Give me a second chance…

If God would give me a second chance, I wish to restart everything again.

I would do it better this time I promise.

Not going to waste my life away, and I’m going to cherish grandma more.

I want to be smart, be pretty and be less-self centred.

Ever since those taunts, I’ve became more self-centred, trying to do things that benefit myself more than benefiting others.

I didn’t used to be like that. The selfish side of me slowly gaining control of my life.

Why. Why couldn’t I be more aware of my surroundings, the people around me?

Sometimes, it can be just that contradicting, as much as you wish to care for those around you, particularly schoolmates, the way they compete with you in education, ignoring you, it just give you the doubt if you should care for them.

And maybe, I’ve seen enough of the ugly side of humans.

All I wish now is to give me second chance, restart everything and never grow any older again.


Forever 21 Shopping Alone!

I know I have been leading this loner life since forever and I really do, enjoy shopping alone, spending time with myself alone, wandering around places in Singapore alone.

It’s really very nice just to walk around, looking at things and people and yet not needing to talk to people and this time, I have decided to head down to Forever 21 to do some shopping alone.

So, I ended up some basics tops and a sunglasses for only $10! A really pretty one in purple! (My favourite colour~)

ImageHere’s me attempting to take a photo of this pretty lilac top with sheer panels at the side. It cost $23 if I’m not wrong.


And I tried on this peplum skirt in beige and it looked ugly on me! 😦


Then I fell in love with this ombre sleeve top but too bad the colour of mint doesn’t have size small and I’m not really a fan of coral pink, so I decided not to get it. BUT IT’S PRETTY RIGHT?


And here’s photos of me in a very basic pocket tee in white!

I know I have been looking very terrible if you can see my colour of my face, it looks pale, eye bags, panda circles, I was in a very terrible shape because I hadn’t been able to sleep well due to insomnia or rather, my body clock is screwed due to late night activities.

Anyway, see you peeps soon!~