Bellabox (July Edition)

As you girls would have known, the cosmetic samples packed in a box and delivered right to your doorstep have been pretty popular recently, and Bellabox had aroused my curiousity…so, I’ve decided to take up a 3months subscription, with the first month June edition of Bellabox at $9.95 while on normal days, it will be at $19.95.

The thing about Bellabox is that these subscription boxes are delivered by Ta-q-Bin where they deliver right to your doorstep which can be convenient for some and non-convenient for some as these delivery timings are usually irregular despite the fact that you have chosen your preferred delivery time frame. Still, I managed to receive my Bellabox eventually.


There’s this month, July’s Bellabox! 


Unboxing Bellabox!

This is the best part of receiving Bellabox because you won’t know what you would be receiving this month as each Bellabox version is different and you could receive items that are slightly different from what is as advertised. This could be something bad if the items that are advertised caught your eye and they aren’t included in the Bellabox, you’ve received. This was what happened when I received this month’s…


“La Petite Parisienne”– The theme for this month’s box.


Here’s what I received for this month!

I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to receive the lipstick and the eye pencil that was advertised!


A total of 8 samples which my box include mainly of masks and L’oreal Sulphate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner. Since they are in sample size the shampoo and conditioner would come in handy to be packed in my luggage at the end of my this month for travelling!


Nina Ricci perfume in sample size, what a tiny weeny sample of 5ml of perfume!

I have yet to try these samples as I’m kind of lazy to do reviews but I shall start soon before the next month Bellabox comes in and I would end up with too many reviews to be done…still, I guess I would cancel the subscription at the end of August because I’m kind of disappointed that the items in my Bellabox are slightly different from what the beauty bloggers receive as they seemed to be receiving better items than me. This did not just happen to me but to several people I have known as well. Oh wells x