DAD watches porn?


Yes that was exactly my expression when I saw it. I couldn’t believe it! It was a complete utter shock and surprise to me. You know how chinese parents are always discreet and refrain talking to us children about romance, relationship and sexuality…and of course we have our own ways to getting to know them but catching your dad watching soft porn in the living room big tv openly is a major disgust. I’m a daughter, I’m not a son. If I were a son, I’ll probably be completely cool with it as I’m a guy. But I’m not!!!

This hasn’t been the first time already, I’ve catch him doing several times but this time he was too engrossed in it when I happened to came out of my room and pass by the living room. The big tv screen that I’m used to watching my melodrama ends up screening a completely naked young woman touching herself. I was speechless! How am I suppose to react? My dad is I think in his early sixties, and although we are never close nor talked, I still address him as dad as a formality but I can’t believe an old man whom is also a dad watching soft porn in the living room OPENLY OPENLY OPENLY?!?! Are you kidding me…

Ok, I know you are probably saying I’m making a big fuss. I apologize for that because I’m still completely in shock as I’m typing this post. Well, I know he is a man and sexually he has his needs and her wife is probably at the age of menopause so I guess sexually they are less active as they aged and especially a menopause woman has really bad temper and have little to no sexual desires, which is not adequate to satisfy my dad (because he is watching soft porn which he has never done it before when I was a kid).

Honestly, I’m totally cool with him watching porn or doing his own deeds, but I would really appreciate that he watch it discreetly in a confined room that no one can access to, you know like toilet? The worst part is, I don’t know how to approach him on this matter because we never really spoke to each other before but each time this incident is happening, I just feel really uncomfortable and the worst part is I have to pretend that I saw nothing and walk off coolly to the kitchen to get my supper fix. ARGH!

Somebody, please tell me what to do? 😦

Purply-Purlish-Purplux Care Bear!

I was really bored today…

So, I went to my cupboard and dig out this cute stuff toy, it’s a purple Care Bear!

I love purple, and so it’s one of my favourite soft toy!

It was my birthday gift from my BFF, Yun Teng!

It’s so nice, right?

I love the Care Bears soooo much…!