I’m thankful I did not settle for just anyone that comes…

I’m a firm believer in meeting the right someone. That someone who would be your call, your text away 24/7, that someone who would be your dark knight, your guardian angel, your soulmate, your listening ear, your adviser, your happy pill, and your best company. I know that someone is somewhere out there for me who will eventually sweep me off my feet and make me realize that my wait is worthwhile.

YES, that’s why I have never settle for just anyone that came along in my life. Call me picky, call me choosy, call me whatever you may like, but that’s me. 😀

For those whom have known me, listening to all my date stories, you’ll know that I’m a typical Taurus, who never opens up to anyone until I’ve seen his true colors. I’m always observing and being patient, trying not to fall hard to someone whom I do not know inside out. Simply because, when I fall, I fall hard, so hard that I ended up getting hurt but I do not regret a single one, for they each taught me something new and what I’m looking for…

  • He told me I was too good to be true.. and so I did to become an even better person to make to be a “too good to be true” girl.
  • He told me I was nice but treated me like a possession without respect… and I finally learnt to be BAD by leaving him.
  • He told me I was too fit for his liking for he liked chubby/curvy girls… and I became even more motivated to POLE HARDER.

These are probably just some of the more significant dates that has probably molded me to become the girl I am today. Till as I’m typing this post, I know that I made the right choice for myself for not settling for anything less because I don’t need anyone to dictate my life, my choices nor my goals.

The inability to not accept someone’s else flaws may not be a bad point, to state that I am someone who is a perfectionist over the qualities that I want in a partner, resulting in rejecting a potentially ideal person. Ultimately, I know that when when I fall in love, accepting his shortcomings SHOULD NOT feel like settling such as accepting his reasons for his negative qualities or  giving up on my current lifestyle to accommodate to his. In fact his vices should be able to be accepted by me as a virtue, else the person would definitely be another strike-off.

I know holding out may seem like a major gamble because settling is the safest bet to give myself the security that I needed and to be showered with attention for I’m someone who might be a little afraid of being alone (or perhaps should it be the emptiness…hmm). Age is also probably one of the major concern as getting older year after another,  with everyone around suddenly becomes attached, I might panic and even start doubting myself on my attractiveness. Still, there won’t be any likelihood of me prioritizing being in a relationship over the quality of that potential someone. If I were to be dating someone who makes me uneasy about going long-term with him, then I’ll rather choose to let go of this mediocre someone, and take a riskier bet— TO GO SINGLE.

Being single has its own benefits like being able to allocate all my time to do the things I wanted without having to consider someone else in my decisions. I could be able to spend some time in the supermarket to shop for some groceries or even a day at the gym or leaving my phone untouched to watch a movie on Putlocker. I could also spend my money where I deemed appropriate like spending on pole classes, saving it for my budget travels and splurge on myself during special occasions. I even managed to put some ticks to my goals and checklists such as travelling alone to another country, working at a bar in Bikini, and most importantly, learning to be independent, strong and figured out that I was actually pretty good at planning and being road savvy. It allowed me to foster a even stronger bond with my bffs like Siru and creating new friendships with others because I always believed that friendship is worth investing my time in for they are the ones who would be willing to lend their listening ears when your families are not around.

Yes, I may not have fallen in love or settle with someone, but I fell in love with life. I fell in love with my new hobbies, learning to relive my  life again once more, learning to stand up after my grandma’s departure and even realizing my new quirks. I had the chance to figure out things out of my comfort zone and appreciating them on my own. I’m glad for this solitude as I wouldn’t be able to unlock my new achievements and goals if I had settled for just anyone that came along. 😀



Never settle for anything less than what you deserve, it’s not pride but self respect.










啊 … 果真!这不是一场梦!





她: “无妨,只要你心里有我,即使百年才能见那一次,我也开心,就好像此时此刻,无比的可贵。”

他:“你好傻呀 …”


他:“傻瓜,让我背背你吧, 看你也走得累了吧!”

















我不喜欢马来西亚的男生,他们总有那个马来西亚的腔,我听了有点不爽。可能因爱上中国的腔,总觉得马来西亚的那种腔有点···· 我不太喜欢。





That someone who don’t care


You’ll need that someone who…

Me: I’m fat.

Him: I don’t care.

Me: I’m ugly.

Him: I don’t care.

Me: I’m a heavy drinker.

Him: I don’t care.

Me: I’ve got a bad history.

Him: I don’t care EITHER, because it’s the past.

Me: I’m indecisive.

Him: I don’t care, I’ll make decisions for you if you can’t decide.

Me: I’m …

Him: (*interrupts*) I DON’T CARE, simply because love your PRESENT. ❤


You can never realize the importance of this until you transit from the young adult age of 19 to 20 which immediately puts you in the category of an adult.


Youth is an important asset in your life, something that it’s precious and you should treasure it dearly no matter what happens in your life and most importantly, the temptations and the incoming freedom that you achieve when you increase a tiny candle on your birthday cake each year. 

Youth is the period where we should start an approach to lead a balance life between education, social circle and perhaps hanging out with a guy. 

Education: When we are young we should put in our full effort to achieve something impressive in our education, a remarkable and jaw-dropping grade on our certificates. Yes, education is the most important aspect of your life because it path the way to your future and even impressing your future other half with your intelligence and wits. I know you might probably argue that some people succeed in life barely with any education, like you say, it’s “some” and using percentage wise, I suppose you won’t be the lucky few to fall in those category so, we should really stop daydreaming and put in some effort in your studies. 

Social Circle: You can’t succeed in life without friends, and wise people always advise us to make friends from school because they are the one whom your friendship will last the longest than those whom you made from work or other places. The reason because while you study together, you spend most of the time together knowing each other, helping one another to achieve grades and perform better. Of course, when we are young, we are less scheming and less conscious about the benefits we can reap from one another.

Lastly, hanging out with a guy, at this phase in life, boys no longer become just boys and they become guys, and inevitably you will have to face them and that something called love, puppy love, infatuation comes in, complicating childhood further and those who goes off track would turn their focus from education, to guys. Having a so-called boyfriend becomes a tool to flaunt to the studious ones, making them jealous and sad for being so dorky and nerdy. 

Well, staying strong is the only way to keep these distractions out of focus and that as long as you have the grades and have an established network of friends, being attached or single, is not an issue or a threat to you. There are plenty of boys / guys / men out there, whether you have them by your side now or later makes no difference, while education makes a difference having it now and later because when we are young, we tend to absorb concept, facts and knowledge faster than we are older.

Likewise, love always has it’s expiry date, so focus on your education and making plenty of friends to avoid regrets when you grow older!


Zero Relationship

I know many teens of my age have been in a relationship for at least one time and the tiny fraction of them who hasn’t mainly because they aren’t attractive enough, high expectations, too busy or bisexual. (I am not trying discriminate anyone but rather stating the facts)

As for me, I haven’t been in a single relationship before nor have I went on first date before. 

Perhaps at this point in time, if you are a frequent reader of my wordpress, I guess you would be shocked by it. Possibly, you might be even doubting me or thinking that I am lying or kidding.

Well, I am serious about it and neither have I lied about my dating experience. It is really zero! 

Many people have been asking me about my past relationship experience and when I tell them truthfully that I never had any before, none would actually believe in what I said and I had to spend lots of effort trying to convince them what I said was nothing but the truth.

They always say that I look cute and why I don’t have a boyfriend or never been on a date before.

The reason being is simple, I haven’t found the right guy or haven’t met the guy that would give me a good reason to go out on a date with.

Looking good, being able to dress up and doll myself up doesn’t implies that I am bound to have a boyfriend.

I care about how I look, how I portray myself to the world, to the public and therefore I doll up and dress well to look good. It’s not about trying to attract any guys or for that special someone which I think it’s a little silly to change yourself for someone, unless he is your lawful husband then I shall keep my mouth zipped.

Also, some may ask if my expectations were to high, and well, I think it is more like I can’t meet the expectations that most guys want and therefore I rather choose to be single?

For example, Most guys expect girls to text-message them daily and possibly several times a day that includes asking them what are they doing, where they are, who are they with, etc.

Personally, I am not the kind of person who can stand such sort of “care and concern” from a guy. Maybe because since young, my parents have never cared about me, my well-being where I am, who I am with. Now, I am so used to having no one to care about me nor being concerned about my well-being thus, I couldn’t stand all these questioning. I find them more of irritating although I know that they meant well and it’s a form of a guy showing his care for his girl.

I guess I would prefer to have less frequent questionings and not to text-message so often because I always feel that distance makes the heart yearns and keeps the relationship burning as when you don’t meet nor chat with each other, misses will grow stronger and intense and the next time you meet him/her, you would cherish that moment even more. That’s what I feel that keeps relationship alive and exciting.

I know it is hard to find a guy nowadays who agree with my way of thinking, but I chose to believe that someday such a guy would appear.

If only…


In every girl’s dream, we would always dream of having a guy in your life who would be able to cook and whip up a decent meal for you. Likewise, I share this similar dream as many others.

Being someone who loves food, I do enjoy cooking during free time and of course, the process of cooking and eating the food is just a joy. However, the cleaning up doesn’t seems much of a joy.

Of course, I really do wish that someone could actually whip up a meal for me and if he knew how to bake. I’ll love him to bits. I’m serious!

Anyway, I’m just daydreaming like I usually do…it’ll only happen in my dreams because I have no luck…