My New Friend- Pam!

Her name is Pamelia, and she is my new friend. I got to know her from Emrys, in Taiwan where she was Emrys’s buddy.

I don’t remember how we became closer, perhaps it was internship that brought us closer together, and of course, food like Swee Choon and ramen.

It happen that we had the same off day on a Sunday and we decided to go to the beach to suntan together! Pam was late as usual and I had to wait for her and while sitting at the sky park, it was my first time seeing a star cruise!


ImageBeautiful sky, but there was no sun. It was raining and we had to hid under the shelter.


ImageI took some selfies because it was so boring since there was no sun and we finished our food.

ImageImageI am so vain. Hahaha

ImageThis is Pam! It was fun taking crazy photos with her! Haha 😀

ImageWe took tonnes of photo that day! PHOTO SPAM TIME XD









My favourite photo!!!



Suntan in progress!



I had alot of fun time with Pam that day even though during the period where we were suntanning while lying on the sand, many indians were trying to disturb us by sneakily trying to take photos of us. We were so angry we had to stood up and stare at them.


We had Fish n Co for dinner!


After which, we ended the whole day with a nice glass of beer!



20 Facts About Me

This, #20FactsAboutMe hashtag has been trending on Instagram lately and has been quite awhile already. There has been a few friends who tagged me into doing it and I didn’t had the time to do it because I was so busy with adapting to internship and some other stuffs, and since it’s my off day so I shall do it today! (I shall try my best to state some facts that are not repetitive of what you might have known of me already from the posts.)


#1: I’m a lefty!

#2: I have a younger sister who is younger than me by 7 years and her name is, Zi Yun.

#3: I don’t resemble my parents nor my sister at all.

#4: The red patch on my right arm is a birthmark.

#5: I have eczema and because of it, I have lots of scars left on my legs.

#6: My mother is from Malaysia, Kota Tinggi and that’s why I put my Facebook “Where I am from” as Kota Tinggi, because I love that small little place.

#7: I took up Drama as my O’Level elective, and yes, I’m pretty dramatic if I’m close with you.

#8: I’m always late for school and rarely late for work.

#9: I have little friends in school and have 3 bffs because I feel that I don’t need many friends but rather a few close ones would be more than enough.

#10: I have a crazy obsession over cats and call them “Baby, Honey, Sweetiepie, etc”, basically what you would call your loved ones, especially boyfie.

#11: As much as I love heels and wedges, I still prefer to wear flats and sandals because they are comfortable and easy to walk in, but not slippers as they are too casual. (Except when I’m at the beach)

#12: I can’t swim. I nearly drown in the pool when I had my first swimming lesson because the coach wasn’t paying attention at all and was saved by my classmate and from then on, I had the fear of water.

#13: As much as I fear water, I still love to go to the beach to suntan! 🙂

#14: My favourite colours are purple and white.

#15: I can speak hokkien fluently!

#16: I am not a very smart person particularly at studies.

#17: I was once a bookworm and enjoyed going to the library to borrow books, like Mr Midnight, Roald Dahl books and I still do occasionally now.

#18: I always fall ill when I’m overly stressed particularly when a new semester starts.

#19: I worked hard and scrimped and save to pay for my braces treatment which costed me around $4,500 excluding the retainers.

#20: I love chic flicks and romance movies and yes, I’m a very girly girl!

And finally, I’ve finished it! It’s so hard to come up with 20 facts so randomly and suddenly! 🙂


Another Friday Night

As you might not know, I have been having my internship and I work 5 days a week, 9.5hrs each day with 2 days off, friday and saturday.

Of course, I don’t just waste these 2 days at home and do nothing, but rather each friday night has been fully well-utilized by spending with my bff, Siru!

This friday night was a special one because it was the first night of the F1 Night Race and it was my first time spending time in town experiencing the F1 excitement with the crowd of tourists from all over the world.

Not only that, we went to the Han’s at The Great Eastern, the largest outlet in their chain and the place was a gorgeous and evoked great memories of me when I was kid where my parents would bring me there often.

I miss those good old times where I was being well-treated by them and as you know, I have family problems and because of it, it led me to being a very independent child. (I’m not going to further continue on about it, because it’s suppose to be a happy post!)

And I had my chicken chop with mushroom sauce! It was really yummy!

ImageThe best part of going out with my bff is that our dress code is not just the casual basics, looking shabbily, but rather, it is DRESSED TO IMPRESS!

This allows us to spend time and putting in effort to doll ourselves up to look good when we are out. I mean it’s a girl’s thing to look pretty and regardless of the function, we just want to look the best!

And here’s my #OOTD : Black dress from Taiwan, Feather Earrings from WeiYi on Valentines and my favourite black flats!

ImageAnd here’s my bff’s #OOTD!

ImageOf course, I taught her to pose! Look how pretty she is in the photo! 😀

And we took lots of photos, selfies to be exact!

ImageCuteness overload!




ImageMirror image!


Pretending to be happy drunk and while she pretends to be emo drunk.ImageAnother sweet one!

I really enjoyed my friday night with this awesome babe, and although I may be repeating how happy I was each time I’m with this girl, and it might sound repetitive, but there is really no way I can express how feel so blessed to be able to spend time with her, taking tonnes of crazy photos for memories keepsake.

ImageAnd I shall end this post with a pretty photo I took of myself with my bff’s phone!

Seeya ❤

Dita Von Teese Inspired!

I have been very into Burlesque moves lately ever since watching the movie- Burlesque with the gorgeous Christina Aguilera when she was skinny.


Now, I’ve got this huge admiration with Dita Von Teese. She’s a burlesque dancer, she’s beautiful, gorgeous and a very amazing woman, I have to say. I love her burlesque moves especially, it’s fascinating!

Anyway, I got bored and attempted to re-create the burlesque dancers make-up look because their eyes looks gorgeous and those red lips, really melts me so much that I couldn’t stop myself from loving it.

ImageSo here’s the geeky looking me with my fake specs before makeup!

Image ImageSome collages that I did!


Some awkward and weird pose that I did! xD


My eyes sure look big enough!


Pretending to be cute hehehe! ^^



I love this one so badly! It looks so nice haha!


The what’s up look!


Did somebody just gave me a tight slap? Ouch! 😛


I need a tough love…wooohooo!


Drown me with alcohol baby!


In attempt to be elegant and graceful! Haha! Weird combi!


Lip biting! Delish~


Come here baby!


Pretty shot! hahaha!Image

The bad girl look! I’m so loving this one!


 Ending it off with a sweet girl smile!

I think prefer to smile! Haha~

So what do you all think of my look?

How is the naughty and sultry burlesque look?