getting sunburn instead of tanned. I also got to know more about the people, like Allison, Chong Huang, Desmond, Wei En, Nic and Pam since I wasn’t really close with them until yesterday!

After we got back to Vivo City from Sentosa, we went to take away our dinner and had them at the Sky Park at Vivo City Level 3.

When we finished eating, we started to playing truth or dare and it was so scary because I was  so afraid that the bottle point at me and thankfully it didn’t aimed at me most of the time! I really did had a good time playing truth or dare for the dares were really funny especially when the dares were for the guys! HAHAHA! 😀

So much fun and till next time!~

Fun Time!

Well, in relation to the previous post of going back Kota Tinggi, Malaysia for the wedding…

I did spend some quality time in my kampong and being a thick skin person, I requested my sister to take some photos of me with the pretty kampong as the backdrop so that I’ll have photos to blog and share with everyone!

Here’s the pretty photos of me in my favourite green asymmetric dress I bought from Taiwan!



One of my favourite! Check out my dress! It flowing~


I wasn’t camera ready!




It’s funny!


A turn around and look here photo!


I look fat!


I like this!


My butt looks huge! Wrong angle girl!



There’s wind~



Ending it off with my most favourite photo!



Me and my tomboy sister!


What do you guys think? 😀

Bra Shopping

Since it’s summer now, I’ve decided to get some new lingerie for myself for I was running out of it already…

As usual, I went to purchase the usual brand that I go for, Pierre Cardin, it is the only lingerie that has my size and is affordable. I used like wearing Young Hearts but for some reasons, it doesn’t have my size anymore, so I turned to Pierre Cardin which has cute and pretty bra designs!

This time, I went to Intimate Closet which was having an end-season sale…OMG!

This is the fitting room, it’s pretty right?

This is me trying to take a full view of the fitting room in Intimate Closet @ AMK Hub. The fitting room is really beautifully furnished with the colour baby pink as their wallpaper, making you feel like a Asian Princess with the pink coloured peony and the warm lightings!

I really love the place a lot!

Here’s my shopping haul! It’s buy 2 @ $39 and the 3rd @ $10! I love the pink with white polka dot one!

You should know the reason for why I can’t wear Young Hearts anymore… 😦


Anyway, I think that bra shopping is really fun! But, it would be even more fun if I could bring my friends along…however, I’m still rather feeling embarrassed if I were to shop for lingerie with them…

So, what’s your favourite brand of lingerie, girls?

Who says?

Who said that girls can’t become a beauty?

Who says that there isn’t a possibility that ugly ducklings can’t turn into beautiful swans?

Even, if the humanity claims that personality matters the most, but first impression matters, right?

And usually first impression counts from the way you look, your features, your dressing and the confidence that you possesses…

While this was me in 2009


I used to like blue roses, so I enjoyed buying a stalk of flower every week, to cheer up myself 🙂

This was taken when I first bought my acer laptop during June and back then, revealing halter inner wears was sort of popular and “fashionable” in a sense…

And this was one of the unglamorous and ugly one, as my hair was over-grown and I did not know the importance of a proper hair-cut…

Now, back to the present


without makeup

I just bought a black beret and I couldn’t help but to flaunt it a little…

This was taken during Christmas…

My neighbour, Mrs Warren just gave me this awesome black shiny sequin hat and I thought it might look good on me…as a boy-ish look!


So, you see, girls changes, every year we sort of change a little, learning step-by-step, how to groom, carry ourself and maybe how to put on make-up. The world of cosmetics and make-up to make a difference in a girl’s life.

But, I still survive without make-up as you can see from all my photos… Well, girls, don’t be disappointed by yourself when you heard comments that “you are ugly” or you aren’t the belle in your class or school…

Someday, you’ll grow out of your looks and become pretty…(and if you can’t, I could try to help you and give you some tips, if you wouldn’t mind:) And, I’m really sincere too! If you know my past experience of being a class out-cast…)

Lastly, I hope that those mean girls in school especially in secondary school, like the plastics, will learn their lesson, that looks doesn’t last long, a girl with character will have a successful career and future that those who doesn’t…


Proudly Presents: The Kampong Girl

So, when I was in Kota Tinggi, Malaysia, my sis helped me to take some lovely shoots as the kampong scenery was really awesome! Beautiful and natural…So, I’m sharing it with everyone here!

“Little QiQi and her bottle”

“A rundown telephone booth”

“The rebel girl from the 80s”

“I’m in love with the rusty old letter box!”

“I’m a modernistic kampong girl!”

“Nature and me”

I took this myself, and it was really sunny that my eyes could barely open!~

“City girl and her kampong”

“The untouch is the beauty”

Nothing much, but this is our house! So our kampong is not really an attap house but a house built with cement!

Funnybunny: ” I’m a sanity girl”

“In an attempt to be seductive and sexy”

I took my granny’s lollipops that were meant for CNY goodies and took pictures! The lollipops were handmade and looks lovely with it’s bright food-dyes!

“I’m in love with the lollipops!”


“Do you fancy one?”

“It’s all MINE!”



“Dear lollipops, would you mind being mine?”

Okay, I look hideous with the flowers without makeup, eyeliners and blabla…but I love the flowers so much!

Another shot of myself with the flowers! The flowers are so pretty that it feels like spring is really here with us!

I went out to the river side at the back of our house, and the wind was so strong but I couldn’t help taking any photo!



This is lame…Muahaha~

In line with CNY during the phototaking, she helped me took this photo…

This is really unglam, and my sis took this with the world-most horrendous caption, “Check out my older sis flabby on her arms!”

I was pratically OUTRAGED!…

And now, let me present to you my favourite landscape photos that she took…

“I’m so shy”

“Being hippy”

“Spring is finally here!”

“Freedom and captured…”

” A toilet-ty experience!”

“A city girl’s obsession…”

“I’m in control of my destiny…”

Here’s a close-up of the lollipops!


So, if you were to notice that during the photo=taking, I never had a single make-up put on, be it false lashes, mascara, eye-liner, foundation, blusher, lipstick or blablabla, there was none!

I wanted to portray that feeling of city girl giving up her cosmetics to be natural and her own self as a kampong girl.

I hope that everyone love it and you can look me up in DeviantArt (Lilstory) as I’m posted some of them there such as the “Candy-licious” one!

Have a good day!